Top 10 UPI Payment Apps in India 2024

With the rapid change in the world, India is getting more digital day by day. The use of online modes for payment is not only the new trend but is also lowering down the problem of carrying cash everywhere. In cities, almost 8 out of 10 are using UPI methods for online payment for the ease of their customers. With the change in government digital payment method has also reached the rural areas, and people are getting more advanced. Now, everyone can have a direct record of their bank account withdraws and statements.

This method of UPI is beneficial as now you are in no need of standing in long queues outside ATM for cash withdrawals. Apart from this, there is one more benefit, if in case you get short on cash during shopping. There is no need to search for nearby ATMs, take out your phone and pay online to the merchant’s account. In this post, I will discuss UPI and its features in detail.

Let’s begin our journey of increasing knowledge about UPI payments. It will not only keep you up to date with modern technology but will also lower down the risks of making online payments. If you are fond of making online payments, then it is essential to know about risks and safety, which we are going to cover in this post.

UPI Payment Apps in india

What is UPI?

UPI, which stands for Unified Payment Interface, there are various banks and third-party applications which are supporting the UPI platform. You can quickly get these apps from your google play store or iOS app store. The method of UPI is entirely safe as it developed by the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

UPI is a platform that allows its users to send or receive money to the linked bank account with the same mobile number linked in the bank. In the case of UPI, you receive a VPA (Virtual Payment Address), which is unique for each user. If you are a previous user, then I am sure that you have seen something like 123456789@paytm or yourname@okisbi, etc.; this known as the virtual payment address.

Impact of demonetization on UPI

After the demonetization, the rate of digital payments rises exponentially. As everyone gets short on cash due to long queues on ATMs, therefore. For making India digital, Prime Minister launched a new UPI app named BHIM UPI for the ease of citizens. After demonetization, merchants started using PhonePe, Paytm, and other methods for digital payments; this gives a hike in the use of UPI platforms.

Tips for using UPI safely

As the popularity of online payment is increasing simultaneously, fraud and scams are also growing. So, keep yourself safe from such scams. You must obey all essential information in your mind. There are specific tips that I am sharing below to keep you safe from any unauthorized debit.

It is always mandatory that you never share your virtual payment address to any unknown person.

You should never install any UPI app, which is new or is not trustworthy. There are various apps present on the Google Play Store to misguide users like Bharat Modi, Bhim Modi, etc. We recommend you only install reliable UPI apps after complete research.

There are many remote access apps like TeamViewer or any desk, which we used to share our mobile screen with another person. If you are also using such apps, then always keep in mind that you do not share your ID with any unknown person or with someone whom you can’t trust.

Last but not least, you may have seen someone is requesting money on your UPI app. In such situations, be careful that you do not make any unauthorized UPI transactions to the particular person. It is one of the most trending methods being used by fraudsters to withdraw money from another person’s account as in lack of knowledge; users give access to the requested amount.

Best 10 UPI Payment Apps In India

By following the above tips, you can keep yourself safe from any unauthorized fraud transaction, and your money will remain secure. Now we are going to share some of the best UPI payment apps which are being used in India. The list of apps that we are going to share with you are trustworthy and can download from either the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

1. Paytm

Paytm is one of the most widely used apps for UPI payments and money transfer. Paytm is also having its wallet, which allows you to keep money in your wallet for secure transactions on Paytm. As per the data collected in July 2019, Paytm is sharing around 16% market in overall UPI transactions. If you Paytm user, then you will also be familiar with Paytm payments Bank and its virtual debit card issued by Rupay.

2. PhonePe

Phonepe is another UPI app launched in 2016, which is now acquired by the E-Commerce site Flipkart. Phonepe is the first platform for UPI payments released in India with the partnership of Yes Bank. It is one of the most trustworthy apps for UPI transactions, along with it you can also link your existing Freecharge, Airtel money, Jio money wallet with Phonepe app for secure money transfer. Also, Have Read:-PhonePe App Error And Solution

3. Mobikwik

Many shops also use the Mobikwik wallet for online payment. It is known as one of the best apps for bill payments, UPI transactions, and wallet to wallet quick transactions. There are several features which are being provided by Mobikwik like:

  • Getting small personal loans
  • Book online movie tickets, travel tickets and much more
  • Send and receive money directly to the Mobikwik wallet
  • Easy bill payments like for electricity, water, etc
  • You can get your mobile recharge and DTH recharge done through MobiKwik

4. Google Pay or Tez

Google pay is the online UPA best app developed by Google. Google has its trust among the users; therefore, Google pay has now become one of the most trustworthy and user-friendly applications. Apart from the UPI transactions, it also allows the customers to done mobile recharge, DTH Recharge, book online tickets, pay bills, etc. You can also directly check your bank account balance through the Google Pay app. It has attracted lots of customers in very little time due to its great cashback offers, which they were giving on each UPI transaction.

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5. Bhim UPI

We all are familiar with this UPI app as it was launched by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. Bhim stands for the Bharat interface for money, which was developed by NPCI. It is very easy to use the application and was made by keeping people from rural areas in mind. The main target of launching Bhim UPI was to attract more customers from rural areas towards online platforms.

6. Amazon Pay

After the increase in UPI payment methods, Amazon has recently launched its own UPI Interface, which is known as Amazon pay. Now the Amazon app also allows its customers to send and receive money directly through their bank accounts apart from these users can also keep money in their Amazon pay wallet for easy online transactions and shopping.

7. Freecharge

Another application in this list of UPI money transfers is Freecharge, which is known for its good cashback, discounts, and offers. After installing the app, you can easily get your unique Freecharge UPI ID by which you can do the transactions after adding your bank account. Another best feature of recharges it also allows the users to add multiple bank accounts for easy transactions. You can also invest some amount in direct mutual funds on Free charge.

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8. ICICI Pockets

ICICI Pockets is the app launched by ICICI bank for its customers and other users also. With ICICI pocket, you can enjoy online credit card facilities along with the other digital options like recharge, UPI transfers. You require to provide your ID proof to enjoy ICICI Pockets features and avail all facilities without any trouble.

9. Axis pay 

Axis bank also launched its own UPI app for both axis users and non-axis users. It is very easy to link your bank account at axis pay and enjoy instant credit cards, UPI transactions, and recharge benefits.

10. SBI pay

Although every bank has its own UPI application, SBI pay is one of the most downloaded and trusted apps. It allows users to pay local merchants, performs recharges, and much more.


This was the entire list of all top 10 UPI payment apps which are currently in use. You can trust all of the above-listed apps cleanly, and to save yourself from any scam, we recommend you to go to the section of safety tips and follow them while performing UPI transactions through any platform.

We are sure that you will not face any problem related to the concern of the payment app and its downloading, but still, if any occur, feel free to contact us. As the world is changing very rapidly, and India is getting more digital start using online platforms for money transfer for your comfort and ease.

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