Top 20 Best Tech Websites And Blog 2024

A curious question comes to your mind what is the Best Tech websites in the world? what is the best technology site in 2024? if your mind thought such type of question then this post is fully helpful to you. 

In this modern-day, every people wants to stay different from each other. Now there are so many websites which help people for a better life. The new products of technology are must necessary for people. We are visiting many websites in our daily life for our necessary.

Last time we covered the best web hosting companies but now we cover the best tech news websites which give better up to date information to us. Here is the list latest top 20 Best  Tech News Websites and blogs January 2024 Updated.

Every day, many gadgets and digital apps are added to the technology. Research in the field of technology is increasing rapidly in this world. Technology makes our life easier and comfortable. It is important that we know about these technologies and there uses. Today I will tell you some technology websites and blogs from where you get the latest technology updates.

Best Tech Websites List 2024

Website and Blog are the best way to get updates. There is a race to provide news on the internet. If we come to a search then there are thousands of search result for a specific topic. I cover some of the best tech websites List for you.

Tech Crunch

TechCrunch is a website that provides updates about a startup in technology, technology business, and other modern technology. Tech Crunch provides useful information. If you want to know about gadgets, Apps, Tech Crunch is the best website for your needs. A user can create an account on TechCrunch and subscribe with their news. There are many reports every day about gadgets, apps, and technology. You can find them here.

Using these technologies is important to all of us. You can read about technical news or you can read their reviews. Tech Crunch provides only important information.


Tech Radar


This is a popular website that provides reviews and guidance for using any gadget. First of all, before purchasing any gadget, we check its review. After reading reviews, features and functions, we can understand the gadget deeply. If you are searching a gadget review then the tech radar is a perfect solution for you.

This website provides useful information about how we can use the gadget. It is helpful if you have purchased a new product. Tech Radar guides us in smartphones, mobile, tablet, PCs, laptops and other gadgets. The website also published important updates about Android, iOS and other operating systems.


The Verge


If you have a passion to read Tech Blog then the Verge is for you. There are some great blog posts in action for Tech Lovers. Tech related goods like smartphones, smart watch and more reviews are shared on this blog. If you have a good habit of reading tech blogs and reviews, then you will like this verge.

Other than Tech News, this blog offers some great tips and tricks that will help you simplify things. You do not know that using some apps can make your gadget more useful. If you are interested in learning more things then read the post on the Verge.




If you are from the technology side then you may have heard about the website. The website is famous for its good reviews and technology news. covers all the latest technology updates. If you are looking for a website that provides you with meaningful information then the best website for you is

Today, many of the latest tech, interesting features gadgets are available in the market. We need a good guide to use those features properly. can be your idol because this website loves to spread knowledge. You can subscribe with their news to get updates regularly.



CNET is an website based in America. They published good content on Tech. It is one of those leading website which is active all over the world. It share, videos, pictures and article on latest technology. CNET also provide forum for their user. In forum user can ask their questions. You can also answer on CNET forum. Many famous bloggers use CNET for their promotion.

It provides reviews on topics related to headphones, audio, applications, software and other networks and technology. CNET has a good reputation globally.


Ars Technica

Ars Technica is a website that has been serving technology for a decade. Any IT news, gadget review or feature is found on Ars Technica. Are you a game lover, you will love this website Arc Technica has a good name in gaming and IT news stories.

Not only about gadgets, this website focuses on every technology news. Thousands of visitors visit this website regularly.

Ars Technologies has a good focus in gaming technology. You can find news about your favorite video game and here every update is available for you.


Venture Beat

This is a leading website which is a good resource for information about technology. Venture Beat allows you to write a post. If you have any news or opinion about any related technical startup then you can write your thoughts and post it on Venture Beat.

The website provides genuine information on every topic. There are many regular customers of Venture Beat who are happy to receive notifications from all the websites.




The wired team is very advanced. Every time he focuses on issues related to news and technology. If you want tech news fast, this website can be useful for you. Every latest news is posted on this website shortly.

If you are a busy man, who has less time to find news and technical information. You can subscribe to the mailbox. Each day they distribute news and information related to technology to your mailbox.

If you want to buy any gadgets like smartphones, cameras, laptops, you can read reviews and features on wired. After reading the reviews, you will know which product should be bought.



If you want to start a startup business of your technical business, this website will do great help to you. The things we need to know in business are a case study. A case study helps to improve the business and understand the inside concept. There are several posts in the Business Insider that will tell us how we can improve the technology in our work.

The Website begins with Dwight Meriman and Kevin Ryan in 2007. It is currently one of the leading websites.


Toms Hardware

Do you want to know about computer hardware and its part? Computer PCs and laptops are made up of several parts. To know the system requirements that you need, you need to know about its hardware. Tom’s Hardware is a website that tells you about hardware parts and types in detail.

CPU, storage, graphic card, gaming and more related posts are available on the toms hardware.




If you are an Apple user then this website will help you. Macrumors is a website that focuses on Apple and Mac products. This website is famous all over the world. Details of iPhone, iPod, Mac laptop and other Apple products are shared on this website.

Apple devices are more secure. Not everyone will understand it to use them. Macrumors gives you a complete guide to each apple device.




The Engadget website is guiding its user. As technology is getting advanced many new gadgets are coming in the market. In the last 5 years we have seen many things which are new and unique. Smart watch, wireless earphones, smart glass and more. These things are the result of technology and its creativity.

Since 2004, Engadget is sharing technology for its audience. The site has more than 50,000 views in one day. If you like to explore things related to gadgets and technology then you have to go to the site.


Droid life

Droid life

Droid life is a team that collects data from the Android world. Android is an open source operating system. Many apps launch for Android regularly. Almost every mnc has its own Android app. The large amount of Android user is compared to other smartphone operating systems.

If you want to know about an app or you can expect a review, you can go on to the life of Droid. The Droid Life Team researches every day on Android and apps and provides as much detail as you can.



If you are a game lover, you definitely know about the Eurogamer. It is one of the trusted websites which was established in 1999. The Euro Gamer website focuses on video games. This website provides each and every detail about a game. The gaming environment is increasing, every user plays the game on their smartphone or PC.

Eurogamer gives you specification and features available in a video game. We always think about the need for the system to play games. We can read system requirements, tips and other helpful information on the Eurogamer website.




By the name you can understand that is about physics and technology. It is a news portal that publishes news and stories about everything related to science. Science has been divided into several types such as physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, health and medical science and many more.

Technology is a branch of science. At this time every person wants to become curious in science. Are you a person interested in science and technology then you will find this website interesting. shared information related to astronomy, space. Whatever you should know, it was shared by This is the best and leading website of your type.




Are you a IT professional? The first thing that an employee should know in every IT industry is Business Analysis. There is a strong competition in the field of technology. Every user wants to use the advance product to reduce the work force. Some users want showoffs that require advanced gadgets.

ZDNet is a website that provides research and analysis in technology. The team monitors every movement related to technology. If they get something new or special they share it with users. If you are interested in reading Business Technology News then visit the zdnet website.


The Inquirer

We like to explore all the gadgets and share the latest technology with our friends. In earlier schools and colleges, information is known as an advanced student. Do you want to be advanced? If yes, the inquest is a place for you.

The inquirer that means it is a website to solve your doubts that shares great posts and daily news about your favorite gadgets and techniques..

Daily new smartphones and PCs are launched with some interesting features. You can read those features and share it with your family and friends.




Softpedia is the best website in the world of software. This website has a good collection of software from various sources. In our smartphone we try new software. For every type of software we need to find it on the Play Store or the Internet.

SoftPedia website offers over 1000000 softwares. All of which are free to use. If you are a software savvy, then visit the website to learn more about it. There are so many applications in this website for every operating system, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.




Gizmodo is a science and science fiction website that monitors all the techniques. The website was created in 2002. It is created by Peter Rojas and is the current owner is Univision Communications. It is one of the leading websites which are available globally in India globally. He shared a post about the technology market and products

The company tries to solve all the issues facing the digital world. If you need to solve any digital problem, you can get a report on everything digital. If you want to start a digital business then this can be an idol for you and your business.



In this advanced world, it is important that we move forward according to technology. Technology is available to reduce human force and our efforts. The world is progressing due to technology. On this post I have shared some great websites that provide you with good information and updates..

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