How to Fix you have exceeded the max number of tries in paytm

Are you use the Promo code” FREE25”? If you use that, then know the free 25 Paytm Wallet balance. When Paytm start in India in August 2010 they give the Offer.

An enormous amount of people got this offer and got unlimited time with a single mobile. But In this period Paytm Apps Security very Strong. A user uses multiple times on Sign up code like FREE20, FREE15; the apps show an error you have exceeded the max number of tries.

So Guys, Fixing this type of issue I am gone show you how to Fix you have exceeded the max number of tries in Paytm.

This helps you to earn an unlimited Paytm wallet balance a single device.

You have exceeded the max number of tries
You have exceeded the max number of tries

Why show you have exceeded Max number in Paytm?

This issue is faced in the Paytm app on used Unlimited money trick.   Get signup Paytm balance must need the promo code. 

Used much time to find this matter because the Paytm security is dictated the IMEI of your Smartphone. Then show this type of issue.

To fix this just change the IMEI your device and solve this problem.  Let’s start it! how to do 

Fix the problem you have exceeded max number of tries

There is a three-way to fix the problem you have exceeded max number in Paytm. So read below

#1 Change IMEI For Rooted  Android SmartPhone

To solve the above problem some have requirement needs.

These are the

  • Rooted device,
  • Xposed Framework
  • IMEI Changer Apps.

Now we read how to change IMEI on android 

  1. Open your rooted device and install the Xposed framework.
  2. Now active the Xposed by Reboot device.
  3. Install IMEI Changer Apps.
  4. Then, Go to Xposed Modules>Tick On IMEI Changer.
  5. Now, Restart your device.
  6. Then click on Auto mode on IMEI Changer Pro Apps.

After doing all the above steps, Just clear the data of Paytm apps.

Again open Paytm and log in the account and used Promo code, you can’t see the above problem. For unrooted devices show more alternatives below.

#2 Used Parallel Space For Unrooted Device

This is directed to the unrooted device. Used the parallel space apps>clone the Paytm app,>login, and use Paytm unlimited money through used many time Promo code. For more information on how to use Parallel space Click here.

#3  Used Web browser

Either rooted or unrooted both used this method. For a put, the promo code on multiple time on the apps show the above problem “exceeded the max number of tries. So you try the Web method . it is very useful for all devices.

how to do that? Just open any browser like Firefox, Chrome, etc. >Login the Paytm account >Used Promo Code

#4 Use Rooted Android Emulator on Pc

If you are not interested in rooted your device then you can try a rooted Bluestack installer.

  1. Download the rooted bluestack installer then install it 
  2. Now Change Google Ads ID, IMEI Android ID, and device model 
  3. After that open Paytm App Again & Add Money in Paytm using Promo codes.


Now, all the four method is work or not ?

Of course all the method are work

If I do this trick and use multiple time promo code then my paytm account is safe or not ?

I am not sure, because this question is depends on Paytm official team. If they know we have to do tricks with them, then they may be blocking your account. but in my personal experience, I am using 20 times in one account


There are four methods to solve “how to Fix you have exceeded the max number of tries in paytm.” All are very easy to use. Choose any suitable method and loot unlimited paytm money.

For my personal experience, I use the first method.If you have time then to share your appropriate method on the comment box

If you use another method to fix this type of issue, then write on the comment box. I will be published this method on this post with the commenter name.

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