How to Change WhatsApp Themes For Android Device

Do you want to change the look of your WhatsApp themes on Android? Whether you want to use a new official theme or an unofficial one, there are ways to do it.

In this blog post, we will show you how to change your WhatsApp themes on Android devices using both official and unofficial methods.

Let’s get started!

The number of users of WhatsApp increases day by day because it is a freeware and cross-platform instant messaging service, whether on smartphones or through the web version. A billion or more users use this app for video calls, voice calls, and chatting with friends and family members. However, they face a small problem: the themes are too monotone.

Are you interested in changing WhatsApp themes for Android? If so, keep reading.

In February 2009, Whatsapp founder Jan Koum and Brain Action first launched Whatsapp, but their developer makes its design green. After eight years later, the same themes are used by the Whatsapp developer, and officially not provided to change the Whatsapp color.

But today a lot of mods are available on Whatsapp, for example, Gbwhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Whatsapp, etc. which changes the themes as well as its privacy.

Before going to change the WhatsApp Android themes, I recommend you just use a simple app named WA Tweaks. This app changes the whole style of WhatsApp and enables new customization options. That’s amazing for a WhatsApp user.

Let’s forget about this app and go to the main topic: How to change WhatsApp themes for Android? Look below.

Whatsapp themes for Android Device

Official Method Change WhatsApp Theme

In this section, I will share the official method to change themes on Android devices with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

#1.First, open WhatsApp. Then, click the three lines in the upper right corner.

#2. On the Next Screen Six Option Show New Group, New Broadcast, Linked Device, Stared Message, Payment and Setting.Tap On Setting

#3. Now you see the profile your profile photo and multiple options. Simple touch the theme, wallpaper and chat history.

#4. Here you will show the Chat theme option System default , hit on that!

#5. Next, say that you will choose one option between system default and light or dark. Choose dark.

#6. That it is! Now all the Whatsapp Theme Change to Black Mode. In other words, it says dark mode.

Unofficial way to change the WhatsApp themes on Android mobile devices. (download Method )

To do this, you need to delete your official WhatsApp and download the app below. After downloading, simply register and use it like the official app.

We have shared a direct download link for you. Scroll down and choose your favourite colour then click on the download button.

Disclaimer Note: Before Delete Official WhatsApp Backup All The Data Of Your Whatsapp Then Follows Below Step.

Uninstall the Officially Whatsapp Apps
Download Whatsapp themes apk by using the below download Button
Install the apk and verify it by phone number. That’s it! Enjoy your new WhatsApp theme.

Pink Theme

You can use the Pink themes for android freely. Just need to download and read the above procedure. This theme is changing your Whatsapp color to pink. It is also called hello kitty Whatsapp android themes.


3D Theme

Directly download the three-dimensional themes and use simply on your Android platform. This changes the Whatsapp design 3d Mode. If you use the 3d Theme, then it converts new chat mode with your friends this look like a 3d notification format.



Are you irritated to see only green color and wish to change blue color then this theme is only for you just simply download for Android Mobile?


Yellow Theme For Whatsapp

This theme looks like the Snapchat application. It changes full-color to yellow, and it makes the design of the beautiful theme.


Transparent Theme For Android whatsapp application

Last time we write the transparent themes for Facebook messenger, but today give download link transparent Whatsapp theme. Make the  theme transparent by using below download link.


Gold Theme

The Whatsapp Gold themes are the ultimate editions color and added maximum tweaks. It takes to new front styles, bold names contact and fast operating.So guys don’t underestimate the gold themes, download now and change the Whatsapp green color to gold.


Change Whatsapp theme to Game of thorn color

The upcoming 7th part game of thorn games for PC and Xbox coming soon. So this time, why not make our themes to the game of thorn color. In this theme background color is added the iron throne wallpaper and enable background chat hide pattern. This is suitable themes for an android game lover if you want to change use below download themes Whatsapp for the Android device.


Doll Themes Whatsapp Android

Little boys and kids are love to play with a doll, so friends we are making a doll theme for doll lover Whatsapp user. Just uninstall the officially Whatsapp application and download the doll theme and install on your android device. A lot of features enable o that theme such as pin chat, show contact tab, attach icon header, etc.


Pink, Blue Mix Themes

This theme color is mixing edition by two color one is pink, and other is blue. Download the theme by using below table button and make your Whatsapp pink and blue color.


Deep Green

Deep green is an excellent looking color. So, we make deep green themes for my dear sweets friends. We are doing the Whatsapp color to deep green and added new cool features.  Some re-added features are Enable status Text, Support Hindi & Italian language, new setting UI option, etc.


Share Your Favorite Theme on a comment box

This is the ways you can change and download the latest Whatsapp themes for Android Smartphone. Plz, guys don’t forget to share your personal experience after using themes and write your thought by comment box, which themes are more helpful for you.

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