Best Torrent Leech Sites In 2024

Hello friends and welcome to another of my posts. Many times you have heard from your friends or other family members that they are downloading the latest movie from Torrent. In this post, we will tell you about torrents and share some of the Best Torrent Leech Sites for you.

When downloading any file in Torrent, it takes longer to download, because the download speed of the file is slower than the upload speed. It’s a very annoying thing.

So we want to download the torrent link directly. That’s why we need the right torrent leeching site. But one question that comes to mind is which is the best leeching site and also free.

This post is for the purpose of solving the above question and for your benefit. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment us.

The best way to turn a torrent link into a magnetic link. After converting it, you can download any file using any browser. Therefore, the following are the list of free unlimited torrent leech sites. It has some free and some paid. Use it for your liking.

What is a torrent?

Torrent is a medium or file-sharing network where we can share data. It is a peer-to-peer protocol where any kind of file or data such as music, video, software, games, etc. is shared. You got more knowledge then see geekforgeeks.

A torrent file is a file that contains information about other data, also called metadata. This information is different from the original content and is distributed among other users. Some external details are required to access the data.

These are some technical terms which new users or beginners will not understand, let me explain it to you.

  1. Peers:- users who are downloading or uploading on torrent are known as peers, in short, all the users who do any activity in sharing torrent data known as peers.
  2. Seeders:- Seeders are the user who has download the full file, and now they are sharing with other users or peers are known as seeders.
  3. Leechers:- users who are sharing the part of data that they have and required the part of data that others have are called leechers.

What Is a Torrent Client?

Software that manages all the processes and execution of torrent on a local system is called torrent client. These torrent clients are useful for every operating system. The file was sent a peer to peer only because of the torrent client. It makes communication safe and satisfied.

Best Torrent Leech Site 2024

Many users ask us and also search on the internet about how they can get free torrent leech large files download site? All the confusion will be solved by the site listed below.


The is my favorite and free torrent leech download site. I am using this site to download my file from the torrent site. Its server is high-speed, so you are download files very fast .if you don’t agree, then see the below video.


  • With Debrid-Link you can download files from 186 hosts without waiting.
  • You can download files from torrent files.
  • it is easy to use.


It is a cloud torrent websites provide user to download 1GB of a torrent file; we can download it using our browser or IDM.

Zbigz websites give two different type features on free, and the other is premium. If you want to get premium features for free, then don’t miss our post. This site, some advantages, and disadvantages are writing below. If you don’t know how to use Zbigz for download, then you must check this video.


  • It provides 1GB for every user
  •  We can download two torrent file in a single time
  • After a pause, we can continue the download from the pause point.


  • If you hate ads, then the free account is not for you
  • Free account user get speed is 150 KB/s


Seedr.CC is one of the best leeches, it provides high-level user privacy; it protects your privacy by providing transparent encryption. All the data that you download is protected by 256bit Secure encryption which means no malware, viruses or any third party connection.


  • We can access it on any device.
  • It provides 2.5 GB data to every user
  • It has a top-level of security

It is from the best torrent websites which are like by most of the torrent users. It provides quality, and the best thing is that it provides 24/7 bandwidth to their users. You can get your file downloaded by a direct download link. These links are unique for every IP address where the request made.


  • Users can download in highspeed
  • Client software is needed to download
  • Links are unique for every IP address

Bitport is used by most of the torrent users because it was safe and made your IP address and other personal information secure. For bitport safety of their use is their priority. It provides faster speed of download for any torrent file.


  • Safe and secure to download
  • We can download a large file in less time
  • Can be acces bitport anywhere
  • 1 GB of cloud storage is available for every user

Filestream is one of the best alternatives to zbigz. Here, the user can download magnets, video file, the audio file from more than 900 websites. In about or less than 10 minutes you can start to download your file.


  • Transcode media for any device.
  • Users can search anonymously.
  • A user can earn revenue through
  • Safe and secure.


It is another best alternative to zibiz. On premimize, your personal information including IP address is never shared. It also provides self-host and cloud to every user. By pasting the link on the browser, you can download the file.


  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Always you are a premium member.
  • Secure IP.

A solution of  Opened Banned  Torrent Site

Are you face this type of problem ?  when opening some torrent sites this should say,

Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact an administrator for more information.

If you want to open this torrent site then use the below steps for unblocking this without using any VPN Software.

  • Just open the X proxy websites
  • Paste the website’s link which India.
  • Now see the websites and copy the Torrent link and paste it free Online torrent leecher.
  • Another method is downloading Psiphon Vpn On your pc and browse the site without any issue.

Advantages of Online torrent leech

  1. Your privacy was always secure, cannot detect traffic of your torrent
  2. You can download a torrent file on your browser using magnet link or using IDM
  3. You get good bandwidth and downloading speed
  4. After adding a magnet link to leech, it will automatically download no need to look for it.

faq section

Is it illegal to set up a leeching torrent site?

It is illegal to use a torrent site, but you should not abuse it in other ways, such as using leeching.

Is there any torrent leeching site where I can leech torrent and convert and split into multiple RAR files?

As far as I know, there is no site that can convert a torrent into multiple files.

Is it possible to download files via torrents just in a browser and not using any torrent client?

Yes, I already inform you that the leeching site is the way to direct download torrent site without using any software.

Can I download torrent without using any software like BitTorrent or Utorrent?

Yes, it is possible to download files via torrents just in a browser by simply use any one of the above site lists.


The use of torrent files is illegal. However, in this post, I will show you how to use seeders to download files directly. So this post is for teaching purposes only

Today almost every user is using torrent websites and leech it is important to get information about different torrent leech websites. All the leech have several advantage and disadvantages but always make sure your information will remain secure as many illegal files are shared using these torrent sites.

All the necessary information is shared in this post. I also provide websites with their facilities. If you like the post do a short review below, and if you still want to ask any questions, you can leave a comment below in the comments section. I will try to answer you with the best solution to your question. Finally, thanks to visiting

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