How to add more participants in Whatsapp Group

Are you looking for how to add more participants in Whatsapp group? Is it possible or not? Yes, why not.Well! Here introduce the 100% working method to add more than 1024 members in Whatsapp group.

Last time I write a post- Whatsapp Group link list. Which is lays 1000+ Whatsapp group but I face problems. A single group took only 1024 members, so my daily task is to add a new group link on this post.

To solve this issue I searching on the web how add unlimited participate on a Whatsapp group but can get a correct answer. Finally, I found the method which is described below.

Basic Requirement For increase Whatsapp group member limit

There is a lot of requirement to run this method but I write the basic requirements which are must need for this method.

  • A rooted Android device.
  • WA tweaks app.
  • Xposed installer
  • Minimum Idea for Android.

How to add more participants in Whatsapp Group

Friends, this guide is very easy I am introducing the step by step process how to do it? So read carefully all steps if you skip it then you cannot understand. Before going to the method just read my previous post best Whatsapp group invite apps. Let’s start.

Note: – First open your Whatsapp apps, make a group and Copy the Invite link, or if you an admin of group copy the group link! It is important for you.

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First needs a rooted android device and this device must be enabled Xposed installer. If your device is not enabled Xposed installer then search on the web “How to install Xposed installer Your Device model “and.Complete the Installing process.


Download the below WA Tweaks application and Install it.


After that open your “Xposed installer “and go to “Modules” section.

add more participants in Whatsapp group 1


You can see the WA Tweaks option and see the right side blank box. Just tick on that.Now Reboot your Device.

add more participants in Whatsapp group 2


add more participants in Whatsapp group 3

Now, open the WA Tweaks apps simply grant the root option and go to the dashboard and click on 3 line left side Menu icon.


You can find the below Screenshot like page and tap on Whatsapp Tweaks.

how to add more participants in Whatsapp group 6


After that, Tick on “Bypass Group participant limit “and “save”.

add more participants in Whatsapp group 4


Next step open you Whatsapp group and see the “-1Of -1 participant “option that means you are able to add unlimited friends by sharing your group invite link.

add more participants in Whatsapp group 5

Plz Friends help me, Join the below group because after 1024 member reach I will add proof.


You cannot add participant manually, but add member only sharing link. But don’t worry? If not interested to make unlimited participant then open WA tweaks and Untick Bypass Group participant limit.

Over to You

Well, on the above we described the 100% working method how to add more participants in Whatsapp group? There are a lot of posts write this topic on the web but these do not work, I sure you must be like our post.

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