How to Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn On Or Charge Problem

Since you stumbled across this page, I am sure something wrong may have happened to your iPhone X. But don’t panic since we have you covered here. This article will introduce you to the causes why iPhone X won’t turn on and below are some practical ways by which you can fix the problem. Follow the below-given steps and it surely will help you.

iPhone X not booting is one of the commonly reported problems, and it happens to most people nowadays. You click the “Power” key on your iPhone and nothing happens, the display remains black.

Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn On

The Smartphone doesn’t react or just shows the Apple logo for a moment and then again turns off. We hope you’ll never face this problem. 

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However, if you’re reading this article, please keep in mind that the following solutions will surely revive your iPhone.

Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn On or Charge Problem

More often, “iPhone X won’t turn on” issue is caused by either a battery that is dead, a system malfunction, hardware problem, or corrupted firmware. All the issues can be rectified without difficulty. So let’s begin with the easy method. Try the methods below as you go along with this article, you never know which method might work for your iPhone X.

#1: Charge the Battery

  • Problem: Low battery
  • Fix: Plug your iPhone X for charging

The primary elucidation is the simplest and the most evident one. If your iPhone X doesn’t turn on, it’s most likely that the battery has been drained out, try to charge its battery unless you are completely sure that there is ample of charge left.

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Plug your iPhone X into your PC, laptop, power bank, or a wall charger. Wait for at least 30 minutes. Let your iPhone X charge until it turns on, or until it’s completely charged.

#2: Try a Force to Restart on your iPhone X

  • Problem: System malfunction
  • Fix: Reboot your iPhone.

If the normal switch on didn’t work for you, attempt a Force To Restart. A Force To Restart is like a reboot that wipes more of the device’s memory, but not its storage. So don’t be anxious, you will not lose any data.

Way of restart iPhone X

By taping the green button and know how to do it.

If your iPhone X still doesn’t work correctly, shift to the subsequent method.

#3: Look into your Charging Cable

  • Problem: Charging cable is flawed.
  • Fix: Try a different charger.

If the battery doesn’t charge, disconnect your device and look at the connection at the bottom of your device and ensure it’s free of debris. Look into the power outlet; it may not be operating.

Finally, go for another USB cable, USB power adapter, or a USB port. It’s wise to use only certified lightning cables and chargers, as low-cost Chinese accessories might not be supported by your device.

#4: Restore iPhone X to Factory Settings by using iTunes

  • Problem: Firmware Issue.
  • Fix: Restore your device.

Note that this action can delete all of your data and content from your iPhone, as well as songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar information. So, don’t forget to make a copy of your iPhone data from time to time to be on the safe side.

To restore an iPhone to factory settings, you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Make sure you have got the newest version of iTunes.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer through the cable that came with it.
  3. Choose your device when it appears on iTunes.
  4. Find the Restore iPhone button and click on it. restore iphone x
  5. Now you simply need to restore your iPhone to factory settings and erase all information and content. iTunes can download the device firmware file and restore your iPhone.

After your Smartphone is restored to factory settings, it should restart.

#5: Look For any Physical or Liquid Damage

  • Problem: Physical or Liquid Damage.
  • Fix: Inspection of your iPhone X

For those of us who’ve dropped our iPhones and escaped with it, iPhones are robust for them. And Folks whose iPhones stopped functioning after they showered it in the rain, iPhones are delicate for them. Drops and spills can cause damage that prevents iPhones from turning on.

Water damage is menacing and unpredictable. A spill from seven days back can make an issue happen today for the first time. A drop of water got in the charging port and your iPhone won’t charge, yet your friend spilled a glass of water on his iPhone and it works fine, and swiftly, we hear stories like this regularly.

Do a visual examination of the outside of your iPhone, is there any damage? On the off chance that it’s minor, Apple may overlook it and replace your iPhone under warranty.

Summary: It’s the Moment to Wrap it up

This article supplies you with 5 ways to fix the iPhone X not turning on issue. By this point, I am sure you must have found why your iPhone won’t turn on and the steps to be taken if your iPhone needs to be repaired or not.

On the off chance that it helped you, if it’s not too much trouble, please share it with your friends, particularly on the grounds that such a large number of different articles out there are loaded with incorrect information regarding this matter. I’m intrigued to find out about your involvement with investigating and how you settled your iPhone X in the comments section below.

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