Best Kik Groups Link Collection 2024 ( 300+ List)

About 300 million above user register on Kik messenger. So, you know the popularity of Kik messenger. This messenger is developed on the Canadian country but it spared all over the world. A question is coming in your mind to find  Kik groups and join on it, but you cannot get it joins link, which is the most searchable topic on the web. So in this post, we write about the public groups that can be easy to join all people and make worldwide friends,

The Groups feature is handy for kik members. Now you can join any group without need any admin permission. So Kik group codes functions are started a lot of people started searching for kik group chat codes on the Internet. Woohoo, this so cool! Many people are very interested in joining a lot of groups on KIK and Telegram too. Well, this article is only related to Kik only, so we will not talk about Telegram groups, here. We have recently share Kik groups list link for joining.

Before go to join kik public groups just look at the how to join a group option. Just follows the below guide.

kik groups link

In this article, we are going to share a big collection and I think you must like this collection as it took lots of time and efforts to collect them from various sources. There are many people search for kik chat codes on the Internet.

So, I decided to share Adult, Gays, Technology; Funny, friends related Groups collection all at one place. And also tell you How to Join groups using scan group links? So that, you don’t have to worry about this.

How to Join Kik Groups Using link?

  • First, scroll down and see a lot of group link.
  • Then choose your favourite group, and tap on the link.
  • New window open and see a lot of apps.
  • now, see the kik apps section and tap on and click join groups! That’s done.

What is a kik group?

Kik is simply a messaging app which is used by the user to interact with other people. It is a place where we make new friends. Kik is not like other application it is more than it. On the app, you need to take a username no phone number or other details required. Just by using your username you can communicate with other people on the app.

what is kik group

On the app, you can share your pictures, videos. More than 100 million users are available on the app only by this you understand the popularity of the app. A user can also create chat rooms to start a communication with more members.

You can find many chat room on the app. Some bots or brands run these chat rooms. It is a place from where you can promote your brand and tell the user about the product.

To find a chat room you can search the name of the group or using the hashtag. This app is a useful app available for all smartphone. The app has many useful features. The chat room is one of the best feature present in the app.

Best Kik Groups Link join

I have show on social media many people like to join in large number group. Don’t know why, but some of them want to make their post advertising purpose, Make friendship goal, get the more fun idea, etc.

Note – Join the below List At Your Own Risk. We Are Not Responsible For Anything. You can Share Your Group Link and group Kik code in Comment Section. We, Will, Add It As Soon As Possible.

In the below, we share them in categories wise format. if you want to join this then just need to choose a suitable category.


On social media, the most favourite topic is public video, public joke, etc. A lot of people get involved in this type of area. If you like to engage this type area, then only use the below list.

  • Kik 2021
  • Kik Duniya
  • Kik Public
  • Kik Public Duniya
  • Melbourne
  • Music
  • Ukfin dommes
  • Idk
  • Theatre Techies

kik trade groups

kik Good list

Technology is changing day to day because the world can be changeable. If you were interested in touch with a new update good technology related group, then these good groups are must help you.

Near me Groups

On August first week Sunday celebrate the friendship day worldwide. So, why can’t make our friends broadly all around the world? If like that area then the below kik invite link is only for you.

Singles Groups for Kik 

 kik chat codes

If you are a boy or man person, this kik  group code is beneficial. Because on below these are only boys kik codes for joining.

Dirty menu Adult codes
YouTube Adult Kik codes

How to Scan group codes?

  • Open the Home page kik application. After that
  • Tap on + Icon
  • Now, just click on scan kik codes.
  • Point your device’s camera at the above  Kik Code and join

Now, you can repeat this process for again and again and join many groups without any limit. Isn’t it a simple method?

Make a kik public group?

The public group on the app is a useful place to interact. It is quite simple to create a public group. Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a public group. Remember to download and install your app before following the rules.


Open the kik app on your Android or ios smartphone. Click on the + icon given below of your screen.

make a kik group


On taping, you can see the public group option. Click on public group option.

Kik groups for public

Step- 4

On the next step click on the + icon.

group for kik


Choose a name for your group.  Tap start is given on the top right corner of the screen.Upload a picture on your group.


On the next screen, your public group create and you can now start chatting in it.

kik groups list

If there was a public group on the app more users, get attracted to it. It is because they do not need to take permission from admins. There are no restrictions on a public group this is why user prefer public group most than any private group.

There are many benefits of using these public chat. Many users create a public group to increase their website views. To promote any products and there are many positive benefits to the public group.

Disclaimer – All the groups are public but some restriction by admin if share any spammy content then you can auto remove by admin. we know the kik group link is useful for us for any type of sharing information to our friends. Join groups at your own risk. we are not responsible for anything happens in groups. It’s Your Responsibility To Keep Clean Your Group From Spam. .

Thanks for visiting, if you want to share your own kik groups list collection then share by our comment section. I sure put the link on the above post.

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