Directv Premium Account in 2020 ( 20+ Channels Free)

Directv is a type of one of the most popular digital television which provides different entertainment services. The founder of Directv was Eddy Hartenstein who founded this satellite television company in 1990 which is a subsidiary of T & AT. Directv is delivering the best experience of premium videos to its users by using state of the art technology. It is one of the most leading services with more than 37 million of satisfied customers in Latin America and the U.S. You can enjoy full HD channels with the theatre sound quality having exclusive programming and best sports collection in Directv.

All HD video and sports lover can go through Directv premium account for streaming their favorite channel like Starz, HBO, Cinemax and Showtime with the massive list of local channels in it. In the premium package of Directv, there are more than 185 channels with HD quality. You can even demand or add your favorite channel in Directv and can enjoy streaming anywhere like on your mobile, laptop or tablet.

Directv Premium Account

Premium Account and Free Login for Directv

 [email protected]Chicago523
scottyrush[email protected]monopoly67
[email protected]Rachid
[email protected]enqprtqc1

Directv premium package Price

Select155+35 dollars per month
Entertainment160+40 dollars per month
Choice185+45 dollars per month
Xtra235+55 dollars per month
Ultimate250+60 dollars per month
Premier330+110 dollars per month

You can choose any packages according to your requirement, choice, and budget.

Directtv Premium Channels List

Here is the list of all your favorite HD channels available on Directv you can stream any of the below channels .

  1. Showtime HD
  2. HBO HD
  3. Starz HD
  4. Cinemax HD
  5. Directv HD extra pack

How to shows DirecTV premium channels On your Pc?

If you want to watch shows and movies on Directv, you require the login details of the premium plan with a good internet connection. There are different devices on which you can see videos from Directv and for watching your favorite content follow the below steps.

1) At first, you have to visit Visit Here on your device. From navigation bar select option of movies or TV shows either you can also directly go to the entertainment menu.

2) The option of the filter is also available by which you can select the criteria of watching and if you wanted to stream the content online then click on the possibility of watching online.

3) After getting the particular topic to watch click on the watch option after choosing the specific episode you want to stream.

4) After clicking on the watch, you will be automatically redirected to the Directv sign in page now complete the sign-up and start watching if any purchase asked then you will be required to mark particular acquisition before watching.

So, by following steps, you can easily watch any content over Directv.

How to add Directv Premium Packages?

Directv is offering various channels, and it is required to manage them correctly, you can control or add any channel by the following process.


To add a channel from any device

  • First, go to the section of Account overview then visit My Directv.
  • Then, select option of Manage my plans from the menu.
  • Now click on the Add/remove channels.
  •  After it clicks on the option of Activate Now present next to the package, premium channel or desired programme.


To add channel package through text message

1)By using the registered Directv mobile number, send a text message on number 223322.

2)Next, you have to enter the particular code of channel which are –

  • HBO code: HBO
  • Cinemax code: CINEMAX
  • Sports package code like MLB extra innings, NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Center Ice, NBA League Pass etc.: SPORTS
  • Showtime unlimited code: SHOWTIME
  • Starz code: STARZ
  • Sports Pack Code: SPORTS PACK

3) Now, repeat both 1st and 2nd step for confirming the process of activation, and it is all.

4) For activating the sports package, you will be asked for the confirmation of the name of a box.

By using above methods, you can quickly add any channel to your Directv premium Free account and if in case you wanted to remove any channel then contact the help centre of Directv.

Features Of Directv Account

There are some of the features being provided by Directv for its users :

  1. It offers you more than 315 channels in a single package for watching lots of content.
  2.  There are different five packages, one can select any of them according to their requirement.
  3. It allows you to connect with other streaming third-party devices.
  4. Users can watch all latest and instantly released movies on Directv Cinema even before the Netflix or Red box. They can stream their favorite film in full HD on cell phones, tablet, laptop or any other device.
  5. You can watch DVR services in HD by using Whole Home DVR from your home.
  6. The Directv On demand package allows users to get ample access to any show or movie.


As it uses satellite-based services, therefore, subscribers of Directv has access to thousands of channels as compared to its competitors. You can also use the free  Directv premium Channels available above for getting free login with Directv premium account. You can also select any of the premium packages from the list for purchasing and enjoying Directv without any disturbance.

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