Free Rapidgator Premium account 2020 and auto renewal

Rapidgator Premium account 2020: Are you searching for a trusted file host where you can upload your unlimited data? Or you wish to share your files online with your friends without necessarily going offline? You don’t need to search further.As we understand that there are lots of file hosting sites open on the internet, but we assure you of our trusted and reliable services.  ANow you can share your documents, pdf file, music, movies, games and lots of other data with your friends in our Premium account and is for free. All you need do is to sign up and get started. Enjoy the fast, safe and secured file host in Rapidgator free Premium account 2020.

Our Premium account is open now for free for our users. The account allows you to simultaneously download multiple files with more file storage period and is extremely fast. As a Premium user, with our download manager, you can download several threads of files without obstruction. You also enjoy a long-term storage period for your files. You get 30 days of storage from its last download.

Reasons why you need our free Premium account for your files:

  • At Rapidgator, you get the fastest download speed without limits. Just keep downloading for free
  • Unrestricted simultaneous downloads or sharing of data
  • We provide extensive storage period
  • With an ease of access and use
  • No backlogs for your file downloads, uploads or sharing
  • No unnecessary ads that will slow your downloads
  • Download manager support that will aid your file downloads
  • Upload and download files as high as 5 GB
  • You get all the full premium features
  • You can basically carry your files and data from one place to another without necessarily using your HDD or flash drive
  • Avoids data loss as the system automatically backs them up once they are uploaded and save in case of any damage. You can as well restore them anytime.

Free Rapidgator Premium Account

For 2020, our free Rapidgator Premium account users can now upload and download files up to 5 GB with more secure and longer storage. We have the simplest form of uploading a file. Within few seconds you are done! Simply click, “Upload files” button, then click “Choose file”, you can use your file explorer to check for the file. Found it? Good! Then select the file, after that, click “Upload”. Isn’t that quite simple? Well, that’s not all of your files in Rapidgator because we love keeping your personal files and making sure your files are not seen by a non-authorized user.

You will be wondering what happens to your confidential documents. As always, we’ve got your back! Once you are done with your upload, you will receive a download of your file and deletion link for you to do the needful. All files you upload to Rapidgator are completely unseen by others as only you have the authority to have access and share the file download link with anyone else.

#1) Get a Free Rapidgator  account by  leech Method

More of download lover use rapidgator for download movie music, image etc. If you use in free you can’t download the Big file at this time we use the leech option, how to use that follows the step.

Free Rapidgator premium account 2018

1)  Visit the Premiumleech websites…

2) Now, you see the Blank box, copy any rapidgator link and paste here.

3) Then Now tick the Robots, and term and condition.

4) After that, you can hit on Generate Premium Link! Volvo you get premium rapidgator link

#2) Rapidgator Premium account list 2020

  1. [email protected]:mangopony2278
  2. [email protected]:jghd2315
  3. [email protected]:bgduyg123
  4. [email protected]:stftesyt2
  5. [email protected]:wwetna1234

#3) How can use Rapidgator Premium Generator

If interested to use above premium account then you need to follow the step and do this method.

1)  Visit Rapigator Official website

2) You can see the login page now copy anyone on the above Email id ( Blue color email) paste in an email box

3) Now, copy the password and paste in password box then simply hit Login

4) Wait sometimes you can get the free rapidgator will convert into premium account without wasting any money

#3) Get a Rapidgator premium by the free trial method

To download documents, movies and other files, all you need is your working internet connection which is fully enough to download any data or file you want. With Rapidgator, you won’t be seeing “404 not found” when you want to download from a site. This is because the owners of this website upload the contents of the files, software, movies or music through Rapidgator account. With your free Rapidgator Premium account, you are good to go! Now, when the commercial website owners upload these files, you will get a download link which is placed below the file name, the user wants to download. You can then click on any link you want to download and it automatically starts downloading.

Now you have registered for our free Premium account and uploaded your files, what happens to your documents and files in our account after 30 days? Don’t worry because we offer automatic renewal of your Premium account for free.Just register on our Rapidgator website and start your free premium account now! so follows the below step how to get premium in free trail method .

1) Just tap on signup button. It will redirect to the official website

2) On the next page says to you fill up some blank option such as Email address, Repeat email address Password, Repeat password. Date of birth.

3)  After entering the required details, click on ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ button.

4) Next, this says to use your payment option simply choose on PayPal and hit Signup.

7) On the next window, it says to you can successfully create a  premium account. That Done!.


Guys, I sure you must be like my work on the all above methods are tested by me. Plz, share your feedback which method is helpful to you. I Hope you can get Free Rapidgator premium accounts in 2020 works fine for you. If you have any query regarding the above-listed method, then use the comments section. I will replay as soon as possible.

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