PhonePe App Error And Solution

If you usually do payments using a smartphone then you are aware of Phonepe. After the demonetization in India, it is getting difficult to make physical cash payments. From that time India gets an opportunity to make a cashless transaction.

The application works on UPI (Unified Payments Interface) which is a real-time payment system specially developed for the Nation. The application is available on both Google Play Store and the Apple app store. As per the play store, there are 2 million installs on Android devices.

Phonepe error and solution

Phonepe provides their users a simple and easy-to-pay interface which is required by most Indian users. Users of the app are increasing rapidly. By some time users are facing some error and get confused about what to do next. You put a lot of effort and search on the internet to get the solution. It is the reason we are sharing this important information with you.

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The reason for Phonepe app Error and solution 2024

Sometimes users face problems while making any transaction of Phonepe, just below we are sharing the reason for your error and yes their solution. If you are one who faces a problem on phone then find the type of error and their solution.

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Phone pay SMS verification failed

While making any payment on the Phonepe app, sometimes you did not receive OTP. It could be because of a server error or slow internet.


  • Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Turn on Flight mode and off it.
  • Make sure the network is coming on your Sim.

Phonepe transaction failed

Some user gets a notification that the amount debited but the transaction failed, or the transaction is pending.


  • Check maybe your transaction get success in few seconds.
  • If the transaction gets failed, Your amount will be reversed back to your bank account in 5-6 business days.

You are attempting to make a transaction with a device that is not secure

Phonepe detects your device if it found any suspicious activities related to your device or bank account you cannot do any transaction.


  • Make sure you are not using a booted device.
  • Wait for some time usually 24 hours after than attempt your transaction.

Phonepe transaction successful but amount not credited to the bank account

If your transaction gets completed and the amount is also deducted, But the money is not reflected in your bank account.


Wait for 1-2 days sometimes bank take more time to transfer the amount into your bank account

Error from bank phonepe

If you are transferring the amount into your bank account and facing an error, then read the solution


  • Make sure you have entered correct details
  • Make sure the balance is available on your phonepe wallet to transfer.
  • Bank error, try again after sometime.

Unable to add a bank account in phonepe

If you are trying to add a bank account on your Phonepe account and it will show an error then.

Unable to add a bank account in phonepe


Make sure you haven’t entered incorrect input. Follow the below-given steps to add a bank account in Phonepe

  • Open phonepe.
  • Tap on the three line.
  • Select Bank account section.
  • Tap Add new bank account.
  • Select the bank account which you want to link with phonepe
  • Now phonepe fetch details and link your bank account
  • Provide the number of your debit card and expiry date to confirm details
  • You will receive an OTP, enter it and your account with successfully link with your phonepe account.

Error from bank No account found

If you are trying to link a bank account with your Phonepe account and receives an error, No account found then


Check the details you enter in your app

Phonepe refund issue

If your transaction gets failed and you are waiting for the refund which is not reflected in your account.


  • Wait for three days it will get refunded into your bank account
  • If not refunded in 3 days then contact customer care

PhonePe KYC error

As per RBI KYC is necessary for all wallets, if you have not completed your KYC, then you can do it manually by providing any government document detail.

PhonePe KYC error


Complete your KYC

Above we share the topmost PhonePe error and its solution. I’m sure you will enjoy our post. If you have an issue with the PhonePe App error, write a brief description in the comment section. Our editor team will be happy to fix your problem.

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  1. when I want to transfer money by contact. It was not transferred and show a message your device is not found.–Why?
    Please reply with a solution.

  2. As i’m using IPhone i have entered wrong password many time the account has been blocked in Phone Pe. I tought it was blocked by the bank and enquired about it but they told its the problem from the app. So i request you to solve the problem.


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