How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X Device ?

Devoid of a home button how to capture a screenshot on iPhone X isn’t straight away obvious. We will explain to you the simplest approach to capture your screen.

Many thanks to the Face ID technology incorporated in Apple’s new iPhone X, the omnipresent home button has finally deceased. In several ways, this is a constructive, as it provides a largely continual display (not including the notch at the pinnacle).

But, the alteration does mean that there are now new ways to achieve daily errands.

Fear not, we are always here to help you. So, we will show you the easy way to capture the contents of your display on the iPhone X.

Why we take screenshots?

A screenshot is a picture either in your computer display or mobile display photo taken by you. You can take the screenshots which are an image of your mobile display with contents.

If you want to share your content and you don’t want to download that, then you may take the help of screenshots. In a single click, you can avail it.

Anyone can do that without any trick or without any problems. Mobile becomes a part of our life. Any time we need information and share data, images or news. To share our information you can take the help of screenshots.

It is an instant sharing tool which is helpful for you. Now it is necessary for social media. If you want to send any pictures and you are not interested in downloading this then just follow the simple steps and take screenshots.

Mainly we take screenshots when we want to keep any photos or any results, any news, any important quotes in our file as saved. It is the easiest way to avoid all of these. Sometimes we use it to save profile picture.

How to Take screenshot iPhone X Device?

In the previous iPhone models, or still somewhat new in the case of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, capturing a screenshot was a trouble-free mixture of holding down both the “Power button” and “Home button” at the same moment.

Of course, as we’ve previously stated, the iPhone X comes exclusive of the home button, and consequently, need a unique approach.

To capture the image on the screen follow the steps given below:

Method #1

  1. Initially, go to the screen you desire to take the screenshot of.
  2. You’ll need to click the Side key (the one that turns the device on and off)
  3. And at the same moment click the “Volume Up” key on the opposite flank of the device. (Specifically for this how-to “Volume Up” key will play the function of “Home button” like it does in the previous iPhone models.)

how to take screenshot on iphone x

A quick little nifty caution, do not HOLD the “Power button” and “Volume Up” key for a more extended period, as it might rapidly try to activate the shutdown screen and the Emergency SOS options. When held for a more extended period, Emergency SOS feature will go a step more extreme and then activate and try to call local emergency services, which is probably not what you would like to do if you’re merely trying to capture a screenshot, so be careful. Just a quick, straightforward simultaneous press of Power and Volume Up will capture the screenshot devoid of doing something else.

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If you do this effectively (the ability is to press and clutch for a second then let go) the screen must flash white and you’ll see a thumbnail of the screenshot come into view in the bottom left area.

Touching on the image will bring up the editing screen where you can crop and add footnotes to the picture. When you’re pleased, tap the done option in the top left area and you’ll be given the option to delete it or save the screenshot to your Gallery.

Method #2


  1. Tap on “Settings” → Click on “General”
  1. Click on “Accessibility” Option, and then Click on “AssistiveTouch”.
  1. Toggle On the “AssistiveTouch”

take Screenshot iphone x 1

  1. Click on “AssistiveTouch”
  1. Click on “Device”.

take Screenshot iphone x 2

  1. Click on “More” then Click on “Screenshot”.

take Screenshot iphone x 3

That’s all, it’s simple as that.

Benefits of taking screenshots

There are lots of advantages of taking screen capture. You know it is the best way to share your information to your friends. Send any important new or paragraph or picture with capturing your display.

In day to day life, we are acquainted with with screen capture. You usually use it in our mobile. We are using mobile and social media. We share messages with our friends. So, in this case, you can take screenshots.

When we work with our desktop mobile and we want to save our data safely as it is necessary then you can take a screen capture. It will be saved in your files. It is really very simple to use and share.

For any purpose you can take screenshots and can save it and share it later. So friends always use the better way to communicate with your friends and family members. Just follow the simple steps and capture what is going in your mobile display

You know you can capture a screenshot from the video. You can capture anything that you want to save from your mobile screen. You don’t need to download files, images, pictures or any important writing from the mobile.

Once you have taken the screenshot of your need, you can then edit it in markup tool, share it with your friends, or delete it from your device.

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