Telegram Group is a way to bring many people together. when officially telegram launching telegram group link features on their apps? So many users share their own telegram groups list to the public because it helps to increase group participants. So in this post we discuss some keypoint about telegram group chat. these are Telegram groups

  • Best Telegram Groups Categories 
  • what is telegram group ?
  • What is Telegram Group Invite Link ?
  • How to Grow your Telegram Group 
  • Features 
  • Group Vs Supergroup
  • What is telegram Group chat?

Telegram is a super fast and secure messaging app. Therefore, many users use this message as advertising for many purposes, make friends. we share many groups for help purposes.

How do we find a lot of Telegram Groups links?;  This is a thought-provoking question for our visitors when it comes to telegram advertising. That’s why we decide how to build a telegram link with a group and publish a complete tutorial on its categories.

This group invitation link helps you improve skills, knowledge, and business.  The Groups are public but there are some restrictions for the user. Before joining this group, read-only terms, and conditions.

By default, 209 members can be taken in one group, if they make telegram supergroup then the customer will increase to 1 lakh. After a participant in this group, all members can change group icons and add many people.

Another feature sharing telegram group invite link to add more friends. This post focuses primarily on Telegram joining funny groups, business groups, adv groups, art groups, etc. Before joining this group, we must read something about the telegram.

Best Telegram Groups List 2020

Some of the telegram users want to join a lot of groups. I can” t know why but I think such type of telegram users is interest to participate with many groups at once for kidding, fun or advertising purpose. If you have such kind of telegram user, then the above list will solve your desire.

You can join these groups according to your choice, and I have also told you the process (look above) to join a group. So do not waste your time and participate in your favorite group’s link.

How to Join Telegram group Chat?

  • Look, below there are Lot of telegram groups invite link button found.
  • Choose your favorite category.
  • Now, click on that. it redirects to the new page and says to choose the group.
  • Click on the.
  • Then, Tap on telegram app it says to JOIN GROUP.
  • Just click Join! That Over.

Rule Must Be Follows Before Join a Group

You can follow some important rules if you do not, then the group-butler will kick off from the group.

  • All groups are protected by Butler so do not spam.
  • Do not share the URL of other websites If you do twice, you are out of the group.
  • Follow the rule of the group and try the situation fully, it can show up when joining the group.

All the above are the best group in all over the world show join the above group and make a new friend. The groups are taken huge to participate. We are listed below in a row mode according to their member capacity. It’s time for Check.

These days an exciting app is revolving all around the world which can see on every smartphone, Yes we are talking about Telegram. Every user who has a smartphone is using telegram, and the telegram is nothing just an instant message application created to link with your family and friends.

Generally, the telegram application is used by users because of its great features. Telegram is not just an instant message application it is more than it. Many cool and new features are available on the telegram. One of the features is the Telegram themes also good so don’t miss it!

Telegram SuperGroup Vs Basic group

In the first time telegram, a basic group takes 500 participants but Supergroup takes 100000 participants.

In the normal group, some features are inbuilt these are change group names and photos. But in the Supergroup, any member sees the entire history. In supergroup inbuilt mute option which any user silent their notification system, but in an ordinary group is not?

Private and Public Supergroup

Private Supergroup

The private supergroup is similar to the basic group on telegram. All features are identical to a basic group to add a user to a private supergroup.

Public supergroup

Public supergroups are groups that are open to all. There is no restriction. Any third person can also share the link. The feature of adding a user to a public group is the same link, private group. Additionally, a new link will be created in format where the user name is the name of your group.

What is telegram Group chat?

Telegram groups are a powerful tool to build community. A group can support up to 100,000 members. it is the same as WhatsApp group but different from its features.

A group can be taken a lot of features these are Replies, Mentions, Pinned Messages, Invite Links, Message links, Admin Tools.

Think about it, are not you with your friends, and feeling alone and looking for some fun. Of course, you think of an app where you can have fun with your family or friends. Here is the telegram group link, this is an online group where some selected members are available.

We write short Note Of the above categories to check this then

How To Make a Telegram Group?


Below are the steps for Android smartphone users. It is mandatory to download the app on your Android smartphone.

  1. Open the application on your Android smartphone.
  2. Below tap on the pen icon given on the bottom right on the screen.
  3. Click on New Group gave above on the screen.
  4. Now select the members that you want to add to your group.
  5. Tap on Tick mark to confirm your selection.
  6. Now you have to give a name for your group, enter your group name you can also enter a group icon by clicking the camera button given near to group name.
  7. Tap on Tick mark to confirm your input.
  8. On the next screen, your group is ready to interact and communicate.


Below are the steps it is mandatory to download install and register on the app before following the process

  1. Open the app on your Windows smartphone.
  2. Open the chat screen.
  3. Click on the + Sign given below the screen.
  4. Tap on New Group.
  5. Add members that you want to add to your group.
  6. Give a name to your group and add a group icon.
  7. On the next screen, your group is ready, and you can start communication in it.
  • Open the telegram and click the group’s icon.
  • Now, the new window is open to see the add member options, Tap on that.
  • After that, a page comes off that’s written waiting for network.
  • Just below the waiting for network see the option invite by group link.
  • When clicking in the 4th step, you can get a group Invites link.
  • Share this to add more members.

What is the Rule of group admin?

Group admin is the person who creates the group. Group admin has the authority to add members and to remove members. A Group Admin can also make more admins who also gain the authority to add more members or remove members of the group. There is no limit of group members an admin can make all members group admin or no one his own choice.

Features of a Group

The app is easy to use and easy to interact with each other. Users found the group a helping hand for their work. The group is online and cloud-based. From the same account, we can use the app on different devices. That means if we create an account on our smartphone and we need to access it on your desktop that we can download the app for desktop and log in with the same account details we can then access our data on the desktop. It is quite exciting and saves lots of time for the users. Just like that, there are more useful uses of the online group.

Easy Reply – To answer a message, just swipe that message to the left. Write and send your message. This feature is known as easy reply. 

Group invites link – Have you ever received an invitation link from your friends? When you click on the link, you were added to a group. This is known as a group invitation link. You can generate your group link and share it with other friends.

Mentions – There are many users in every group. If you want to make a comment for anyone user In a message you can mention it. To write a person @ and the name of the person.

Pin a Message – There are several groups that are busy all the time. If you want to show members an import message, you can pin the message. If the user mutes the group, then he gets that pin.

Admin Action – Group Administrator plays an important role in the management of the group. When there are many administrators for a group. It creates confusion. Telegram provides an admin name with its operation.

UsernameMention:-You can also indicate friends’ username on the chat section. To know how to write this then see the below screenshot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where you Collect this Collection?

Some are Collect By web and some group make by our editor staff

Which group is best for advertising?

we write the post about this, this post check here

The above list are safe to use?

Yes, all the group are safe to use

How add My group Link On this collection?

You have two ways to add a group, one is using our contact page and the second uses the comment box.

How can I add a contact in the Telegram group?

To add a contact to open the group, go to the group information. Click Add Member and then to invite the group through the link. Now share the link to the user you want to add.

How many members can be added to a group?

In a closed group, you can add 200 members. But in a public group, the limit is 200000

How to make a Telegram Private group?

Your telegram group was private unless you share its invitation link. The best way to add members is from your contacts.

If you are not participating in a group due to being filled with participants or finished links You write your username on the comment box. I’m sure to add this person to our group, which they need. If you want to share your group link, then comment me in the comment box. I’m sure this post will be your group link as soon as possible.

All the above Telegram groups invite link collection you use for any purpose, such as advertise content and chat with new friends. I’m sure that you will be like this post. If you are free, then share this post with your friend. thank you for coming.