How to Find Someone’s location on Whatsapp?

Along with the advancement of technology, there are many things to which we have access. In the previous time, it was really difficult to track any person, but now, with the latest technology, you can track any person’s location on your fingertips. WhatsApp is the most common social media platform for chatting, calling, and much more, which also allows you to share your live location with someone.

There can be several reasons due to which you may require tracking the location of your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, or family member. There are several ways and third-party applications which allow you to track the location on WhatsApp. Today in this article, I am going to share those methods with the step-wise guide for tracking location or way to find someone location on Whatsapp

Let’s begin the guide without wasting time anymore. 

How to track the location of someone on WhatsApp

As I have already mentioned that several apps allow you to track location. You can either use the inbuilt feature of WhatsApp or opt for third-party applications. The methods to track location are as follows;

Method 1: Share your Live location

It is one of the easiest ways to share your location with anyone. WhatsApp has its own “Share location” feature that allows you to send your current location to any WhatsApp user. 

How to Share your live location on WhatsApp

  1. First of all, open the WhatsApp application. 
  2. Go to the chat of that person with whom you want to share your location. 
  3. Click on the attach file icon. 
  4. Select the option of location. 
  5. Choose the option of “share live location.” 
  6. Now, finally, choose the period for which you want to share your location and click on the send button. 
send location

After completing these steps, your location will automatically get shared with the person. See how easy it is! 

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Method 2: Finding the IP address

With the IP address of any device, it becomes to locate, and many third-party apps allow you to track the IP address of the desired device. One such app is InspectLet, and this app allows you to track the location of anyone with whom you are in contact on WhatsApp or facebook. The advantage of using this app is that you can get the exact live location of a particular person. The only drawback of this app is it is paid. You need to pay a good amount to track any person’s location. If you are very much concerned about someone, then you can give it a try. 

How to track location using InspectLet 

  1. Visit the official site of InspectLet “”
  2. If you do not have an account, then register on the website to create one. 
  3. Login to your account using login credentials. 
  4. You will get a unique tracking code. 
  5. Send this code to the person whose location you want to track. 
  6. Once the person clicks on the link, you will begin to get all updated locations along with other data. 
Find Someone's location on Whatsapp

By using this method, you can track the location of anything without actually letting them know that you are prying on them. 

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Method 3: By using Grabify IP Logger

It is also another website that tracks the location based on the IP address of the device. This website is free of cost to use, which is its main advantage. 

How to track location using Grabify IP Logger

  1. Copy a URL from any website. 
  2. Open
  3. Paste the URL in the box provided on the website. 
  4. Click on create URL
  5. A new URL will be generated, copy it, and send it to the person whose location you want to track. 
  6. After the person, open the URL, go to the Grabify page. 
  7. Refresh the page, and you will receive the IP address of the device. 
  8. Next, copy the IP address and open website 
  9. Paste the copied IP address in the given box and click on the option of IP Lookup
  10. It will provide you the exact latitude and longitude of a location. 
  11. Now, open Google maps and paste these coordinates one by one in the search bar with space. 
  12. Click on the search button, and you will receive the exact location of the person on Google map. 
Grabify Logger

It is a bit lengthy process, as it is free of cost, so I don’t think someone will mind giving their 5-10 minutes in completing the procedure. 

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Method 4: Command prompt

It is another method of tracking someone’s location on WhatsApp. If you are not having your mobile and what’s to track location, then this option will be best for you. For it, you need to open the WhatsApp web on the desktop. 

How to track location using Command prompt

  1. Open the WhatsApp web on your desktop using the barcode given in your WhatsApp mobile. 
  2. Except for the browser you are using, close all other apps from your desktop. 
  3. Now press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard. The task manager will open. 
  4. Press Win + R on your keyboard for the ‘Run’ function. 
  5. Type “cmd” in the box and click Enter. 
  6. A new dialogue box will appear, in command prompt type “netstat-an” and enter. Copy the IP address that you see on the screen before the closing tab. 
  7. Visit 
  8. To find location enter the IP address on the website. 

There are different websites that allow you to track the IP address. One other website is You are free to use any of the websites. 


If you want to keep an eye on the activity of your partner or children, then I think the above methods will be helpful to you. Despite all this, you may also need to track location due to sever reasons, either or to guide someone with the exact location or anything. To share your real-time location, I think the live location feature of WhatsApp is best, but if you want to track someone’s location without letting them know, then you may opt for our other methods. I hope that you like the post and it will help you with your desires. For any query comment down below, we will resolve it as soon as possible. 

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