What is Difference Between Clear and Cache the App for Android

If you face any apps problem on Android, then you asked for someone any person advice either “clear the app cache” or “clear the app data.” These are two solutions are in  Android.But never try  to know what is the difference between Clear or Cache the App for Android.In this article, I am writing about what the main difference clear and cache on android and also give the solution of why hang your smartphone?. So Lets start

What is Difference Between Clear and Cache the App for Android

What is Means Clearing the App Cache?

The cache means it is temporary storage data of a device which contain some data. The main aim of this is to speed up the app and dash as well as smoothly.

For example, if your phone is restarting, have you noticed when on your any app is open then you see this app run the first time slowly, After some time ago your device app run smoothly because your device cache is a store. In this example, you observe that if device store or any app store some cache, then it run first and quickly. Finally, you sure app move fast better than the first time. Similarly, you can see when used the chrome browser websites load faster on a second visit. Once again, load says that web loads because of image faster than fair because image visit data  have been previously stored in the cache.

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What are Means clearing the app data?

Clearing app data is a good step without risk. While use cache clears any app some affected to app settings, preferences, and saves states but when you clearing the app data will remove all the thing.

The main aim of Clearing data it can be all resets of an app and make it default. That means it makes your app like when you first installed it. For example, are you use a shopping app . Your browser the category and show many products when Clearing the cache will not affect the which are saved. But, Clearing data it may clear all thing of apps .

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Why use clear or to cache the data

  • Sometimes you also see the Android message on your device “running space out“. In this time you use the Clear Cache the data
  • If you face app stopped notification or unfortunately stopped option then use Clear the data option that is help for running this type of app.Difference between clear data and Cache data


How to find a clear app or cached data?

The process is different for  different  device and dependable on operating system, but for most KitKat device , the steps as below

  • Go to your Settings .
  • just scroll down you can show the App manager .
  • Tap on that which you wish to cache the data or clear the data.
  • Then open a new window, now tap either clear cache or clear data, depending on your wish which is necessary.


In this article What is Difference Between Clear and Cache, the App for Android  best  option on comes with either clearing the app or Cache the App Both processes is simple to us.