Join Wechat groups using QR code on 2024

Hello friends, in this post we are a list about the  WeChat group QR code, which is used and joins the unlimited group.We chat a popular messaging app. Many of user use this due to its a lack of features.So, Somes are experienced about this apps.Also, you have known the Whatsapp release the new group link features for join more group without admin permission.Same as the Whatsapp, We chat have provided new group chat joining Features, i.e., WeChat group QR code. Share the Wechat QR code to your friends or web and add more friends using We chat QR code group.

wechat group qr code

What are We chat QR code group?

We chat user, stay connected with each other by their chat group. For joining more and more friends then need  Wechat group QR code. Some feature WeChat QR code of a group.

  • Join We chat user without admin permission.
  • You can share Group QR code and add more friends.
  • Add more friends without any
  • Very easy to Just Scan QR code and add quickly to the group.
  • All user join if they use any platform device like Android, Windows, Symbian, iOS,

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How to make Wechat group chat QR code.

For make you’re, we chat group full of members, then very necessary to make group QR code.So cause the group chats QR code just look out below procedure.

  • First, install WeChat app. If already Installed your device then skip it.
  • Open apps and you see the top corner right side ‘+’icon just tap on that.
  • Now you see like options New chat, add contacts, Scan QR code, etc.
  • After that choose the New chat options, then Add more friends to device contact list.
  • When do the 3 step then see the WeChat group QR code.
  • Share the QR code and invite your friends to join more members.
qr code Wechat

How to scan QR code and join group on we chat

The We chat group maximum of 100 users can scan a group QR Code and participate in a group, but very necessary thing the team owner previously invited to the group if the security on the group. When a group full of  100 members in the group chat, you can`t join the group by scanning the group QR Code.

  • First  Open the apps >> click on [+] icon >>Scan QR code options .
  • Now visit our blog and join by Scan Group QR Code.
Scan qr code


  1. Once a  group reaches 100 members, never enter more member.To link more member upgrade your we chat.
  2. There are  100 members accede to the group by scanning the group QR Code.
  3. If the admin of group has activated the”Verify invitation,” the new member could not be added using QR code.

 Wechat Group QR code list

Firstly read the all about group QR code and get the idea to join a group chat. The last post we write the article Join unlimited  Telegram channel only use the link but today write Wechat QR code Indian group.Let’s start the Main thing of the post we share the group QR code list on below scan this code and join more group.

Android Group code

new Wechat group qr code
chandan group

Fun  group

Tech India 

tech india wechat qr code

Girl group 

wechat girl group qr code

Fun Duniya Qr code 

fun duniya

Important Note:-

If you Join any Group, but this group is already full of the member, then you can’t participate in this group.So, Guys, this situation send your phone number to comment box.Because this post is added new group link daily and the old group is deleted if this is full of a participant.

If you want to share your Wechat group qr code, then send QR code email on our gmail [email protected] sure put your group Qr code on this post as soon as possible.


This post-Wechat group QR code joins list More than is very hard to write by me. It is taken for four days to write this post. I sure you the post is excellent you must be like that. If you free then share this post to your friend. Thank you for visiting.

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