Free Hotstar Premium Account Username and Password

Hotstar Premium account Free: Are you a sports player? Or A sport passionate who want to watch live matches on mobile FREE?Searching for solution YOU ARE AT RIGHT PLACE! Are you a sports lover like the 85% population of India and In search of an App or any website which make you enjoy the live sport. Here is a solution for you problem Hotstar Premium account.

This is a place where you can enjoy Cricket, Tennis, Football all matches and also live and all other shows which come under the banner of the premium of hotstar which is a cherry on top of a cake.Hotstar is started in 2015, The app which is a Netflix of India there are many shows and web-series is available and many shows added on a daily basis which attracts the people and also remains their user connected with the app.

As the popularity increase the user-base of the app also increase exponentially. And as this happens they try to make the business from this, the app. The company thoroughly succeeds in doing so. Now the app, introduce a different plan for the there user by offering different feature and a new way to enjoyment like introducing the number of web series and show for premium users and they also offer live matches so live that sometime some sports channel on TV show somewhat late than the app. BUT to enjoy this feature you need to have Hotstar Premium subscribed on your phone.

There are two Plan for the User

#1 Hotstar Premium (999rs Yearly/ 199rs Monthly): This plan includes all shows and web series which is under the premium banner and which will come in the future with

#2 Hotstar All Sports (299rs yearly): This plan offer user freedom to watch all types of sport live for one Year.

How to get Hotstar Premium for Free?

The tricks given below are full proof and used by our team and give 100% result in opening hotstar premium account free. There is a different method for gaining access to premium account like finding user id and password who have premium activated, by using jio sim card, by using a virtual credit card, using third-party app etc given below:-


Now, at this time, India is the most entertaining program on Premier League Hotstar. You can watch the IPL live match on the Hotstar app but now, the official app has given a time limit which is bothering a user. If you want to watch IPL matches without any issue, download the Premium APK Tap on the button below.

METHOD #2 Bugmeout website Get ID and PASSWORD

For gaining access to the premium account on Hotstar one must have the Login id and Password of someone who previously buys this plan. There are many different websites which allow the user to access some of this user id and passwordFree hotstarpremium account by Bugmeout website

  • Direct Visit bugmenot
  • Page open here asking for the website on which you want login and password.
  • Type in the search bar “” As you enter, the result appeared showing some
  • account id and passwords on which the premium is activated already.

This website provides many such ids and password for hotstar and another website like Netflix, Amazon Prime and another website where paid subscription is needed.


Free hotstar premium account


Now when the Jio come it change the whole outlook in India, the number of people using internet increase dramatically.with this Jio also trying to give there customers many other services like jio music for listening song, jio money a wallet, jio chat, jio cinema and jio TV in this jio is offering free TV shows on phone for all active jio user, but there are some limitation due to right buy by hotstar which is not available to buy for jio. In the solution to his jio is giving there user free hotstar premium account.

How to use Jio to get hotstar premium through Jio sim

  • Open jio TV app, search for some TV shows of Star Plus and click on that (
  •  This will redirect you to the hotstar app or if you don’t have then in play store to download the app.
  • Download the app if not downloaded, open the hotstar app again by the same method (from jio TV)
  • Hotstar login screen appears asking you to log in, log in with jio number OR Simply skip login it will automatically log in using Jio.
  • As Jio account login on other jio apps, you just want to skip on jio apps it login of its own by your number


Another method is to use Hotstar premium account is by using a virtual credit card, Generally, there is a free trial to such app for a month or two but for this you have to give your credit card details to the app to get a free trial. After free trial ends it automatically charge you money.
But for some, it proves the very great method to get premium-free for at least two months. Some use free virtual credit card app to access such content.

How can I get this Hostar premium for free

  • Open hotstar on your mobile sign up with new email and add all information needed.
  • Now search for any premium banner show, click on it. Now the app redirects you to premium plan page where you see the different plans.
  • But no problem, for the new user there is a free trial for a month or two, but you have to give your credit card detail to them.
  •  So what to do is, click on a free trial and filled credit card detail By Zeta App
  • Open, Play store search for “Zeta app” and download
  • sign in there and add 10rs to the wallet
  • Now you can access the Virtual credit card from here
  • Give this detail in Hotstar trail and pay 10 rs to zeta app once and you premium for 2 months free

After two months sign up once again with the new email account and again get a free trial for two months by using ZETA APP or any app which give you virtual credit card.


Using cookies is one of the methods to get Hotstar premium, many found this method a difficult one but it is as simple as other methods to do so follow the below instruction:

  • Open Chrome Browser from PC or Laptop and search for “Web developer extension”.
  •  Click on the first link and then on “Add to Chrome”, activate the extension.
  • Now open hot star site and from web extension delete the cookies of the site and add new cookies
  • New Cookies are the one which has Hotstar Premium account Activate information. Search for it on the internet there are many available on the dark web for free.


  • Using a third-party app is the best method to get premium shows. To do so follow the instruction below
  • directly download the videloder apk by tap below button
  • Open the app, the interface is very simple you see the hotstar logo there, click here
  • You see the hotstar site, search any premium content, click on it
  • It asked you for the premium account but no problem a small button at the bottom appears to click on it, processing happened.
  • Download windows open asked you the quality you want, click on any one and download premium content for free

METHOD #7 Hotstar Premium Account Username and Password

If not work below premium account then simply Asked me by email. This is the simplest method of all just asked me for a login and password for once by commenting in the comment box below. I have a Hotstar Premium Account with one-year subscription plan activated. So leave your email in a comment box and get an email.

Hotstar premium account List
 User Id    Password
[email protected] Doreen
[email protected] bibor9873
[email protected] gdrehyfb
[email protected] gdfgeesdre
NOTE: All above tricks are check well and in working condition before uploading the article but as all the mention tricks are not fully legal some of the above is brought down by Hotstar, so try every trick and comment about the trick which not working below to help other.

My Opinion

For sport enthusiastic person like me, who never want to miss a single match it is best to buy a premium legally without trying for different tricks or tips the reason is simple, as it only cost 200 rs for a year it a good deal. But for internet lovers who always want to see new series and shows its good to try one of the above links as 999 rs is more.