Top 10 Grammarly Alternatives 2021

Hello, friends today on this post we are going to discuss the Grammarly alternatives First, we will tell you about something about  Grammarly. So many of you have already listened to this.  it is a  tool which is available for Windows and Mac os desktop.  which are we use to correct our spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, vocabulary mistakes, conjunctions mistakes, variety and much more features are available on this tool .

What Is Grammarly?

It is a cloud-based application which corrects our grammatical mistakes.  In this tool, we can see a score of any article, and we can also increase the score of the content. Using this we can check any spelling mistakes, vocabulary, preposition, conjunction, variety and much more can check and correct by the application.

On Grammarly there is also a plagiarism detection, using the feature we can check for any copy paste on our content. There are more than 250 grammar rules available on this tool.

Why we Use It ?

it  is used by the students to improve their writing skill and also to improve their talking skills; many students have the incorrect behaviour. So this tool helpful to such type of  student .

Teachers also use this app for their use; it help to teachers check their students mistake in their homework, assignments, quiz. So it  is quite useful for academics.

Many bloggers also consider as their primary use. Do you know that your blog ranking can affect using Grammarly? If you write an article and want to pick a good ranking, this is best for you. In your content, all of the grammatical mistakes get corrected.

Plagiarism feature available and it is cool features for bloggers. Bloggers can check if any work or sentences copied from any other website then you can change that. Grammarly makes your content not only error-free but also unique. Unique content mostly ranked on search.

Why is Grammarly best than others?

Grammarly is an advanced way to make our content error free and unique. it is a single tool in which we can found all of the mistakes which we do in our writing. It helps to increase the score that means we increase our writing skills by using this tool. There is also 7 days trial period given that you can use and try before taking the judgement of buying Grammarly for your work.

10 Useful Grammarly Alternative

There are many Grammarly alternatives present on the internet you can download them and use. Users first preference is an application but if you want some alternatives than below we have mentioned some list .


Ginger is one of the fantastic tools which is quite popular among students, teachers and bloggers. Ginger has many bloggers who use it for their contents. Ginger is available for almost all the devices. Ginger is available for Windows, ios, android, chrome, safari and mac. Ginger also has the feature of proofreading which is one of the best feature tools. Using ginger proofreading tool you can correct any misspelling in any text area like WordPad. There is also its text area where you can copy and paste your text to know about the errors.

Grammarly Alternative image 3

Ginger can detect errors very fast; it highlighted the error so that the user comes to know about the error. To know the best suggestion of the errors moves your mouse on a mistake and you can see the word. On ginger, you can also correct all error just in a single click. There is a button Approve all click on the button to approve all the suggestion words. You can select from English British or American.

There is also an important feature available on ginger. On ginger, you can translate your document into any other language. There are over 40 languages available on ginger some of them were Chinese, French, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Russian and many more languages are available. You can quickly search for a definition of any word on ginger, and ginger has their build in the dictionary. On the premium version of ginger, there is also a unique feature text reading is present.

Ginger have two types of account one is ginger free account and the other one id ginger premium account. The ginger premium account is available for $7.49 per month. Ginger is one of the best application to correct all incorrect words and sentences. Plagiarism toll is not available in ginger which is one of the negative things in ginger; else everything is similarly to Grammarly.

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Grammarly is very expensive for some users. If the pricing is a concern of any user, then you may go for pro writing aid. Pro writing aid is available with two types of account. A free account and a premium account. Pro writing aid can also incorporate with your web browser easily. We can analyse any grammar mistake whenever we are typing on Gmail, WordPress, facebook, twitter and any more websites. Pro writing aid can also use in my office files and google documents this make pro writing aid one of the best Grammarly alternative available on the internet.


Different writing styles are present on pro writing aid just like Grammarly. Basically, users sue general, business and academic, blog post and much more. You can select any style from English US, UK. It is quite simple to use pro writing Aid. When extension gets installed, you can see a small icon appear when you are a text editor. Bring your mouse cursor on that small icon and select the option that you want to do like grammar, clichés, style, overuse of many words and also Redundancies and much more.

If you want to skip the installation, then you can go to pro writing pro to signup. Writing style using pro writing aid is instrumental. It also improves the readability. Pro writing aid has 25 things that tested like grammar, pronouns, sentence structure, length and much more. Pro writing aid is also much cheaper than Grammarly. You can buy a yearly subscription at just $50, and if you like pro writing aid more and want it for the file than you can buy pro writing aid subscription for life at $175.

If you don’t want the pro writing pro and on buy, after some time you don’t like then any need to worry. Pro writing pro gives you 14 day of money back guarantee so you can buy the plan and test it. If desired then use it if not like then you can cancel your subscription any time.

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Whitesmoke is another alternative to Grammarly. Whitesmore is one of the most efficient English language writer and proofreading tool. White Smoke checks for grammar, punctuation and checks many spelling and writing skills. White smoke is available for almost all the devices mac, windows, web browsers, android, ios, etc. more than 100 writing templates can found on white smoke such as resume, condolences, reports and cover letter, etc.

WhiteSmoke translation is one of the best reading, translation shows in white smoke are with the highest probability of being accurate. WhiteSmoke support about 55 languages in it. In white smoke words which are not correct according to white smoke are get highlighted and when we bring our mouse cursor over the highlighted words it shows the correct word, On click, the correct word white smoke replaces incorrect word with your correct one. You can see white smoke suggest all the exact words and highly accurate. You can see suggestions for both grammar and punctuation. Overall about 16 types of error are detected by white smoke like fragments, incorrect punctuation, tense, dangling modifiers and much more.

Grammarly Alternative image 2

The plagiarised word can also get detected using white smoke. Plagiarism is one of the best feature given by white smoke in the application. Using plagiarism, we can search if our content was copied or not. Plagiarism checks your content with millions of web pages present on the internet. Bloggers use the plagiarism. Many bloggers hire the online writer for writing their contents. Using plagiarism, you can check if your content is copied from any webpage or is a unique one. Plagiarism feature is essential for website blogging, using this feature we can increase our website ranking that every website blogger wants.

WhiteSmoke company also develop a feature using which we can integrate white smoke in our outlook, ms office or any other input text area. While writing if you see red words that means something is misspelt, green colour for grammar and grey colour if any word repeated.

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White smoke also provides many video editor tutorials which are related to preposition, nouns, verbs, pronouns, auxiliary and much more. You also get great support from the white smoke team; you can send them a mail to ask for any help. WhiteSmoke have two types of plan available one is essential which costs $6.66 per months, and another one is a premium plan which costs $10 per month.

You can buy the plan without any hesitation. WhiteSmoke provides 48 hours of the refund policy. If you like white smoke, then keep your plan if you don’t like white smoke than you can cancel your plan anytime.

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Many bloggers are using WordPress. If you are one of them, then you are already using a jetpack. Jetpack has many extra features. Using jetpack, you can track your websites visiter, free thems, improve security. There is also proofreading features available in a jetpack. If you are a WordPress blogger, then we strongly suggest you use a jetpack. There is a proofreading tool also available in a jetpack.

Grammarly Alternative image 4

When you install jetpack, you can use. You can start writing inside jetpack, or you can paste your content in the text area of the jetpack and hit the icon. On clicking the icon jetpack start scanning and mark the words with red, green, blue lines. Red colour shows any misspelt word, green colour shows and grammatical mistake and blue colour tells for any writing style error.

Jetpack also has a proofreading tool in it. The main feature includes overuse, complex, passive voice and worldliness phrases and much more. Proofreading tool is only available for some languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.

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It is quite simple to use jetpack proofreading tool. Here, you can not make your directory. Only if the content is in English, then it can detect an error word, otherwise not. Jetpack is not much efficient. We can not compare jetpack with Grammarly and ginger you can use the jetpack to improve your necessary writing skills.

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Paperrater works according to the computer algorithms that are known as Grendel. Paperrater is currently only available for the website; paper rater is not available for the desktop application now. You have to visit the site of paper rather and there you can see input text area, where you have to paste your content text. In few seconds it will detect all the error which you can watch their live. Errors or misspelt are get highlighted.

Grammarly Alternative image 5

Many websites are present on the internet which contains many web pages. To make your website rank good, it is essential that your content data is unique. If you are using any copy paste content, then it will not rank easily. Especially for blogger, they have to published original data only. Plagiarism feature is available on paper instead. Plagiarism is one of the most important feature which is quite useful for bloggers. Bloggers have to publish the data which is original. Unique data is get ranked on their website, using plagiarism we can quickly detect any copied content using this feature. Paperrater is very useful. The students, teachers, use Paperrater and mainly it is a useful thing for bloggers. Student improves their spoken language, learn a lot about grammar and many more things can be learned using paper rate. Paperrater used in the academic activity. Teachers use paperrater to check their student’s assignments and homework. Using paperrater, a teacher can easily find any misspelling or and grammar, vocabulary, verb, noun and any other error.

There are two types of paperrater account one is a free version and the second one paid version. In a free version, plagiarism is not available. Plagiarism is only available for the paid users. In the free version, plagiarism detects the percentage of unoriginality. It will detect if your content is unoriginal. But in a paid account you come to know which portion is unoriginal and belongs to which website. Paperrater integrated with professional tools also you have to paste the text and paperrater start its work, it will start to detect the errors, grammar errors or any other errors.

Paperrater is an alternative of the Grammarly. In the free version of paper instead, there are many limitations. There is only a limit of 5 page to import tools and files in paperrater. Premium account of paperater is cheap, but paperrater is not much efficient.

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There are many robust features which make slick write similar to Grammarly. you can paste your text to check, or you can write in it automatically it will start detecting for error and misspell. The tool detects the elements which considered as a grammatical error like redundant sentences, passive voice, transition words, adverbs and common starting words and much more can detect using slick write.

Grammarly Alternative image 6

There are many useful and unique features available on slick write. To know about any word point your cursor on that word and select that word, the slick write will tell you about it. There is a dictionary available inside the application, which will tell you about the selected word. If you want more information about the word that there are options available to know more about them you can choose for Wikipedia and google slick write shows you the search result in theirs.

The article or content which is not able to read or is readable is considering as useless, so readability matters a lot. Other wid=se the readers or information seekers consider it useless. Using the slick write, you can increase sentence structure and its features. Your contents readability get the increase if you use glossy write. On glossy write, you get the details in a graphical representation of every error such as word length, sentence length and structural flow. By using the graph, a user can come to know about the error and can reduce it or make the content error free.

Your slick write can configure in just a few moments. To configure visit to setting and select the what type of issue you want to detect and write it. Statistics is the best part among the softwares available in web-based proofreading. Slick write is free for everyone there is no premium account feature available on slick write currently. It is the reason there are no more features available on slick write. Proofreading is one of the best features that was given by slick write.

Slick write has many rules which make it a unique tools than other. On slick write, you can only detect the error, but you have to replace it with a correct sentence by yourself. In Grammarly you can find the incorrect words, once you get your words then you can correct them when you bring the mouse cursor over the incorrect words then you get the correct one, and on clicking the correct word, you incorrect word get replaced by the correct one. This feature of replacing the incorrect word by the correct one is missing in the slick writer.

The slick writer is used only for detecting the number of errors and scores. Using these a use come to know about the quality of the content that was copied paste or write on their input text area. Slick write is one of the best ways to generate errors. It is the best way because it was free there is only a free version available of slick write there is no premium account available for slick write. There is no premium account available for slick write this is the reason there are no more features given in the slick write.

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 #7) 1Checker

When you search on the internet for Grammarly alternatives then you see many alternatives, 1 checker is one of them undoubtedly. It is because of 1checker flexible nature. There is an online version available of 1checker, and there is also a desktop version available which you can download on your pc windows or mac. 1checker can also integrate with your Microsoft word and outlook. 1checker worn on a language which is a combination of computer science and artificial language.

Grammarly Alternative image 7

When typing when you click on review, 1checker shows all the stats in few seconds, just like the it will also detect mistakes and misspell. When you type the text 1checker highlighted all the errors that your text have. You can also see the explanation of any word. If you don’t want any review and trust all the error, then click on Apply all, and all error words get replaced by suggested words. 1checker have many tools in it. Many templates can found on 1checker. For business and communication there are many templates available for that click document template and fill all the blanks shows on the left side, using this a copy get generated. If you want to mean, you can directly search for a word on google or I Bing.

Just like the free Grammarly account, this is also a free version which is used to detect fundamental mistakes. Using 1checker, you can find any word line, spell errors, words structure and much more. It is a useful software that s available for free.

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Online correction is a free online software available for no cost. An online correction is a useful software for students and teacher. In online academic correction can stand for a good. Online correction analyses your content very efficiently and carefully. When it catches any error, it makes that word highlighted, by finding these colourfull words we can detect the error in our contents. Online correction supports Multilanguage in its software.

grammarly alternative image 8

Online correction search for grammar, words style, words spelling, punctuation and any duplicate word are detected using online correction. The plagiarism is missing in the online correction. There is no way that we can find that the content is unique or not. Even we can not detect if there is 1% copied content. The online correction has an only free account, and online correction does not offer premium account this is why they offer few services.

Not only English language many more additional languages error detection is also available on online correction. Some of the languages that can detect in online correction are German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. An online correction is a fantastic tool it is also straightforward to use. Any beginner can easily sue online correction tool. A user who is searching for free grammar alternative without any login or signup, then online correction tool is useful for you. Students, teacher, blogger use online correction.

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The primary focus of heming way is to increase the readability of the grammar. Heming way is available online on its website, or you can also download heming way on your PC. Heming way is a paid account for a desktop you need to pay $19.99. For the WordPress and the medium editor, the heming way considered as useful. Readability grade can found on the heming way.

Grammarly Alternative image 9

Just like the other alternative when you paste your text into the input text area of the heming way the error or misspelt words get highlighted in the text area. It will highlight I colour these colours are different colours. It also provides you with the suggestions using which you can easily simplify the word.  In heming way, you get some critical options like bold, heading, italic, bullets and you can also insert a link, and much more features are available on heling way editor.

Like some users, the heming way is not much useful. Heming way detect the passive voice sentence from the text. For making your article fluent and the readable heming way is a great tool.

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The reverse is a web-based proofreading tool. The reverse is only available online on their site. There is no desktop app or android, ios app available of the reverse. But you can paste your text into the reverse website on their input text area. The reverse does not detect advance errors, but the reverse will detect fundamental mistakes for you. On Reverso, you find the error for multiple languages. You can also translate into any language.

Grammarly Alternative image 10

Languages available in reverse are German, Arabic, French and Russian and many more languages are available on the reverse. For academic it is a good thing. A student can use reverse to improve their communication skill and their writing skill. The user who is learning French that Reverso is useful to you. On the reverse, there are many topics related to French grammar rules. At once reverse can detect only 600 characters.

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On the above, we share the top 10 Grammarly alternative. In this above list, we write our personal experience if you have interested to share your personal experience which is the best Grammarly alternative then use the comment box.

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