How to Enable Only 4G Mode iPhone X ?

Are You A New iPhone User? Do You Have A new iPhone X and You Want to Enable Only 4G Mode? how to enable 4g only on iPhone X

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Apple.Inc the Tech Giant of today’s World trying to introduce the greatest stuff to people in it the other way that their product is not a cost friendly and of course not anyone in the world buys there product rather than the people who have a golden spoon in their mouth. The product they made is generally for rich people coz they made a world class product with 99.9% no defect and 100% tech.

The day when they announced to launch their new product on September 17 of a year before all people in the world know that the phone must be over price but the tech they provide and the creativity they bring in there product is extraordinary.

And the people’s prediction becomes true when Apple launches the phone, they bring the best they can. The phone i.e. iPhone X come to with some amazing feature and looks. It is the most creative creation of Apple.Inc according to the critics. Various features and setting amazed and also confused the users. Apple changes the interface and so the everything in it seems to change. And the people take this change in a positive way as always.

Changes like

  1. Bionic’ chipset: Six Core CPU, Six Core GPU, M11 motion coprocessor.
  2. Battery Life And Charging- Longer, Faster, Cable-Free, Face ID Lock.

Many setting has been changed, and it is essential for the new users to know the changed to use the phone to it ultimate level same as pro users.So this article of our show you how to enable the only 4G mode in iPhone X.

How to Enable the only 4G mode in iPhone X?

Follow the step by step guide to enable 4G

#1. Open your device with facelock if enable, then Go to the Start Screen and then Settings.

only 4g mode iphone x 1

#2. Now Scroll down to the Mobile Data Option and Tap on it.

Enable Only 4G Mode iPhone X

#3. After Mobile Data Options again in it.

Enable Only 4G Mode iPhone X 3

#4. Now you will see the option of Enable LTE i.e 4G. Tap on it. This is how only 4G can be Enable in iPhone X.

Enable Only 4G Mode iPhone X 4

Select the Network Mode 3G or 4G.

  • To use 4G for both voice calls and mobile data, then tap on the Voice and Data option present below.these will enable a voice call over the internet via mobile data help for faster and better connection.

Enable Only 4G Mode iPhone X 5

  • To Enable 4G for Mobile Data Only. Press on the Data Only option present in the same screen.

Turn off the 4G mode

 To turn off the 4G usage, simply press Off option present on the same screen.  These will automatically switch your iPhone to the 2G or 3G accordingly the network available, to 3G if available or to 2G coverage.

Last word

That’s it, this is very simple, After reading the above article of mine you can easily enable only 4G mode on your Apple iPhone X device, anywhere you want and whenever you want, Once you got to know, it then its quite straightforward.

Ultimately it will decrease your phones battery life and also drain your phone battery and slow down due to the Software update which running in the background.At last, we could glad to see you on our other page related to iPhone X on our site.

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