How to get Free Flipkart Voucher For Shoping

Hello friends, what’s up? I am back with an amazing post which is badly required for you. It is very interesting to get something for free. It is very enjoyable. Do you know what i am going to say? I just want to inform you the way to get Flipkart free vouchers. I know you are shocked by listening to it. It is true my friends. Flipkart is offering free vouchers. You are in right place here. You have the opportunity to avail free vouchers. So let’s start the topic how to get Flipkart free vouchers.

I know you are Flipkart customers. You used to do shopping from Flipkart. It is such a good and trusted shopping app. At first, when it was launched it offered to refer and earn programs. You may get benefits at that time. Now you think Flipkart is not giving any free vouchers to redeem. It is not true. Actually, Flipkart is always giving attractive offers for free. Perhaps You have no idea about this offer. But friends you shouldn’t get worried about it. Here I will give you the trick to get Flipkart free vouchers.

Flipkart is an online shopping app. It was founded in October 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Now it is India’s biggest online stores. It has genuine products, cash on a delivery system, easy returns, EMI options etc. Every item you search is on Flipkart. it may be fashion, electronics, jewelry, home appliances, mobile, book, furniture. Every type of fashion and electronic accessories are available in Flipkart. Anything you can’t get from local stores can get from Flipkart. Flipkart is really a fabulous app for all Indian.

The Best Trick To Get Flipkart Free Vouchers

Flipkart is famous for its best features. It always serves the best service to its customers. It always comes with new offers. You may avail so many offers from Flipkart. It is the most famous branded and trusted companies ever. It always gives importance to its customers. So it is becoming user-friendly. You know Flipkart is budget friendly. You can easily get your desired thing from these sites.

We always try to get something for free. It is really interesting. Everyone wants this. So friends what are you thinking for free? Flipkart is giving free vouchers. Do you know what may be that? There are two types of process to get Flipkart free vouchers. You can easily avail free vouchers value of 1000 rupees money. I am sure you are excited to know this.

The way to get Flipkart free vouchers are

  1. Flipkart Explore plus zone
  2. Quiz time

#1. Flipkart Explore Plus Zone

Anyone who is doing shopping from Flipkart can avail this offer. This is an official program from This program is based on coins. You can earn coins from your shopping. These coins are redeemable. You can earn coins in your every purchase from Flipkart. To avail this offer first you have to upgrade your Flipkart app if you have not updated this.

On this program, after updates of your Flipkart app, you can join in Flipkart explore plus zone. Without subscription or any additional fees, you can be a Flipkart plus member. You have to earn coins from your shopping. After getting the membership on Flipkart plus you may avail the services like free delivery, fast delivery, early access on big discounts or offers time.

Minimum Shopping 250 rsEarn 1 coin
Maximum 2500 rsEarn 10 coin

How to Redeem Flipkart voucher

You shopped from Flipkart and earned 50 coins. Now you are a Flipkart plus member. You can avail all those services I shared you above. Now come to your 50 coins. You know 1 coin values ₹250 then 50 coins is priced to ₹1000. You can redeem this money as follows. After complete to Earn 50 coin then read the below guide to use this coin.


First, click on Flipkart Plus Zone and it opens a new window.


Now, scroll down and see “Claim With 50 Coins” View All


Slowly down The screen now you see the Flipkart Voucher Worth 1000 Free image, Tap on That.

free Flipkart Voucher By coin Method


Next, it will show Get The Voucher, but below Screenshot, I already purchase so it says not enough coin. After completing the use 5 coins back to Flipkart Explore Plus Zone.


Now, here you see View Claimed Offers. Open this you see voucher worth and Valid Date.

Flipkart Gift card worth 1000 Proof
Flipkart Gift card worth 1000 Proof for Free

#2. Quiz Time to Get Free Gift Vouchers worth ₹1000

The another way to get free gifts voucher worth of ₹1000 is Flipkart quiz time. You can play the game and get points. The game starts at 8 pm. Flipkart will notify you to play it. 10 questions will come to you with a limited time period. You have to answered it as soon as possible to get more points.

Quiz Time to Get Free Gift Vouchers
Quiz Time to Get Free Gift Vouchers

After the game, it declares 20 winners who got ₹1000 Flipkart free vouchers. Each question carries 10 seconds to reply. Answers all the questions and get free vouchers. You can redeem the voucher for your shopping. So guess the answer and get vouchers for free.

Quiz time winner


I shared you how to get Flipkart free vouchers ₹1000 for free. I am sure it will be helpful for you. You are awaited for it. It is really a fantastic program for Flipkart customers. Finding something for free is really fabulous. It is good to play games. In your shopping you are also earning. You are more benefited. You can get free delivery without shipping charges on 3+ crore products. I am so happy because i shared you a valuable post. To get more posts like this please follow our sites. I will be back with new interesting posts. For any problems or help you can write us on comments box. Thank you..

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