10 Must Useful Hashtag Instagram Selfie

Instagram is one of the most popular Internet base social and photo sharing application and social networking service which allow their users to share their photos, selfies or videos publically or privately. Instagram users can use various filters on there selfies and posts. A hashtag is one of the new features which was introduced in internet culture and was gain power through Instagram, many of Instagram users post there selfie and give various hashtag in their posts.

This hashtag Instagram selfie feature is also available to use in your bio on Instagram which makes your profile more bright. Instagram is a free to use social media platform which was used by the user for various function, to promote their business, to make a profile, to connect to friends of a different culture to show there selfies and photos and much more.

Hashtag Instagram selfie
Hashtag Instagram selfie

The Hashtag came here as a new revolution in the social media and internet-based other application, this makes social culture more interesting. Users create trends on Instagram with the help of hashtags, which was a keyword combination with the use of some characters contain # symbol known as (hash character) on its startup, this is the reason This feature is known as the hashtag.

A hashtag is a metadata tag used basically in a social app and other microblogging sites. By the time hashtag become more populated and was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2014. The hashtag has been used verbally for making a humorous point in informal conversations. Now,  hashtag becomes a trend on the internet. There are many users on Instagram and other social networking site use it to grow popular by making their specific hashtag strings, users try to get more followers by using the hashtag on there selfies, these days one of the most popular hashtags is “#selfie” known as hashtag Instagram selfie.

A self-portrait picture is known as “selfie” which was basically taken by the smartphone single by hand and by selfie stick in a group. These days selfies are usually taken and uploaded to Instagram and are shared on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, and many others. Taking self-picture by hand using a smartphone and taking the picture of the reflection in a mirror were commonly known as selfie, opposite to these 2 methods they are also taken by self-timer or remote, these selfies are basically used to share on the internet.

Hashtag Instagram Selfie 2018

Day by day popularity of social networking sites increased, which makes many new modern world trends, one of the trends was a selfie. With popularity of young peoples very first time Life and business coach Jennifer Lee was the first person who used hashtag selfie and used it on the Instagram, by the end of 2012. It was considered as one of the top 10 buzzes of the year 2012, hashtag selfie doesn’t take time to spread over the internet.

Best hashtag Instagram selfie

Hashtag selfie brings the new revolution in this modern world and uses much time on the various platform. Many common brands also use the hashtag of selfie such as on T-shirt hashtag selfie was printed, this divides other days and creates there hashtags, some of the hashtags of the selfie was given below.

  1. #Selfisunday – selfies Sunday was commonly used by the people to show that the selfie was taken on the Sunday
  2. #motivationmonday – hashtag of motivation Monday was commonly used by the peoples to show the motivation quotes and motivational pictures taken on Monday
  3. #TransformationTuesday – hashtag of transformation Tuesday was commonly used by the people in which they upload a post or picture and show the past related to the future and their transformation.
  4. #Womencrushwednesday – hashtag of women Wednesday was introduced and used by people and show the photos of women they have a romantic interest.
  5. #Throwbackthusday – hashtag of throwback Thursday was introduced and used by the users in which a user post a post or a picture from there past and by highlighting a special past moment. By the time spends in 2014 this selfie hashtag create a huge transformation toward the new generation.
  6. #beautiful– This hashtag you can use on when using selfie in the beautiful place.
  7. #Happy – Take a selfie when your mood very happy.
  8. #selfie – Just use it for selfie time
  9. #Style –  you can take a selfie on style mode
  10. #Cute-  used this hashtag button for cute selfie image

History of Hashtag Instagram Selfie

Hashtag selfie becomes commonly used and searches keyword on the social networking platform. In 2012 hashtag selfie was really hit the big time. This was famous among the youth and most were taken by the people of 18-30. Samsung in the year 2013 found that 30% of the entire photos are a selfie of the users taken by them. By the time selfie word increasingly spread on the internet and in 2013 .it becomes a common thing to say about. “Selfie” become the Oxford dictionary’s word of the year in the year 2013.

Search for selfie increase at an amazingly 17000% as compared to 2012 according to Oxford. On the internet, many social networking sites are available and are creating day by day and their users are also increasing by time. On Instagram, hashtag selfie has been used for about 57 million times from the time the first photo uploaded using hashtag selfish on Jan 16, 2011, by Instagram user Jennifer Lee.

After which on 27 Jan 2011 is the day when Instagram introduce hashtag on there social networking platform, now users can also use a hashtag on their Instagram bio. After the time spends much Celebrity and other users use the hashtag of a selfie when Justin Bieber uploaded his pictures using the hashtag selfie he was 1 million times like on that Instagram photo in just less than 3 months.


These selfie hashtag keywords make camera famous, and many smartphones come with the portrait mode in it, which makes the background blur and show only the person this makes the selfie more interesting , this portrait mode get updates by the dual camera smartphone which changes a huge in smartphone marketing from front camera to the dual front camera and from back camera to the dual back camera, selfi stick and various other varity are generated in the market , this all was done by the hashtag of selfie , if we search for hashtag selfie instagram  on any social networking site still today we can see the increasing result.

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