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How to Enable 4G Mode iPhone X?

You have bought the new mobile of the iPhone X and do not know its basic settings, such as how to turn on 4g Mode, how to start Volte Mode. So in this post you will find the answers to all these questions

How to Find Someone’s location on Whatsapp?

Along with the advancement of technology, there are many things to which we have access. In the previous time, it was really difficult to track any person, but now, with the latest technology, you can track any person's location on your…

How to Use Tez like a chat Messenger ?

Tez is a mobile money transfer service which allows you to instantly transfer money between any two parties bank account, it was recently launched in India. It functions at the top of UPI (United Payments Interface) developed by NPCI…

How to get Free Flipkart Voucher For Shoping

Hello friends, what's up? I am back with an amazing post which is badly required for you. It is very interesting to get something for free. It is very enjoyable. Do you know what i am going to say? I just want to inform you the way to get…