How to Turn Off Or Switch Off iPhone X Device ?

Short Way: -Stuck with your iPhone? Want to know how to switch off an iPhone X? Or Do You have an iPhone? Are you a new buyer? Exploring the World’s biggest Tech Brand?

Apple is a multinational company literally it is the Giant Tech Company who work to make people life easy. The product made by the Apple company is of the best quality, they use the best hardware best software best-skilled employee to make the product that can able to sustained there world class standard. And by building the best phone ever, the iPhone X they have created the best they can but there is no doubt that this, not the end of the phone feather and amazing stuff that Apple.Inc brings us.

iPhone x is the world and the most Creative creation of the Apple.Inc. With every next version of Apple iPhone, Apple getting better and better and moving toward to best and with iPhone X it gets it product level to the peak of Everest.

Main Aim  For Switch off Iphone x

Main Aim For Switch off Iphone x

Smartphones are the gadgets that we need to switch off sometimes because of their malfunctioning. Iphone has the processor which do not need much RAM like Android smartphone. Iphone processor has long programming which gives less error and never malfunction. But sometimes because of Heavy apps, it gives out some error to resolve them we switch off the iphone.

How to Switch Off iPhone X Device?

If you are going to a very long flight or if iPhone X  get stuck or if you think you don’t want o use your iPhone for a week or twice this will happens very often then you have to shut down your Apple device this is very simple with the other iPhone devices but in iPhone X you need to know and learn the simple method to do so. And this Article is all about that small thing you need to know if you own an iPhone X.

Follow the step to Switch Off iPhone X

#1 Slide Button: Press and hold the power button( 1 no. Image ) same time hold volume button ( up or down ) for a while this will open the Slider. Hold it for some time (few seconds) if the slider not appears, Don’t just short press the button, it will trigger and open the Screengrab. So hold it for a while approx. 2 seconds.

how to turn off Iphone x

#2 Swipe Slider: After that Slider shows the options like ( Slide to power off, SoS Emergency call,  Cancel) to power off the phone slightly press the slider to right, this will power off the phone.

By knowing once how to switch off your device you will become a half mobile mechanic As the first method or trick, we all know to fixe any bug or missing thing of phones is that simple Switch off the Phone and Switch on it again. And this also helps some new user to experiment with there devices.

turn off iphone x


  1. Power Off will take some time.
  2. To turn the iPhone by gently press and hold the slide button for a second. Volume trigger doesn’t work while turning the phone on.

3.If your phone is very slow and stuck you will need to reset your phone by factory reset using a computer.  This is easy and you can do this also on your own.


  • When our iphone get to hang, it creates lots of problem in our busy day. It takes too much time to get back normal. But we can make it normal By switching off the phone and then again restart the phone.
  • Our smartphone battery is a bit longer.
  • We can put the iphone in Power saving mode. It is always helpful to switch off your smartphone when you are out of power.
  • In any case of emergency, you can make it on again and use it for a while. Best power saving is only available by switching off our smartphone.
  • Flight mode or power saving mode is not helpful like Switch off.

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That’s it, this is very simple, After reading the above article of mine you can easily switch off your iPhone X device, anywhere you want and whenever you want, Once you got to know, it then its quite straightforward.

Warm up: Ultimately it will increase your phones battery life and also stop your phone battery drain and also slow down due to the Software update which running in the background.

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