How To Create Viber Group Invite Link Android & PC

Do you plan an event by bringing together people who are not on your Viber Contact list? I sure a question that comes to your mind is how to bring people together. it is a very difficult task. Viber Group has created an invitation link to get rid of this pain.

And the new features feature have been added to the Viber app That’s the Viber group link.

Create Viber Group Invite/join link

Just as with the help of Telegram Group Links and WhatsApp Group Links, you were able to join more Group Members without admin permission. Similarly, you can join more Group Members in Viber Group.

So, friends in this post we have shared how to create a Viber group invitation link and share some public Viber group links that help you join.

Now, group admins can find many group links, which they can use to share with people who want to join their group.

If you are an admin app, you can copy the link and send it to Viber, emails or social media.

How to create Viber group link Android, ios and Desktop

Below, we share 3 Devices to create Viber group links. Let’s read below

Android and ios Device

In android and ios device you make 2 Method to Crete Viber Group join link . These method are write Below.

  1. First Update your Viber apps using Playstore.
  2. Open any Groups. tap on the add participant button  Viber group link at the top of the screen.
  3. Simply, Tap on Share group Link.
  4. Now, copy the link or share link Through Viber apps.
Viber group link
Method 2
  1. Open any groups . just see the below you can find this ( Viber group menu )  icon.
  2. Tap, On the above, and see the new window.
  3. Just Tap on the Share group link and copy the link.

Desktop & Windows Device

Download the Viber Desktop apps from the official site and Sync with the android device by Qr code. Then open the group and hit on Share.

Here you see the Viber group Invite Link Option

How to create viber group invite link step 2

Bonus 2 Viber Public Groups

Techwebsites Viber Link
Group 1Viber Link

Finally, Friends is a guide to creating a Viber Group invitation / join links. Also, I share some Viber public groups, which help to join any Viber member. I’m sure yes if you should be like our post, share and keep visiting our blog.

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