Types of Roblox Ban

The users of Roblox may also face this uncertain condition of the ban; it is mostly created when any law of Roblox gets violated so you should be aware of them and not try to make any mistake for avoiding such a situation.

Before experimenting with anything first read all terms and conditions or privacy policies of Roblox as the repeated violation even after a warning may lead you towards the deletion of your account.

If the user breaks the terms and conditions of Roblox may face different bans according to the level and violation as stated below.

1.Ban/Forum purge

If the user is accounted for the forum purge, then all of his forum posts will be deleted, and this mostly happens when the moderator is online and any user during this time tries to spam on the forum.

2.Error 0 x 1

types of Roblox Ban

If any player creates a kind of adult material on this site then they may face this situation, while the user opens the Roblox Account, it will show an error saying “Roblox cannot startup. User code = 0 x 1“.


If any user violates any law accidentally or first time then they may get a reminder for following the rules of Roblox, in such conditions, there is no suspension of the account.


This ban is almost similar to the reminder as it also warns the user not to violate any law. The warning is given in the most serious cases or after the repeated reminders and the same mistake, but now reminder and advice are given in the same levels after the 2016 update.

5.1 day Ban

In such a ban, the player gets restricted from using his account for one day that is for 24 hours after any violation.

6.3 day Ban

In this kind of ban, the player’s account will be banned for three days that is for 72 hours from using your Roblox account.

7.1 week Ban

The Roblox account of players will get banned for one week that is for 7 days at this level.

8.2 weeks Ban

Before this ban, the user will be warned first, and if the same mistake happens again, then the user’s Roblox account will be banned for 2 weeks that is for 14 days. If you did the repeated violations again and again, then your account may get permanently deleted.

9.404 error

In this error, the account of a user will be banned permanently.

If any user tries for viewing any terminated profile may see this error which says Page not found or no longer exists ( it will 404 error page or the page you requested does not exist”).

10.Account Deletion

In some rare cases due to repeated violations of the user’s account may also get deleted permanently from Roblox. It mostly happens for the new accounts as they are of not many values.

Account Deletion roblex ban

11.Poison Ban

Another type of Ban is Poison Ban, in this the account of Roblox users gets deleted and any creation of a new account is also disabled.

All users who are active currently on the list of removed players will get deleted with the help of IP address, or link of emails will also get deleted. But in the poison ban users can enter to the website of Roblox and log in there which not linked with an email of the banned player.

12. IP Ban

Another type of ban which we are going to introduce, this ban is given in rare conditions during the violation of very severe law or federal law.

On this IP address, all players will get blocked for at least 7 days that is 1 week, and face the 403 error.

whenever they will try to log in or access their Roblox account. If you will try to change your IP address or using a VPN may result in catching you, and this will lead you to permanent blockage.

13.Unauthorized credentials ban (Permanent IP Ban)

One of the most powerful bans which can get by the user is this where all of the players using the same IP address get blocked permanently like by sending you any unusual appeal on [email protected] and users may also face 403 forbidden and 401 error code.


So, friends, this is the post about the different types of Roblox ban, which is needed before playing the Roblox game. I am sure this is helpful to you if you face any problem then use the comment box.

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  1. yes I was also 3 day banned for playing Roblox condo games I thought reports did nothing but boy was I in for a suprise


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