How to Force the iPhone X to Reboot

For some reason, it forced you to reboot the iPhone X. So what steps can you take to reboot your iPhone X quickly? Did you know that? If not, this guide has given you two steps on how to reboot your iPhone X Device?

As Apple has come up with a new way to reboot the iPhone X compared to the previous iPhone model.iPhone X never has a Home button, so the longstanding method for force rebooting is not anymore possible with iPhone X.

How to reboot iphone x device

Now with the iPhone X, you can reboot using a button press button. We will explain these step-by-step instructions correctly, how you can reboot easily.

You also need to make sure that you press the button in the correct order as described, usually, if you press the button in the wrong order, the iPhone X will not reboot.

Also, have a look

Why do we have to reboot the iPhone X?

In your day, you spend a few minutes charging your smartphone. Sometimes it takes a long time for you to charge your mobile phone at 100%.

Did you know? that if you turn off your iPhone while charging, you can reduce battery charging time? According to one estimate, mobile phones are charged with an additional 40% speed, Which also saves you 40% of your time.

Sometimes our DEVICE does not respond. Which we call hung. Similarly, the iPhone X also hangs from time to time, which does not work. At that point, we have to reboot. So you need to know how to reboot the iPhone X

How to force iPhone X to restart

Smartphones are gadgets, but they also want some time to relax. If we continuously use our smartphone, they start to get heat. Heating in a smartphone makes your smartphone bad. So, Your iPhone needs some time to relax. To relax, the reboot is the best way.

If the normal reboot didn’t work for you, attempt a force reboot. A forced reboot is like a reboot that wipes more of the device’s memory, but not its storage. So don’t be anxious, you will not lose any data.

  1. Click the “Volume Up” key and quickly release it.
  2. Then click the “Volume Down” key and quickly release it.
  • To complete, press, and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
Video Guide

If you not understand then see the below video or Visit Apple Support Page

I’m curious to know how you rebooted your iPhone X So in the comments section below, let us know about your experience

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