11 Awesome Tricks When Making a Vlog

Vlogging is an interesting way to connect with your audience. While in a blog, you express through your words. When you do a vlog, you talk to your listeners. It adds that personal touch, making avenues for vloggers to make this very gripping. It is an all-new way to emote. People can see you and hear from you. It is as good as being next to them.

Technology is making everything possible, and all that you have to do is to use it to your utmost advantage. Show people what they usually miss in their busy lives with style. Here are some hacks to keep in mind when doing a vlog.


When doing a vlog, indulge yourself in it. A vlog will be fun only when you enjoy it. Let people see you having fun, that’s a sure way to ensure they will be engaged and enjoy this ride with you. If this is something you are passionate about, it will show. Talking about something that you love has its own charm. The flow will be natural, and the entire vlog will be seamless.

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No one likes just to listen; everyone wants to feel involved. Make your vlog interactive. Allow people to participate. Show people your idea and ask them about their review of it, ask them to suggest improvements.

Ask them to share their opinion and value their input. Let them feel that you care; let them know this vlog is for them. Do not forget to take follow up vlog when they respond to what you asked.



Don’t put all your efforts into a vlog and then stop. Be consistent. No content is appreciated as a solitary content. You can make into a successful vlogger if you are consistent and frequent in your approach. Don’t let the audience feel abandoned.

Keep the content coming and make it consistently interesting. Exciting your listeners and then not having a follow-up vlog doesn’t sit well. Making people wait for too long doesn’t work. Keep the balance rich.


Everyone wants to hear about the new and the in things. Choose a trendy topic. Choose a topic that everyone has approved of and add a new aspect to it.


Choosing a trending topic will ensure that the audience watches the vlog and adding a new aspect will ensure they have a good take away from it. You can always create your own trends, wrack your brains and be a trendsetter.

Well Researched

Don’t vlog on the content you cannot back up with facts. Research, plan and frame your vlog well. No one is investing their time to know unverified or nonsensical information. Be responsible when deciding the content.

Yes, you want to jump the wagon of trend and make it interesting, but you don’t want to spew sentences that have no meaning. Aim for quality and success will be ensured. Having a lengthy vlog with no proper material will lose the attention of your listeners

Don’t Over-fabricate

No need to over beautify or fabricate your vlog. Do what you love, present what you love. You don’t have to worry about maintaining the beauty standards. You don’t want to fabricate and show something that you don’t believe in.

If you genuinely love presenting the best, be presentable and if you like being simple, be simple. People will come back for the content, and your confidence should root from self-love.

Don’t Over-fabricate


A well-structured vlog attracts a lot of people. Let your vlog have its structure. A good beginning, a naturally flowing middle and a concrete conclusion. Don’t present haphazard sentences with no theme or story .

Having a structure will give direction to you and also ensure that the listeners are not lost or confused. Not to mention, having a story means keeping the audience hooked right till the end and then come back for more.

Play With Your Camera

Don’t be monotonous. Although you cannot listen to what the listeners are saying or reacting, have a conversation. A conversation with the camera. Look right into the camera when delivering a message. Use your facial expressions and hand gestures in line with what you are saying, let the watchers feel you are talking to them.

Play With Your Camera

In a way, this is you talking to them, and no one likes a boring layout of sentences with no emotion. Make a camera your friend, talk to it, express to it, and make it feel important. To ensure good camera use keep your tablet stand fixed at a good angle.

Start With A Bang

Have an engaging start. Brainstorm about it. Invest your time in deciding on how you want to open your vlog. Create a build up for your vlog before posting and make sure the start of the Vlog lives up to the hype you have created.

It is like surprising your friends with something. First impressions are everlasting, and in this case, only a good start will make the watcher stick till the end. Sometimes make guest post for make blog brand .Have an energetic start, spice it up!

Not All Talk

When we speak, we don’t realize if we have added redundant or unwanted material. Be wise when editing the vlog. Cut out unwanted material. A lengthy vlog is not a successful one; it needs to have quality.

Short, crisp and precise is what everyone loves. Deliver what people are looking for, don’t add repetitive or unwanted sentences. Use a good editing tool and edit to remove the trash talk you might have done.


Make the vlog pleasant to watch. This need not be done every time, but an occasional treat to your audience will only get you brownie points. Choose a scenic background to shoot your vlog and let the audience enjoy the view while they listen to you.

Tell them about the place a little, make them feel connected and vlog your way to bliss. It need not be a grand place, a small forgotten pretty corner in your city would do too. It is the effort that’d count.



That’s it. Hope this was a good read and helps you to create that mind blogging vlog to keep your followers hooked. You just need to find your click with the audience and stick to it. Don’t let your efforts slack and that should do it for you.

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