Download the GBWhatsapp Themes Pack and XML File

The GBWhatsapp Themes is very useful for a GBWhatsapp User. The theme is a way to change the GBWhatsapp looking and Style. So, guys if you are a GBWhatsapp User then this post are very helpful to you. In this Guide, we are sharing themes for gbwhatsapp. You can directly download the themes and apply this to GBWhatsapp Apps. Are you interested in using different GBWhatsapp Themes then keep reading this article?

The GBWhatsapp is the mod apps of official Whatsapp, which is using our Android Mobile. Are test the Gbwhatsapp features if not then first check it in our blog and download latest GBWhatsapp. After verifying it by your Mobile number, you can use it and change its themes which look awesome. So look the below we are produced the GBWhatsapp Themes XML and wallpaper in zipping mode. Just download the Zip format and use it on  Gbwhatsapp.

Every day you can change the new look on your Whatsapp by using themes Gbwhatsapp. If you were interested in changing the Themes, then you can simply look below. Also, we are here explaining everything about how to use the Themes. You can download new themes of GBWhatsApp from below and apply on your Device and make your chatting apps new look.

GBWhatsapp Theme And Xml File

One of the best things about the Android is customization and its apps. So we are interested in modifying the Whatsapp. But, you can be boring to see the only green colour of the Whatsapp, there no any theme change option on official Whatsapp So, I recommended you to use Gbwhatsapp, The apps took a lot of features and far better than official Whatsapp. If you use that, then you can able to change its theme.

GBWhatsapp Themes List for Download

In the GBWhatsapp inbuilt a themes option you can directly change the theme on this apps .if you can’t do that, then we share A lot of themes GBwhatsapp and download link are available below. You can use many themes and change a daily new style.

How to use GBWhatsapp Theme

  1. First, download the Gbwhatsapp application and complete the sign-up process.
  2. Now Stop the apps and open the Gbwhatsapp folder on your “sdcard” and go to the” theme folder”.
  3. Download below gbwhatsapp themes and extract on theme folder.
  4. After doing that again run the app, now you see automatically it detected the theme and ran it a new theme.
  5. Now, you can change the theme.

GBWhatsapp Themes collection on 2020

Do you know what the means of collection is? A collection is a group or more lists which lie in one place. Just see down there is a list of themes collection on this year.

1) Age of Ultron Theme

Age of Ultron GBwhatsapp Themes

This theme is a style like Avenger Age of Ultron. This theme is awesome and changes the style like a superhero.So use the Gbwhatsapp themes and make a hero style themes and icon.

2)   Apple iPhone  Theme

Apple iPhone Gbwhatsapp Themes

The Apple iPhone theme modifies your gbwhatsapp to iPhone style. So guys must use the Apple themes.

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3) Cartoon  Theme

Cartoon  GBwhatsapp Themes

The cartoon theme is converting your GBWhatsapp design superb. I sure if you paste the theme folder it makes a new cartoon design.

4) Football player Theme

Gbwhatsapp themes xml

You can change the theme on Gbwhatsapp to football player theme. You are doing the chat performance like a football player.

5)  Love calculator  Theme

Love calculator GBwhatsapp Themes

The Love is a term which is the need for all people. Why neglected to change the theme like love calculator.

6) Sweet Girl Theme

swite girls gbwhatsapp themes

The Sweet Girl  Theme is an excellent Theme. You can only change your themes to a nice girl mode.

7) Rose Theme

Rose GBwhatsapp Themes

This theme makes the design like a “Rose”. Simply download the rose theme and use the Theme folder.

8)  Teddy Beer  Theme

Teddy Beer gbwhatsapp themes

The Teddy Beer is a symbol of Love and like. So, guys don’t under estimate to download the theme.

9) Pokémon mix color GBwhatsapp Theme

Pokémon mix color GBwhatsapp Themes

The Pokémon mix color theme is a beautiful theme for Gbwhatsapp. Show below download folder and download it.

10) Orange color GBwhatsapp Theme

orange color gbwhatsapp themes

Are interested in changing the themes to Orange? If yes, then this theme is only for you. Download this through below link and use it one theme.


11) Black Color Theme

Black color Gbwhatsapp themes

If you can chat at night time, then use the back themes, because it protects the display radiation, so it is cool themes.

12) Material Green

Material Green GBwhatsapp Themes

The real green theme makes the chat performance purely green color. I recommended you to download this theme and use it.

13) BlueTheme

Gbwhatsapp blue theme xml

Just change the themes to Blue color by using this theme. This theme looks superb because it can change the blue mode so download the below Gbwhatsapp theme xml file.

14) Yellow Color

Yellow Color GBwhatsapp Themes

The Yellow color is use childhood time when to make any paint. So, guys if you change the theme into yellow mode then sure use this theme.

15) Cys Blue Theme

Cys Blue Theme Gbwhatsapp

Download the Cys Blue theme and change the theme. It is different from the Pure blue color and better looking.

16) Agenda color Theme

aljand_coior theme

The Agenda theme is the new theme and update on 2017. This theme is multicolor and good looking option so, you can use this and make it gbwhatsapp design new mode.

17) Chelsea  Theme

Gbwhatsapp Chelsea theme

The Chelsea theme is a modern theme for gbwhatsapp because this is changing a new design and change it a coloring mode.

18)  Milan Theme

Gbwhatsapp Theme

It is a red color theme. After using that the apps turn into Red and black mode.

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19) PSG Themes

Gbwhatsapp psgTheme

The PSG Theme is a nice theme and good looks. I sure if you use that then you can never change.

20) Madrid Azul  Theme

Gbwhatsapp MaradidTheme

This theme is mix with two color one is blue and other is black. Sometimes a white color show one the chat icon.

Another Method to Download and apply the Themes

Are you want to get a new look of Gbwhatsapp? , If yes, then Just follows the below tutorial. We have explained the whole process how to download and apply themes. Just follow the below guide for an applies the gbwhatsapp theme.

  • Open the Gbwhatsapp application and go to GB Settings.
  • Now, click on Download Themes.
  • After that choose a favorite theme and tap on “APPLY” Button.
  • Wait sometimes the themes is download and says “Restart Now.”
  • Just click on Ok option then you see that the theme changes on gbwhatsapp.

Recover Default theme on gbwhatsapp

Some themes are changing the design style, so we are facing some problem to manage the application. This time you need to use the default theme. How to recover default theme on Gbwhatsapp? Just look below guide.

  • Again open the “GB Setting” option.
  • Then, just tap on “More” option.
  • A new window opens and taps on “clear.”
  • After that, it says to “Restart Now.”
  • Just click on Ok button and change the themes to default.

Final word:-

Finally says to guys, the post-Download Gbwhatsapp themes and xml file is excellent, for my review. I sure you also enjoy it. If you are interested in download a new theme, which is not on the above list. Just write the themes name in the comment box.

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