How to Delete Telegram Account Android, iOS and PC (Three Way)

Telegram is a cloud base messaging services. According to their official websites, they store messages, photos, videos, and documents from their cloud chats server so that you can access your data instantly with any device. If you by chance sign up two telegram account on one phone then you need to delete Telegram account then this post only for you. I share my experience when I make same mistakes and search for solutions. I can’t get accurate method for how to deactivate telegram account.

We know the telegram is providing better features than Whatsapp that feel more useful for User. I am not saying the Whatsapp is bad but, I say about the amazing features which are more credit goes to telegram apps. But if you make two accounts on telegram and can’t manage at once then you need to deactivate one account. If you want to know how to delete or deactivate telegram account permanently, then this post could be helpful for you.

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delete telegram account

How to Delete Telegram Account Lifetime on Android, ios,PC 

In this post, I am going to show how to delete account telegram in three different ways. You can do the same task in a different format. But keep one thought in your mind that after delete telegram you would lose all message, groups, and data file. Which is can’t restore on the lifetime? So I can’t be responsible for deleting telegram account.

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There are many reasons to delete an account. For example, a situation creates your friends Crete a telegram account on your mobile number. After you know, then you need to remove this account. This time our guide must be helpful. On below there is three proven way to delete telegram account permanently?

Method 1

According to the official Telegram Blog If you stop using telegram and do not log in for at least 6 months, your account will be deleted automatically. But not delete all messages, media, contact these can be stored on the telegram cloud servers. Of you need again running this account then just need to change self-destruct Settings?

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Method 2

simply follow the below steps to deactive telegram account.


First, visit the Telegram Deactivation page. You can only use it your mobile browser also.


Enter the phone number which you need the delete.(Put your running telegram account number, and it should be format as+ country code and number)

Delete Telegram  account Using Deactivation Page


Once enter the phone number, a confirmation message will be sent to the telegram apps.

Delete Telegram  account Using Deactivation Page


Simple write the code on below and click to sign in.

Delete Telegram  account Using Deactivation Page 2


You will ask the reason for deleting Telegram account. Enter any reason and click on ‘done.’


After that a new pop up confirmation page open.

Delete Telegram  account Using Deactivation Page 3


Click on ‘yes, delete my account.’


Now, you are successfully deleting your telegram account permanently.

Method 3 

If you thing to telegram account deleted by app, it is the very easy process. First, download the apps for a telegram apps android store or apple store and complete the signup process and look the below step and step guide.


Open the Telegram app, Go to setting >> Privacy and Security >>Account Self-destructs.

Delete Telegram account by Using App


After click on that, you can find many fixed period option 1month, 3month, 6month and one year.

Delete Telegram account by Using App


Choose any one option; then it will make automatic delete your telegram account.

Finally, friends, these are the way to delete telegram account instantly. This method also available telegram official page,  but in this post, I share the details about it!  I sure you get correct information from here, if you want from information like this then save our homepage to your bookmark

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