Which one is leading: Express VPN or ibVPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network is one of the leading connections among today’s generation. A VPN helps you in creating a secure network connection on the internet so that you can Shield yourself while browsing any restricted website on public Wi-Fi or your internet. 

If you are looking for a VPN for you, then I am sure that either you have heard somewhere about it or looking for the best VPN so that you can stream your favorite stuff without any problem. Today here in this post, I am going to tell you about the two most popular and widely used VPNs, which are ExpressVPN and ibVPN. Apart from the comparison I am also going to include useful information, so the topics that are listed in this post are as follows;


Which one is leading: EXPRESS VPN VS ibVPN (comparison) 

These are the headlines about which I am going to describe. Let’s begin the post; it is requested not to miss any part as you can miss an important update. 

What is ExpressVPN?

Like any other VPN, ExpressVPN is also a virtual private network that allows its customers to browse secretly. You can also say that Expressvpn is a kind of secure tunnel passing from your device to the internet. The other specialty of Expressvpn is it can act as a proxy by which you can also change your location and roam over the internet anonymously.

express vpn image

One can use Expressvpn not only for private browsing but also for professional work, public connections, to surf blocked social media channels, and much more. If we talk about the pricing, then Expressvpn has a low price range in comparison to other VPNs.

This is also one of the reasons that it is considered to be a top with more than 1079 users review. One can easily use Expressvpn with fast servers and complete security. It is proved to be a great VPN for accessing any kind of restricted website. 

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Features of Expressvpn 

Expressvpn has now proved to be a great service provider with lots of features. If you are looking for the features that are being provided by the Expressvpn, then they are listed below;

Pricing 8.32 dollars per month (1-year plan)
9.99 dollars per month (6-month plan)
12.95 dollars per month (1-month plan)
Money-back period For 30 days i.e, 1-month
Uses For private browsing Access to the blocked website
Unblock unlimited video streaming Remote access
Encryption 128 / 256 bit
Features Non-US company 30 days money-back assurance
No log files Good customer service
Support anonymous payment High network speed
Devices supported Windows Mac Linux iOS Android
About Company is located in a Virgin island of British
Providing server to more than 94 countries
Have 2000 plus servers
Protocols PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN

What is ibVPN?

ibVPN is one of the trustworthy VPNs from the Romania country that allows secure browsing. It is a fast and reliable VPN for those who are very concerned about their privacy or want to access any blocked website. In ibVPN, you are going to get military-grade encryption with new protocols for easy surfing. It is a private company that performs all activities from the offices which are located in Transylvania.

As ibVPN is a new and small company, therefore, they are more concerned towards their customers and provides 24*7 instant customer support. If you are worried about your Bitcoins, then ibVPN will be the best place to use your bitcoins for payment. It all about the ibVPN now. I will tell you about the different features that this VPN is providing to its customers. 

Features of ibVPN

The features are almost similar to the Express VPN, although, at some places, you can find some plus or minus in the features. Let’s come to know about them in brief below:

Pricing 4.84 dollars per month (1-year plan)
10.95 dollars per month (1-month plan)
Money-Back Period 15 days
Uses Allows to unblock video streaming
Give access to blocked websites Remote Access
Encryption 128 / 256 Bit, SSL
Features Gives you the benefit of the family pack Allows P2P or file sharing on the servers of CA, SE, HK, LU, RU, and NL
Devices Supported Windows Mac Android iOS Linux
About Company is located in Romania
Providing server to around 33 countries
Have 80 servers
Protocols OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP

Why use a VPN? Is it safe to use? 

Many people concerned about their privacy, especially while searching on the internet. If you are also one of them, then VPNs will be going to be the best solution. In the market, you can find several VPNs to sort out your problem from which we have here discussed the Expressvpn and ibVPN. Now, you may get a question in your head that how does this VPN work? If this is the question that is bothering you, then let us have a small discussion about it. 

Whenever you browse anything on the internet using a VPN, then it builds a tunnel between your device and the server. This helps your data to be safe from prying eyes. You may have heard lots of scams that happen due to the leakage of personal data. Let’s simply go to a realistic situation. Do you use public WI FI like on airports, railway stations, cafeteria, office, etc. which are not secured?

If yes, then you can be at high risk of being threatened. You may be thinking how? Whenever you connect to public networks, it allows you to share your stuff like credit card details, PINs, passwords, and much more. Just imagine if someone is spying on your network, and they steal your data? Worried, right! In such a situation, a VPN can help you a lot as it secures all your data and helps you in browsing privately. After access to VPN, if you go for any browsing through such public networks, then also you are not going to face any problem. 

I think we have discussed a lot about the VPN and its features now, and it’s time to go for the comparison. I will give you a complete comparison between both Expressvpn and ibVPN so that you can decide which one will be best for you. 

Which one is leading: EXPRESS VPN or ibVPN (comparison)

It is time to compare both of the VPNs on a different basis to find out which one is better and safe to use. If you have time then check how to get Nord VPN account for free?

1.Based on supported devices

There are various devices which are available on which you can use VPN lets have a look,

Expressvpn ibVPN
Linux Linux
Windows Windows
Mac Mac
Android Android

Leading: So, here, it is visible that EXPRESSVPN has more cons, which are necessary for your privacy and security. Here, also, the Expressvpn is leading.

2.Based on Features

There are different countries in which this VPN is restricted while there are somewhere you can use them without any restriction. So here we are going to differentiate both of them based on supported countries;

Expressvpn ibVPN
It has multiple protocols After disconnect all traffic again go to public
Works on various platforms Works on both mobile and desktop
A speed test of the network is built-in within the appIt offers you a free trial
Works wonderful in ChinaSecure your browsing by 256-bit encryption
There is no limit of data Reconnects automatically
Fast servers P2P traffic package available
Detects any DNS leak Provides you multiple options for payment
There is no logs (tested) Smart DNS
Provides good speed on both browsing and downloading Kill Switch
Good encryption No logs
Clear Privacy Policies Torrent VPN servers
Easy to install and use  
It is also having an app for wifi routers  

Leading: So, here, it is visible that EXPRESSVPN has more cons, which are necessary for your privacy and security. Here, also, the Expressvpn is leading.

3.Based on countries

There are different countries in which this VPN is restricted while there are somewhere you can use them without any restriction. So here we are going to differentiate both of them based on supported countries;

Expressvpn ibVPN
Albania Australia
Algeria Austria
Argentina Belgium
Australia Bulgaria
Austria Canada
Azerbaijan Czech Republic
Bahamas Finland
Belgium France
Bosnia Herzegovina Germany
Brazil Hong Kong
Bulgaria Hungary
Canada Iceland
Chile India
China Ireland
Colombia Italy
Costa Rica Japan
Croatia Luxembourg
Cyprus Netherlands
Czech Republic New Zealand
Denmark Norway
Ecuador Panama
Egypt Poland
Estonia Romania
Finland Russia
France Saudi Arabia
Georgia Singapore
Germany Spain
Greece Sweden
Guatemala Switzerland
Hong Kong Turkey
Hungary UK
Iceland USA
Isle of Man  
New Zealand  
Saudi Arabia  
South Africa  
South Korea  

Leading: Like as all other comparisons here also Expressvpn leads

4.Based on configuration and installation

Whenever we use any new app, its usability is very important; we all see whether the app is easy to use or not.

  • Expressvpn: It is quite easy to install the VPN, now here comes its configuration. In the case of Expressvpn, as per the users, it is said that the Expressvpn is more easy to use in comparison to the other VPNs. You can find all accessible tools on the main page and can activate the VPN by activation code, which you receive after payment. 
  • ibVPN: The installation of ibVPN is also easy. If we talk about its configuration, then it is also simple. There is nothing unique to do while login to the app. 

Leading: As we see, both of them have a simple process of installation and configuration; therefore, we can’t estimate the leading one here. 

5.Based on the number of features

As we have already talked about what features both of the VPNs are having, that’s why here we are only going to mention the leading one. 

  • Expressvpn: As it is known that Expressvpn is spread in several countries with lots of protocols; therefore, it is also providing all advanced features. The only feature in which Expressvpn lacks is ad blocking and anti-malware support. 
  • ibVPN: On the other hand, ibVPN comes along with all the features that Expressvpn provides. Apart from this, you will find that ibVPN also supports adblocking. 

Leading: As here, we found that ibVPN has one extra main feature in comparison to Expressvpn; that’s why the winner of this round is ibVPN. 

6.Based on software designing and ease of use

Whether it is a VPN app or any other application, it is very important how they are designed. This is the main character because it helps users to find Interface pleasant and to use easily. 

  • Expressvpn: As it is the oldest VPN service provider, therefore, it has gone with several updates in designing, software, and bug fixing. The visuals of Expressvpn are marvelous and pleasant to the eyes. If we talk about its Interface, then even the beginners can easily use the VPN. 
  • ibVPN: There is no doubt that ibVPN is providing more features and functions in comparison with Expressvpn. But if we go through its visuals and the Interface, then you will see that it is not completely user-friendly. One may find it a bit difficult to operate. 

Leading: The overall appearance of any app is a must, and in this category, we see that Expressvpn is a clear winner. If you are planning to use a VPN, then I think Expressvpn will be a good choice, especially for beginners. 

7.Based on security and privacy

This is the last category in which we are going to compare both Expressvpn and ibVPN. Whenever you use any service, you must check their privacy policy and the security service they are offering. 

  • Expressvpn: The protocols that are being shared by Expressvpn are secure and safe. The privacy policy of Expressvpn is open to the users. It gives you a 256-bit AES encryption along with the L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and PPTP protocols. Apart from this, as I have used this VPN, you are not going to face any problem related to data leakage. 
  • ibVPN: In terms of security, ibVPN is providing 256-bit AES encryption along with PPTP, StealthVPN, OpenVPN, SoftEther, and L2TP protocols. In the privacy policies of ibVPN, it is also mentioned that they don’t collect your personal information, so all your data is safe. 

Leading: It is not possible to say who is the winner here as both of the service providers are having almost the same security features. Both of them are serving complete privacy to their users. 


This was the entire comparison between two leading VPN providers on a different basis. I think Expressvpn is the winner here as it is providing more security and reasons of leading. Now, from this comparison, you can also decide which VPN will best suit you. At last, I want to mention that I don’t use VPN unnecessarily as it may cause trouble for you. 

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