Is Grammarly Safe To Use ?

I am an old user of Grammarly, so I think I do have some of my own experiences relating to the privacy concerned issues regarding the use of Grammarly services, which may horrify you at the first place and can make you think twice before using it again in future.

It’s an unbiased review of Grammarly based on my own experiences and also some major data breaches in which Grammarly is involved.

I’m presenting this Grammarly review to answer the most asked and serious question;

  1. Is Grammarly safe to use?
  2. Are you a frequent Grammarly user and can’t resist using it?
  3. And yet, you are concerned about Grammarly security?
  4. Are you not convinced if Grammarly reliable enough for you?
  5. Have you felt questioning either Grammarly is safe to use or not?

So sit tight I have all the questions covered for you, I have been utilizing Grammarly services for last 2 year and let me elaborate you briefly about how skillful and safe Grammarly is!

Is Grammarly Safe?

Because Grammarly process each and every phrase you write, being anxious about privacy security while utilizing is not a shocking matter.

To get a better and brief understanding about whether the Grammarly is secure or not, taking a look at its “Privacy Policy” might answer all your queries.

Grammarly Privacy Policy states

If you have ever visited the Grammarly’s Privacy Policy Page, you would come across something like this; You can simply read their privacy policies and can understand how much secure your data is.

is grammarly Safe

They publicly showcase their statement that they can’t guarantee 100% safety and security of their data, and users themselves are acknowledging at their own uncertainty. This website and the desktop program also track the users, Geographic location on the earth from where you are running your Smartphone or Computer, and the language you communicate with.

Grammarly website and the desktop program gather and receive the type hardware and the software you are utilizing, the data obtained from the cookies. On top of that, if you sign into the Grammarly from your Facebook or Google+ account, they will also gather your basic data from respective social media platforms.

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More particularly, any content or article you type on Grammarly, you give Grammarly full rights and access to use it for development and improvement of algorithms behind the software and the services.

Grammarly collects every bit of information it can gather from you, records all of your keystrokes and then examines the content to find and suggest the errors so you can fix them.

Grammarly doesn’t assure 100% safety of the data sent to them by the user. The users should acknowledge their “Privacy Policy” conditions at your own risk.

After taking a look and analyzing the Grammarly Privacy Policy, it’s pretty sure that the Grammarly website and the desktop program are ridiculous if we only consider Privacy. Grammarly collects every bit of information across you does on their website and the desktop program. So, if the Privacy of your content and data is considered, I would never suggest Grammarly.

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Anyhow, if I told you genuinely, the privacy of the user and their information is unimaginable on the internet. Also, the big giant’s tech companies like Google, Facebook, and all other social media platforms have a tight hold of your information in their hand. If you think about this in a broader perspective, Grammarly gathering and accumulating your data is not something new.

At the beginning of this year, during February, there is a mass leak of information from Grammarly, so watching such events happening all around the globe, we can’t just blind eyed trust such services.

There must be a lot of user’s private data which is leaked which they don’t even have any idea of. This is what makes us think about these services before using them. You can see the image below.

is grammarly Safe

How To Keep Grammarly Account Secure?

Everybody is pretty attentive to the security of their Grammarly account. So, here I present to you our suggestions for keeping your Grammarly account and its data safe. To increase the security & safety of your account you can take measures given below:

#1) Disable Grammarly Web Extension

However, you can use Grammarly for simple stuff, but if you are going to type something confidential information I would suggest you disable the plug-in and once you are done, you can enable it back again. Just don’t neglect to re-open or refresh the page just to be secure.

  1. Right-click on the plug-in
  2. Then Click on Manage Extensions
is grammarly safe image 1
  1. Then Toggle the switch off and you are good to gois grammarly safe image 2

#2)Make a strong password and keep changing it frequently

  • Your password is a most significant piece of data that makes your account secure. To assure that your account is safe, we recommend you using a password that is:
  • 8 characters long.
  • Should Include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Should not be a phrase in the dictionary, Someone’s name, or other private data like a birthday, postal address, or anniversary etc.

You should always be aware if you ever receive a message regarding, asking you for this or any other private data. And you’re not sure about a link in a message, you can always move your cursor over the link to see where it will take you (you’ll see the real, linked URL address at the bottom of most browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer).

#3)Report security flaws to Grammarly Support

If you think you’ve detected safety flaw on the Grammarly website or app, we firmly appreciate you to inform them as rapidly as possible through a support ticket and do not reveal the flaw to the masses till it is solved. They are going to appreciate your assistance and will review all your reports and will do their best to address the issue within a reasonable time frame.

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