20+Tez App Error Reason and Solution

Tez App Error and Solution: Tez App is a Mobile payment service By Google, mainly focus it in India.  It works on UPI Payment system and gives an opportunity to make cashless in India. It is available both Android and iOS device with support multi-language. According to Wikipedia, the Tez app will able to get 10 million installs.

Now, Tez app helps to send or receive money from UPI System. So must of the Indian user use this application send or receive money. Also, its taking main role for businessman also uses on their business. But, Some user face lot of effort to run Tez apps on their device. They Get lack of problem to run the application. So guys to help tez user in this post we share all of top Tez app error and solution in 2019.

The reason for Tez App Error And Solution In 2018

On the below we added the error name on the heading tag, just below share its reason and 100% working solution. If you face any problem to use Tez then check below which heading tag appropriate to you and look the solution.

1Couldn’t reach server

When we use the tez apps and enter the google pin, then it says Couldn’t reach server . It means the internet speed is slow or not work properly.


  • Off The Internet data And Again reconnect it!
  • If you Use Wifi, then Reboot the WiFi system.

2Cloudn’t Register

Some user has faced the “Cloud’t find account plz ensure that You have Sufficient SMS Balance and  Check” . This issue show  If you have not link to your bank account with this number and send a message to tez for activation and then this type error you see.


  • Go to your sim manager setting and make default Message Sim which sim already link to bank account.
  • Check your Mobile Balance minimum need Rs/-1.50.
  • Send manual Message to this particular number.

3 Tez couldn’t send SMS

Due to balance problem or Not link to your bank account this number then you show Tez couldn’t send SMS Error.


  • re correct your enter mobile number.
  • Sometimes Network server is busy so wait sometimes and try again later.
  • Check your Mobile Balance minimum need  Rs/-1.50
  • Use it on the unrooted device.

4 Tez app otp problem

Some user already faces the Tez app otp not verify  So they resending SMS again and again and they lose many times SMS charge and not success . To fix it look the solution


  • Make sure to set your tez number to primary Sim.
  • Make sure to check phone number enter correctly.
  • Test your data connection and resend SMS Verification message.

5Couldn’t verify UPI account

Some user already shows such type error when they create a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) on Tez.The main reason of this error is, if you have already created a UPI on other apps like Phonepay, Paytm, etc. and this UPI Usernames link to tez then you can show such type of error.


  • Don’t enter old UPI password.
  • Enter correct bank details.
  • Make sure to Verify bank link mobile number.

6Can ‘t detect the sim registered for this bank account replace sim and retry

If you have entered wrong sim on register time, then this error Can ‘t detect the sim registered for this bank account replace sim and retry you see.


  • If you’re using a dual-SIM phone, Set your Tez phone number as the primary SIM
  • Check for Mistakes for you in your phone number.

7can’t find account with your phone number and selected bank tez

According to tez official team use the bank link mobile number for UPI system.If you use other mobile numbers for the register, then the error can’t find an account with your phone number and selected bank tez will see.


  • First check which number enter on register time
  • On register, time enter bank link Mobile number then correct bank name ( Example -SBI, Union Bank, etc.)
  • Some bank Not supported UPI system ( contact with bank branch – Is this bank support the UPI system ?)

8tez bank server not responding

Due to the bank server problem ” tez bank server not responding” notification will found on tez app


  • Try after sometimes, and try again
  • Try to add new account to this apps
  • Contact to branch of the bank

9Incorrect debit card information ,Invalid debit card credential

Some of the debit card, not support in UPI Or your debit card will already expire then such type of error you see on tez app. Another reason is if you use an old debit card which has no CVV code then don’t use on tez.


  • Check the debit is active with your registration number.
  • Don’t use an Old model debit card which has no CVV number.
  • Some debit card not supports with UPI then contact a bank branch.

10Phone number link to multiple accounts

when you get “Phone number link to multiple accounts” this error on tez apps then you sure that the phone number will link to two or more tez account.


  • Remove the Multiple Gmail on your smartphone and use default Gmail account.
  • Use only tez register UPI username and password.

11Sorry something went wrong we are looking we are looking into with the bank

I sure this is a temporary error for server or some other authentication issue but the users are not able to add their Bank account.The error says the following.

Sorry something went wrong. We’re looking into it with your bank.


  • Your Tez phone number is linked to your bank account.
  • You can send/receive SMS.
  • You can access the Internet.
  • If you have a joint or NRI account, it may not be supported. Call your bank

12Servers unavailable we will back soon

This is a temporary error for either bank server or tez server, and this notification will show Servers unavailable we will back soon


  • wait sometimes and try again
  • Check the Internet connection

13Your UPI id couldn’t be activate

In register time when you generate a new UPI code then the error ” Your UPI id couldn’t activate “will soon on tez app screen.


  • Double-check that you entered the right UPI PIN.
  • If you did enter the right UPI PIN, try again later.

14Trouble connecting to server to get your bank account

When you see the error “Trouble connecting to the server to get your bank account” on Tez appThe reason is bank server, or tez sever error.


  • wait sometimes and try again later.
  • I suggest you to use in morning time

15Unable to add bank account in Tez

There are many users have reported that they are facing an error adding a bank account in Tez app.  This is a temporary issue and Google will fix it soon. We have share working solutions to fix to add a bank account error on Google’s Tez app.


  • Clear the cache of the application ( Setting > App manager >Tez App info> Clear cache )
  • Clear the data of the application ( Setting > App manager >Tez App info> Clear data)
  • Put correct Mobile Number on register time.
  • Check your Internet connection

16Tez black  screen option

if you do not update your google play services, then Tez black screen will appear when running the application.


17Failed to add payment method

Tez receiver user not linking with the bank on their application then this error will show and Payment failed this person hasn’t added a bank account. We have sent a reminder.


  • Send the message to receiver Tez user ” Link bank account on their tez apps “.
  • Contact your bank in case there’s a problem with your account

18Tez can’t be used on this device

when installing Tez apps on the rooted device then this type of error you can find because the tez app is a  SafetyNet API for detecting roots or any system modification.


  • Check my last post How to fix tez can’t work on device 
  • Uninstall SU or Any Root and Flash Magisk zip file
  • Install Magisk Manager apk and Reboot
  • Go to Magisk Manager
  • Swipe from left and select Magisk hide
  • Tick Tez or Any App you want to run

19waiting for bank in Tez

A variety of reasons such as timeout at the recipient’s bank could cause this status.Wait for your bank to complete the transaction. It approximately takes 2-3 business days. In some rare cases, it might take ~1 week.After the processing period, the transaction should change to either SUCCESS or fail.


  • Open Tez
  • Open the transaction that you want to report
  • Tap the 3 dot menu and then, tap Report a problem
  • Tap Report

20Payment failed

This is also verity of reasons such as timeout at the recipient’s bank could cause this status or sometimes the receiver not link with the bank this error will found.


  • Check Receiver Tez account Must link to their bank account.
  • If you have low balance then send money, this issue will be shown. So first check how many balance in your bank?.
  •  Sometimes a bank will ignore due to the heavy transaction.



Friends, I hope this Tez App Error and Solution will help you to solve all type of Tez Error. If you think that the post is useful to you then share it with your friends and give your feedback in the comment box.

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