How to Install Same App Multiple Time on Android Without Root

In this post, I am writing about how to Install Same App Multiple Time on Android devices without root.

There are more features and functions in Android.

Therefore, it gives full freedom to do anything with our Android device.

An Android user sometimes tries to replace his Android device with many tweaking and customization, and we always provide tutorials related to Android phones to make it better and better than the standard Android device.

The must of the Android user has tried to run same app  Android phones, but this is not easy to run multiple apps on Android phone.

It’s not easy to run but not impossible vice versa,  As well as know that there is nothing like impossible for Android. Android can do everything for you. This post helps you how to run the same apps twice android without rooting it.

Install one App Twice on Android Without Root

If you ever attempted to run multiple accounts of one app on your Android smartphone, then you should realize that this isn’t always as easy because it appears.

although there are many methods to make this trick possible for rooted Android devices, however, they’re very complicated. That’s why we determined to post this easy and simple technique to run more than one accounts of a single app for your device.

Method 1: By Parallel Space

Check full step by step tutorial from below. We have written each and every step with the screenshot, on how to use the Parallel app to install one app two times on rooted or non-rooted both Android devices.

Step-1: Download parallel Space from link and install it.

Step-2: Now open the apps and see the option like this   Tap on that .

Install Same App Multiple Time

Step-3: After click on this then show some apps which are installed on your device such as like below screenshot.

Install One App Twice on Android Without Root

Step-4: Now, for example, I want to choose YouTube App.

Install One App Twice on Android Without Root

Step-5: You’re Done! if do all step carefully. It will launch the Same app, with New Data, like you have installed an app just now.

Method 2: By Super clone Pro

Step-1: Download Super clone pro from link and install it.

Step-2: Now open the apps and see the option + icon here . select this and add a apps i am choosing fiver application.

image 1

Step-3:Then, the apps is starting and says “it may take a little longer for the first start.”

image 2

Step-4: After that a window is open . Setting this as your wise and run the apps .

image 3


All this is an easy technique that you can Install Same App Multiple Time on Android without root your smartphone on your Android device.

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