7 Best Tool for Improving Your Analytical Writing Skills

Students often find analytical writing to be one of the most difficult types of writing at college. A person should not just retell some event or problem. The main purpose is to investigate the subject, analyze it from many perspectives, and, finally, explain it. Interpretation of the problem is to be objective and include facts supporting the key idea.

Today there are many websites, tools and writing services which help to master analytical writing skills. Each of them promises its advantages.


Grammar is one of the most problematic issues for everyone who deals with writing. Students often have questions and seldom can find an assistant who is ready to help with grammar difficulties. This website suggests a correction and explains the reason for the change. Judgment will sound ridiculous in case a person’s grammar is broken.


One needs a tool which will stimulate writing and speed the process. This site is just perfect for that mission.


If one wants to master analytical thinking and writing, he or she should practice as much as possible. The website gives such an excellent opportunity. It provides a user with space, comfort, and ability to save or correct the already printed information.

The Purdue Writing Lab

This web source is ideal for those who want to improve the level of English or look for answers. Experts share their ideas concerning analytical writing there. So one might search the necessary data here. It also assists in essay writing of any type. Due to that, an individual develops analytical skills in writing.

Ted Radio

These are podcast websites. A person can listen to them and analyze topics together with speakers. It helps to develop imagination, creativity, and, of course, analytical thinking. A listener might learn how to express ideas, arguments, and just structure the paper logically.

Dragon Diction

Students often have to analyze various books and articles. Sometimes the idea comes unexpectedly, and there is no tool to jot everything down. Dragon Dictation lets a person do that anytime and anywhere. Just dictate the text, and it will print instead of you. This tool helps to save time and store ideas without the need to keep it in one’s head.

Heming Way

Analytical writing stands for clarity. It is very important to provide judgment, comparison, arguments or discussion precise and accurate. If the text is overloaded with long heavy constructions, adverbs, and too wordy sentences, it will be hard to understand the key message of the paper. That is why Hemingway and Readability Score evaluate the text, underline problematic parts, and even suggest an improvement.

5 Effective Ways to Improve Analytical Writing Skills

5 Effective Ways to Improve Analytical Writing Skills

Besides websites, a person can practice 5 tricks to improve analytical writing skills.

1.Read more. There is no need to explain how essential reading activity is. It makes brains work and improves memory. Naturally, these are not to be news and posts on Facebook. Of course, they are important, but their value is not as high as of good books.

While reading, ask questions, try to answer them, imagine other variations of story endings. It is also great to read a book and watch its screen version. It will give a chance to compare and contrast, judge, suggest an improvement, develop discussion. The best way is to do that with friends or on some social platforms like Movie Reviews or Box Office Discussion.

2.Find out how everything works. Why is there snow in Africa? Why is a pizza round? These are questions which make people think and provide theories. Try to learn how things function everywhere, in each sphere of life. Kids usually have good skills in analytical thinking because they ask many questions concerning the surrounding world.

3.Observe things. Pay attention to details. Watch over people in the surrounding, their habits, manners of speech, reaction, etc. Due to that, the brain will be able to notice important details during reading and studies. Later a student will be able to remember them when writing analytical assignments.

4.Prefer brain games. Is it possible to relax and get better? It is. Such games as Sudoku, puzzles, simulations, crosswords require zero motivation. Individuals play them with pleasure activating their brains but feeling relaxed and comfortable. That is the main benefit of games. Play market also has several effective brain trainers like Lumosity, Brain It On!, NeuroNation, Skillz, and others.

5.Analyze situations and solutions. Each day consists of various causes and effects, problems, and solutions. People seldom think of their daily actions as of something worthy. It is necessary to imagine other results of each decision and write them down. For example, today, one decided to wake up 5 minutes later. As a result, the person missed the bus and had to take a taxi. What could be other variants?

Wake up 5 minutes earlier and take a bus to save money (a bus ride is cheaper than a taxi)

Omit one of the morning routines (doing makeup, shaving, doing exercises, etc.)

Take a bus and hope that nobody will notice that a person is late.

The outcome might be different. It may sound silly, but imagination opens the door to analytical thinking because one creates another reality where he or she takes a bus or is late. Academic writing often demands alternative solutions generated by analytical thinking.


conclude, everything one needs is brain stimulation and practice. It is just necessary to select the tool and apply it.
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