How to make a Snapchat Filter ? (4 New Method )

The Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile apps. It is giving a lot of cool features so; it can spread all over the world. But, it is more popular in the united state.

The main principle of Snapchat is sharing your image or any else a short of time. In the Snapchat features to come of that is make your own Snapchat filter. So guys, in this post I am writing about the topic of how to make a Snapchat filter for free.

There are a lot of blogs which provided the make your Snapchat filter by pay something’s, means you can get your own filter for a waste of some money. The money is the king of our life so we can not spend money on such type of messaging tool. So friends in the below we share a cool guide which must help you to make your Snapchat filter entirely free.

How to make you own Snapchat Filter

Before go to make a  Snapchat filter let’s understand its some features. The Snapchat is helping to people connected each other in private, and ability to send a photo, short video, live video chat and saving necessary chat information through a press on a message.

How to make create own Snapchat filter For Free

We are also read the above features and the Snapchat guide, let’s forever that and we come up the main n topic on below step to step guide for making your filter.

#1: Make Snapchat Filter by Online Websites

a) Canav Geofilter

  • First, go to the Canva Geo filter
  • After visiting completely the sign-up process either Facebook or Google+.
  • After that click on “Start Designing a Snapchat Geofilter”
  • Now, choose a Canva layout, simply drag a layout and drop Edit board.
  • If you are not interested in using any layout, click on below upload button and upload your own image.
  • Also, you can use to enable more design then use Element, text, and background.
  • See the below video to better understand how to make own  Snapchat filter.

b) PicsMonkey Filter

  • First Go to the PicsMonkey filter
  • After visiting above site complete the signup process.
  • Again choose any layout or upload your own image.
  • Now, design a new mode using the Element, text, and background.
  • If you do not understand my guide then see the below video it must help you.

#2: Make Snapchat Filter By Android Device

a) Filter for Snapchat with face apps

  • First, download the filters for Snapchat with face app on apkpure.
  • After install complete, open the apps. Now, you can see the three option one file manager, camera and love icon.
  • Just tap on File manager and upload your image.
  • Now you can edit the picture use emotion icon and another element.
  • Finally, save the image and share this photo with your friends.

b) Snappy Photo filters

  • On the above android application guide. Use the same method.
  • Download snappy photo filter app on play store.
  • After install complete open the apps you can see three option gallery icon, camera icon, image, and love icon.
  • Only use the photo icon and choose an editable image on a gallery.
  • Now, edit the picture using emotion, type of effect, tags, text and finally download it.

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c) Using snappy photo filters Stickers

  • Install the Snappy photo filters stickers app on Google play store.
  • When installing complete, open the app.
  • Now, you see the two option gallery and camera.
  • Chose any one and opened an image for edit.
  • The apps say to resize your image and complete the resize.
  • On the next page, it says to use the suitable stickers.
  • After that download your Snapchat filter image.

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d) Photo Editor collage maker pro

  • First, you need to install the photo editor collage maker pro on your Android device.
  • When opening this app, you can see the more option like size, collage, mirror, shape, etc.
  • Choose the option size and use an image.
  • Now, edit the image and own Snapchat filters photo.

#3: Make Snapchat Filter By iPhone Device

a. official Snapchat apps

  • First, download the Update Snapchat app on the apple store.
  • After open go to the setting on an app.
  • Now, go to manage option and see a lot of option these are Smart filters, visual filters, Front Fashing flash, Replay, Special Text, etc.
  • Enable the 5 option and take an image, now you make a Snapchat filter on the iPhone device.

b) Cam Cam App

  • Download the Cam Cam selfish app on the app store.
  • Now, open the apps and upload your own image.
  • Edited the images a make new look.
  • After, complete the image you can able to make a Snapchat filter.

c) Faceswap app

  • If you use an iPhone and want to make your Snapchat filter then these apps is helpful.
  • Because this Faceswap app is using edit your face expression and make it a new look.
  • So, I recommended you to use this to make Snapchat filters.

# 4: Make Snapchat Filter Used PC

You can easily make a Snapchat filter using your PC and window. Just need to any photos editing software like Photoshop. The Photoshop software is the best option to make the own filter. There is a lot of cool guide on YouTube.


Finally says, to my dear friend I sure you must be enjoying the post how to make a Snapchat Filter. if you feel any issue with this post then comment on below, I will try to quickly replay as soon as the possible.