One Word Instagram Captions For Best Friends

Writing an Instagram caption is pretty much an art of work. It’s something that brings quality to your post and makes it more likable.

Sometimes we think that shorter captions are decent to highlight our photos more, as, for the minimalists, less is better. So here are few one-word captions you can utilize with your picture before it goes live online.

One word Instagram captions? I’m sure you might be thinking that how one-word captions are a caption, YES? And yes, it is a real fact that one word Instagram captions are the modern trend. Our youngsters and Instagram-freak audience mainly utilize it.

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Writing a short Instagram caption is an even massive struggle, but the real art demands time. And sometimes, it just take s little too much time. Although sometimes you won’t even have the energy to think of the perfect, clever phrase that captures what you are trying to convey and heightens your photo game.

one word Instagram captions

Life becomes much simpler if you could have the collection of the right caption at your fingertips whenever you want it. Well, here you go. Here’s a list of the best 140+ one word Instagram captions for every mood and post

 One Word Instagram Captions

Sometimes we don’t want to read a long sentence. So if a single one word is appropriate instead of long line then why we do not use the single one word? Yes you are right, you have to choose one word that will more than a line.

We have a little time. We are always busy so we don’t need a long line or paragraph to read and understand that. So definitely you want a single one word to use. One word can explain your feelings you hold. But that word should be more effective and interesting.

So friends don’t be worry because we are here to help you, only one word will be sufficient. We are providing you so many appropriate and amazing words that will be best for your photo and your feelings. Now it’s your duty to choose a word and use it in your instagram. So one word instagram captions are here for you. Let’s start and enjoy using these.

wow!! Interesting.

Exactly, you are.

great and grand.

superb my friend.

seriously awesome

What a look!


yeah, surprising.

definitely, you are.

creative, really good.


wahh, attractive.

oh my God.

God bless you.

stay blessed.

so nice.

impressive, i like it.

right, yes.

What? Is it.

How are you?

No word to express.

well done, good.

keep it up.

keep smiling.

be happy.

how lucky you are.

excuse me.

please smile.

wonderful, yes.

wow, amusing.



so hot.

Very nice.

yeah, really fantastic.

more attractive.

I love you.

I like you.

l love us.

just chill.

Be cool and calm.

everything is ok.

right, you are right.

you are incredible.

most romantic one.

first crush.

my life.


logic thing.

My heart, my life.

you are one and only.

Just for you.

most handsome.

cute baby.

sweet, so sweet.

how good.

magical moments.

awesome photo.

keep patience.

save tree.

Happy birthday.

Be smart.

looking gorgeous.

natural beauty.

hot pic.

good for health.

do or die.

nothing special.

very fine.

I am just kidding.

very intelligent dear.

so nice dress.

wow! Impressive.

I am impressed.

trust me.

feel my love.

hi, darling.

you are my sweetheart.

my dear.

so special.

yes, very traditional.

beautiful nature.

attractive smile you have.

you are my angel.

my baby, my boyfriend.

My parents, my God.

my little sister.

my small brother.

complete family.

what a movie!

very entertaining.

really enjoyable.

Hey, sweetie.

Sunday special.

Dinner with friends.

on sea beach.

in restaurants.

most tasty.

party tonight.

lets enjoy.

Selfie time.

what a story!!

How much interesting.

awesome, awesome.

you are practical.

on the way.

in plane.


sleeping with dream.

You are nice.

very good.

well said.

yor are butterfly.

looking like stars.


simply nice.

so simple.

What a click.

nice earrings.

cute girl.

not available.

hey, i am here.

just typing..

listing song.

enjoying my special moments.

A day with my partner

going for a tour.

in hill station.

come and join me.

how i am looking??

hey friends, i am back.

going for long drive.

having fun with friends.

late night party.

enjoying bachelor life.

so smart friends.

my book, my friends.

Really a great collection is here. Variety of word used for you. A word will be surely enough for you with photos. Don’t use a long line to make boring. A small word is perfect for your photo.

Upload it for more like and comment. I know what you are searching for a long time, we came with that. So let’s enjoy one-word caption for Instagram.

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