Best Malayalam Telegram Channels And Group List

Time has changed and we are also matching our steps over time. We are now in the 21st century and modern society. We are close to our family and friends with the help of social media.

We are getting knowledge and education in the manner of entertainment. So friends what are you looking for? I know that you are searching for a way to entertain. So I’m back with a wonderful post. This Best Malayalam Telegram Channels And Group Link.

Telegram is now a gift for all the youth. It was mere speculation 5 years ago. Due to the telegram, we are now engaged in love bonding with each other. It is playing an important role in life.

We always expect good. Through telegram, you are close to your love. You can chat with your friends in an interesting way. It’s really entertaining. You will not be bored at all. This is a way of living life. You can stay in a telegram.

Malayalam Language

About Malayalam Language

Malayalam is a famous language spoken by south Indian people. It is a Dravidian language. Malayalam is the language of Kerala state. According to 2011 census, 35 million people speak Malayalam. It is originated from Tamil. You know Malayalam is the 22 schedule language of India.

It was declared the classical language of India in 2013. Malayalam is the official language of Kerala, Lakshadweep, and Puducherry. The language is very old and famous all over India. It is used in both spoken and official language in India.

What Is Malayalam Group?

Malayalam group is very interesting and amazing. It is free to join and fabulous to chat. It for Kerala people as well as all people of the world. So friends, if you are interested to join telegram group, read the full article. Here you will get great groups link.



What are Malayalam Channels?

We are Known That the Malayalam language is the mother tongue of Kerala State. So, All Kerala people use the Malayalam language for conversation.

Some telegram channels operate open channels using local Malayalam language to help telegram users. This list is called Malayalam Telegram Channel.

Telegram Malayalam Channels and Group
Telegram Malayalam Channels and Group

Updated Telegram Malayalam Channel

1.Malayalam Movies

Malayalam Movies is a Malayalam Channel. The Malayalam film industry is a great industry to entertain its people. This channel is similar to entertainment and provides direct film via broadcast

2.Malaylam Music 

The Malayalam music channel shares all type of Malayalam Songs (devotional, rock, classic etc .). The Mp3 quality is 320kbps.It gave direct download link in both zip and mp3 format.

3.Mollywood Diaries

In this channel you get movie critique cinema news, gossips, short films, movie songs and video clips. If you want this, then hit the subscribe button below..


Similar to the Mollywood Diaries, this channel posts film news, actress news with an image. You can follow it using the “SUBSCRIBE” button.

5.MUST READ (വായിക്കൂ)

Last time we share the best telegram channels, but this channel help you to find the new Malayalam book in various forms such as PDF, txt, docx etc.

6.Malayalam Troll Pics

This is image cahnnel . it is share mames related images to their particiapnt . Do you need this then hit on subscribe button .

7.Gif Shop (Gif കട)

Make a lot of wallpaper arranged and gif. This channel gives the name of A-channel Jif store. Here you find Malayalam gif.

8.NewsHead [Malayalam]

Do you like reading news in your own language? If yes, then this telegram channel gives news in Malayalam .It provided all type of news such as  politics, education, health, sports etc..

Telegram Group Malayalam List

Are you ready to join Malayalam group? I know you are excited to join the group. You want to enjoy group chatting. It is really a fantastic experience to chat with new friends.

In life, we always try new things. We love to chat with new friends. Telegram is giving you the best facilities to stay connected with new friends. You can make friends with people all over the world. But it is important to join the best telegram group.

To enjoy more and do entertainment you have to join more and more groups. Here you can chat with Kerala people. You may learn Malayalam from them. If you want to know the tourists place in Kerala you can ask them. Really it is the best platform.

So friends for you I have worked hard. I have collected the best Malayalam group link. Here I want to share you the link. Just choose the best for you.

1.Malayalam Freind Club

This group is mainly focused on the purpose of friendship. Join this group and befriend a new Malayalam member.

2.Kerala World

Some people in Kerala have to work outside the state. To remember their state culture, our team members made this group. Click on the black button below and join the group

3.Malayalam Moviez

Malayalam Moviez is avideo-based team. Only Malayalam film is uploaded by the user. If you join this group and share the  another language movie, then the group bot will exclude you from this group

Telegram Malayalam Channels And Group FAQ

How can I get into Malayalam Telegram Groups?
This Post Is best for you
What are some Telegram groups in Malayalam?
On the above, we write the best Three Malayalam group 1. Malayalam Freind Club 2. Kerala Worl 3. Malayalam Moviez
What are the famous telegram channels and groups in Malayalam?
In, my suggestion famous channels Mollywood Diaries and group Freindclub
In which group in Telegram Malayalam movies?
Malayalam Moviez

The post was dedicated for kerala people and for those who loves the language malayalam. I hope you will enjoy it. I presented you best telegram malayalam channels and group. I think it will be helpful for you to know more things about kerala. You can learn malayalam language. If you want to join more groups like this write us on comments box. I will be back with more telegram group. Thanks..

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