Top 11 phone lock app that takes pictures for Android

Do you suspect your friends or family of unlocking your phone device? while you’re not present in that place, but haven’t you proven that? For catching the person who tries to unlock your device with proof not possible some month ago.

 But this time app developers make some tight security apps that take a picture when you put the wrong unlocking code of your device through the front camera. Sometimes you can try to search for apps that detect the lost device.

This type of issue I solve in this post. In this post, I am showing the top 10 Phone Lock App That Takes Pictures For Android that helps to find the best app for the job.

Millions of users use Android smartphones because of it’s low price, impressive features, strong security and it’s OS having a proper specification. When the name comes security takes an important role, So I write the best phone lock apps that take pictures of those who try to unlock your device, without knowing you?

A question erased your mind: Why write a top 10 phone lock app that takes pictures for Android? Now, I share my personal experience; when I have searched these type apps on the web, I found a lot of apps that take pictures. However many apps are not working properly. I  lost a lot of data and time. So I shared the best phone lock app that takes pictures.

Best phone lock app that takes Pictures for Android

In this below, I write some important apps, which are like a hidden eye that takes pictures that try to unlock your mobile without your permission.If you are anxious about the security in your smartphone then must be trying to use the below application.  If you think about it, these apps can also help you find lost or stolen phones and send the pictures to Google Drive as well as location.

1)CM Security

phone lock apps that takes pictures

You already know the CM Security app but can you know how to use it to catch the snooper? This app is an inbuilt Intruder Selfie System.

Use this app to capture an image when detecting any wrong unlocked options. Also, many features are available on this app like App lock; Clear data browser fingerprint unlocked, etc. as it one of the best phone lock apps with photo capture for your device.

Small tutorial how to ON Intruder Selfie on CM Security App?

  1. First, open the app and enable accessibility then create an AppLock pattern type.
  2. After making the pattern then go to menu option which lies top right corner click on that
  3. Now you see the advanced security options just click on that.
  4. Then scroll down and see the incorrect code entries set how many number wrong unlocked code entries to capture pictures.

2)Hidden Eye

phone lock apps that takes pictures

The app’s many features, but it was mainly Target a specific aim of capture image and alerts alarm when the other person used your device to unlock and put an invalid password or pattern. This app Snap picture by the front camera on your Android device. As it is the best phone lock app with the best security for android.

This application is having a complaint about when uninstalling it.

3)Third Eye

phone lock apps that takes pictures

The Third Eye app also a  phone lock app that takes pictures. Their Eye is simple apps and very easy to used. It simply takes pictures when someone fails to unlock the phone and store the image into photo location of this apps.

This apps are run in the background and take a snapshot if it detected the wrong pin or pattern of an entered. It shows a notification when you enter the wrong attempt. Another feature shows the last unlock time.

One disadvantage of this app is it shows many ads when you connect to the Internet.The Third Eye app available in both free and pro option.

If you use free small banner ads, show the side of these apps. It is also the best phone locks app that takes pictures. For another more feature look out the below to alternative.

4)Crooked catcher – Anti-thief

phone lock apps that takes pictures

These apps give a chance to reclaiming your stolen smartphone. These apps are same as hidden eye features. Because the app catches, when someone tries to unlock your device with the wrong password and then takes a picture.The apps detected when you Sim change and send a message to mail.

The main disadvantage of these apps bugs can’t match Samsung Galaxy S5 device firmware, so it fails to run.

5) Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

best phone lock app that takes pictures

The Lockwatch- Thief-catcher is available both free and pro version. If you want Download For the free version, then download it on the play store. But if you unlocked the pro version just pay 4.99. The main thing of this app is it sends a message and photo to your email when you enter any wrong pin.

The fingerprint you get a lot of additional features that keep your device protected any moment. Mainly it is the best phone lock app that takes pictures for Android devices. The app brings in the detect SIM change and force to power off which will send an email to the owner.

You also take many snaps and record a 20-second sound clip using the microphone. Out of all the features, the impressive thing is the app works offline. The app retries and sends an email if an Internet connection becomes available.

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6) Intruder Selfie


Intruder Selfie can be found on play store and free. It allows capture image which has tried to unlock your device without your can view the picture in the gallery.

A small guide for you to active Intruder Selfie. First, open the apps and click arrow bar then Authorize the accessibility, now set pictures count.  After do that the apps are activated on your mobile device.

7)Intruder Photo Log


Intruder photo tag is helping Make sure your device is secured. In this app Easily track who unlocked your device without your permission. Another option is you see other people look your device and how much time they spent on it. If you enable device admins to get notified the wrong password put.

Finally, connect with Google drive for able to show log pictures from the drive.

8)Pin genie Locker


This app is the most secure lock screen apps. According to this description, it is top rated apps on Google play. For checking out! This apps intruder Selfie function quickly Snap a photo and alerts if anyone tries to unlock your device

The Pin Genie let locker update many times. Now, The update version added Hindi language and add lock apps features.

9)App lock -Fingerprint unlocked

phone lock that takes pictures

App lock is the final and best phone lock app that takes pictures.used this app and Protect Device all the time.No, anyone can unlock on your smartphone without your permission.

The amazing features of this apps take pictures of who tried to unlock your WhatsApp.Send message and photo to email quickly and in the photo will record the date and the time.

10)Intruder Selfie


This is the final phone lock apps that take a picture. in This apps capture, any intruder tries to app locker master apps. so this is very necessary to run apps lock master.You can download free on google play store.
This app updated some features these are Send email intruder capture , new looking layout , minor bugs fix etc.

11) Secret Control

secret control

The Secret Control app help to capture image ,If any one try to unlock device in your absence.This apps provides two type of protection one is Lock Screen Protection and  other Motion Sense.The Lock Screen Protection means a user  failed login attempts , the app takes picture by  front facing camera and reports the user with the picture also save the image on your email. On the Motion mode it should be ring on alarm,when user attempt wrong code.

FAQ Sections

Is there an app that can lock your phone?

Yes, in the market, you will find plenty of apps that can lock up your phone. If your phone doesn’t carry deep security functions, then you can use these apps to do it without any problem.

Which is the best lock screen app?

It’s for you to decide, as different apps often will produce different results for their services. You need to find the one that aligned with your interest and requirements.

Is App lock a good thing to have on the Phone?

Yes, for the essential security function your phone needs to have all these features.

Which Is Your Favorite App?

In this post, we get information to which is the best phone lock app that takes pictures.for my proposal, I used the CM Security apps. Because these apps give you many features and no one able to competitive as it’s Features. Also, the phone Genie locker and App locker give you to make the Selfie intruder.

Finally, I hope the post is awesome from my experience. Please check apps and keep your smartphone secure lock. Just write the comment box which apps is better for you.

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