Best WhatsApp Broadcast List to Join Today(2020)

WhatsApp is popular than before,” when the developer makes the group link system.If you have used the WhatsApp or currently using it, then you know about the broadcast.WhatsApp broadcast is an amazing way to send multiple messages at once. WhatsApp show is innovative to message broadcasting industry.So today I am going to share the best WhatsApp broadcast List to join today.

Sharing a message with a large number of members is called Broadcasting. But, the WhatsApp have changed the way of broadcasting. You can add up to 256 participate in a broadcast and send the unlimited message to the recipient.Also, make same name broadcast List unlimited time.Anyone can add the WhatsApp broadcast  just the problem is saving your WhatsApp number.To join our List of Top broadcast list then read the below step.


Before going to read the broadcast List just a look about how can make the new broadcast link for on Android, iOS, and Windows Smartphones.

iPhone: Lunch the WhatsApp and tap chart bottom right of your screen.Now tap Broadcast list on the left of your screen and create new broadcast List.

Now you can send messages to multiple contacts at once without starting a chat.This is the way; you can make the many chats at once.

Android: To create WhatsApp broadcast on Android first open the app and go to chat screen menu button and choose new WhatsApp show then tap on a + icon and selects a recipient from your contact list.

Windows Phone: To create broadcast List on Windows device open the WhatsApp and tap 3 dot line now you see the broadcast List, and tap + icon Add new broadcast lists screen after complete that tap on add recipient to your contact list.


There are thousands of broadcast List in WhatsApp available on the web with different languages. But, here I have listed some best broadcast List WhatsApp joins for the best topic.First Read the below note.

# Celebrity
Participate: 4.5k+
Details: This is the top broadcast List who shares Celebrity’s news like cricketer, Bollywood actress and Hollywood star image and story.

# Fun World
Participate: 3.6k
Details: This is one of the top broadcast List for fun and funny video. It provides daily funny videos and funny things like image, jokes, etc.

#Recharge Tricks
Participate: 2.6k+
Details: This is provided free recharge tricks broadcast List. It helps you to instant free recharge tips.

# Tech websites
Participate: 2k+
Details: If you are searching for technology tips and tech related tips then this broadcast surely helps you. So this also the best broadcast List WhatsApp.

# Unknown facts
Details: It continues to send messages to know the Unknown fact around the world and help to increase knowledge.

# Girl image
Participate: 1.8K+
Details: Are you a boy? , if yes then this List is perfect to get a beautiful girl image.

# Sicker Broadcast
Details: Do you want best WhatsApp sticker for your friends of groups, then this list is for you.

# United Kingdom.
Participate: 1.7K+
Details: This is one of the best broadcast for the UK and our country.It provides the news of UK and US.

# Hindi Jokes
Participate: 1.6k+
Details: This channel sends you daily Hindi jokes. To make life happy.

# Android tips
Participate: 1.5k+
Details: This is one of the best broadcast WhatsApp List for news about Android. It mentions the new Android gadgets features and price, new game, new apps and free apps, etc.

#Learn English
Details: It’s all about English grammar..Get daily contents related to grammar related tips.

Note: – First  save our  Official broadcast number 9556299065 and Send a Simple message to this number ,just type with  your favorite broadcast name .

All the above are best WhatsApp broadcast list to join. If you have any suggestion about this list, then write your comments and touch with this blog.If you want to share your broadcast, just write the phone number and broadcast name and details through comment box.

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