Change Default Status Bar To Material Status Bar On Android

Hello friends, In this tutorial, we share the best way to convert your default Android status bar to the Material Status bar on your Android device. I sure you are interested ?. in the post we share the two way one is rooted method and other is an unrooted method.

change android status bar into Material Status Bar

What is Material Status Bar?

A question comes to your mind what is Material Status Bar !!!!

This is a tinted status bar. It changes your status bar like a lollipop and jellybean device. The difference between the default and the Material is that its color. One is dark or transparent and the other is colorful.

What is Material Status Bar

Another goal of this is to support AppCompat Toolbar. To get more knowledge from here.

#1. Change Material Status Bar on Unrooted Device

This is a long process but easy to understand. So read this step-by-step guide and do this on your Android device. we are using application for experiment and got success. So, I share my whole experiment with a screenshot.

change status bar android

Use Material Status Bar Apk By Treydev Inc


First, Install the App Material Status Bar Apk from play store or Below Button.



Open the application and hit on the NOT NOW option.

Material Status Bar Apk install step 2


Default the application is off. So,  hit on the switch.

Material Status Bar Apk install step 3


Notice page will show it Write. Click on agree button .

“By agreeing the below dialog you acknowledge that you have read and agreed with the following privacy policy.”

Material Status Bar Apk install step 4


Now you got Four Option [1. Accessibility 2.Notifications 3. Write 4. Drawing]. ON on the Accessibility Option.

Material Status Bar Apk install step 5


Enable the Material status bar . 

Material Status Bar Apk install step 6


Then, on the option like below screenshot.

Material Status Bar Apk install step 7


After on this, that will show like below screenshot.

Material Status Bar Apk install step 8Step-9

Then ON the “Notifications” option .

Material Status Bar Apk install step 9


The access the Notification and enable  Material Status Bar.

Material Status Bar Apk install Step-10


when Enable this a new pop of window is open it says“Allow Material Status Bar ”

Material Status Bar Apk install Step-11


Again Enable this same as Step-7.  Then click on the back button.

Material Status Bar Apk install Step-12


Then go to Enable write Button .

Material Status Bar Apk install Step-13


Allow the permission, the below write like  ” Allow this app to change system settings. Such as turning Bluetooth on or Off “. Then hit on a back button.

Material Status Bar Apk install Step-14


Finally, swipe the drawing button. Now you will see the button color green.

Material Status Bar Apk install Step-15


Allow the Permission manager .

Material Status Bar Apk install Step-16


After doing all the steps above, the application has begen.

Material Status Bar Apk install Step-17


This step we share some tips to customize your software

  1. In hand number 1, that means to enable the battery percent.
  2. In Number 2, that means to enable the Clock on the status bar.
  3. In Number 3, which means that the clock is enabled in the 12-hour format.

Material Status Bar Apk install Step-18


Material Status Bar Apk install Step-19

# 2. Change Material Status Bar on Rooted Device

All known are X-posed is one of the great app for rooted Android devices. Who can help Android devices to amend it?

There are many X-posed modules available in the market. Some are popular modules are IMEI changers, Device emulators and much more

Android devices have many great apps that can turn your device into a new device. You can modify your Android device by changing application theme, flash custom roms, launcher and much more.

By Use X-Posed Module

This is an app that runs in many Android gadgets. I have examined this app in my Redmi Prime. This app can also work on your Android device.

Of course, you can customize your status bar, add custom text color, font style etc.

Now I’m going to give an explanation for this tutorial with the help of an easy Android Xposed module.

No coding capabilities are needed to use this app. But active Xposed module is important thing.


At First, Install Xposed Framework in your Android Device.


Then  Install Xposed Status Bar Module App on your device.


After doing above two step After that Simply Open Xposed, Goto Modules, and Tick on Xposed Status Text and Restart your Device.xposed-3


After Complete  Restart your Phone open  Status bar text apps from your phone and Add your Custom text.



Apply for any color, select position and select any other options of and tap apply.


This was the manner which you may use for add status bar in android gadgets without rooting it. you may add any cool text for your status bars like your name or any other message so that you will not forget it. remember that it requires root access, which is kind of advanced element.

Final Verdict

If you are not a better user on Android, please do not try a rooted guide because it is bickering your device and I am no longer liable for anything.

If you have more questions or guidelines about this guide, please comment below, I will try to help you.

Thanks for visiting and staying on this blog to get more cool stuff related to Android.

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