How to Screen capture in Google chrome without using Extensions

Some people are spending their time for argument about the topic “Can you take a good quality screenshot ?”. There are many screenshot tools available on the web either some Free or some paid. For make any image using snapshot we used an extension or any application. Some example best capture. Screenshot software for PC is Sniper tool or the Insert Print Screen. In this tutorial, I am providing a quick and efficient, simple way to take a

In this tutorial, I am providing a quick and efficient, simple way to take a screenshot without using any software and extension. The window has several built-in features for making and saving Screenshot for any reason you might need them, just do an accurate method. If you are using Google Chrome, there are an easy way to quickly take a screenshot of a page without using any to open software.  Today I post some information to capture any web page and screenshot in Chrome without using an extension, which helps to save as screenshot of any web page or image.

The question is” why need this type of post”?. This main thing of this post is a help to mainly blogger or websites designed for learning proposal and used bull without doing hard work. When we are browsing on Chrome browser, you have used some extension like Smartshot, Nimbus Screenshot, Full page screen capture, Awesome Screen capture, etc. for Screenshot webpage. you are surprised if you know the main thing of updating  Google chrome which is the capability to perform screen capture without using any extension.

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How to Screen capture in Google Chrome without using Extensions

Chrome is the best and first browser for any platform.So Google Inc. try to attachment more features as per possible. In this updated version of Google chrome in  PC add a new option that is Screen capture.Another interesting part is you can even add a device frame to your capture image for looking screenshot excellent.

Read the below simple step about the screen capture in Google chrome without using an extension.

1.Update Chrome Browser

First, you need to update your Chrome Software.After complete the update then your Chrome Browser is enabled to Screen capture in Google chrome without using Extension. Visit this link for update purpose.

2.Open Chrome Dev tools

When completing the update then open any website or image which you want to capture.Then click on Inspect Element option. Alternative shortcut key for Pc “F12 “or “Ctrl+Shift+I”, For Mac user “Cmd+Opt+I” .This key is the help to open Chrome Dev tool window.

3.Click on Toggle Device Toolbar

Next, Open the toggle device toolbar in the upper of header you show the Mobile icon click on this, When click on this color is turn into blue.

4. Choose the Device frame

How to select the device frame just follows the below step.

  • Click on “responsive “option then you see the many devices like Google Nexus 5,iPhone device, for add for a device then tap on edit and add more device like Kindle Fire HDX, Nokia N8, etc.
  • After completing the Device style change its resolution, zooming option and rotate like portrait or horizontally.
  • Now see the 3-dot menu on the right side and enable the device frame.

5.Capture the Screenshot

Next, take a screenshot in the device .you can see the Option like Capture the screenshot tap on that and save the PNG format.Now you can take a screenshot without using any extension.iPhone-5

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Capture Screenshot in Firefox without extensions

This is the additional tips for capture image without using an extension on Firefox browser. Firefox developer also makes the update features to add default image snapshot tool. It is very easy to take a picture on Firefox.

We know the Firefox is the same features as the Chrome now it makes it’s features better than chrome.This time in Firefox inbuilt an Add-ons option , screenshot .tscreenshot.In this tips write about an Add-ons, extension .which take you Screenshot quickly.

Now read the below step for capture the screenshot on Firefox without extensions.

  1. First Connect your Pc to the Internet and update the Firefox Software.
  2. After complete, the download runs the Firefox and go to Menu button.Then click on “Add-ons” Button a new window open.
  3. Then click on Get Add-ons, and you see the Take Screenshot Add the bar to download it and active.
  4. Next step capture the image using the “camera icon “on a high side of Firefox Apps.


All the above step is to do a second of time for Screenshot.So, I hope this article is helpful to you for Screen capture in Google Chrome without using Extensions.   Finally, I say to update first your chrome and get the above features.I want to says if you face any problem in the post regarding then comment below I must reply as soon as possible.