Upstore Premium Account list in June 2024

Upstore is an online website used by many of the bloggers across the world. Upstore is a fantastic website. On store, a user can upload a file or share the data. A store is a website where we can store our documents and whenever we need we can download that document securely. A user can upload any file on the store database. Any video, images, audio, any other document file any crucial data can upload to the store server. Later anytime when you need your file, you can download that file from the store.

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Upstore is an online storing website which was a founder in 2012. Upstore aims to provide users an online database or online storage space. The site is much more interesting for a blogger. Any customer can exchange or share their file on the internet. In some essential nations like the USA, Uk store have a very secure setup in this country.

Types of UPSTORE Accounts

Upstore have two kinds of mind for their customers

Free Account:- the Free account is a primary account that any user can get, To get a free account register on the upstore website with your email address. That’s all now you have your upstore account.

Premium Account:- Premium Account of upstore is an upgraded version of upstore. A user can have a premium account if a user pays the fee to update their account. Any user can get a Upstore premium just by spending on Upstore.

Features of Upstore Account

  • When you have a premium account, your downloading speed will increase to 1000mbps. In a free report, the downloading speed is less.
  • On upgrading your account from a free account to The Upstore Premium one. You can access to parallel download feature. In the open version, you can download a single file in single time.
  • The free user has less uploading data limit. A free user can upload a data of 2 GB. A Upwork Premium Account user can upload a file up to 5 GB.
  • Premium account users data is more safe and secure on the Upstore database.
  • On downloading a file, no captchas will come. A premium account on Upstore you have un-interference is one of the significant benefits that a premium account user get.
  • Upwork support almost any type of file.
  • A premium account holder can have unlimited no of download without any limits.
upstore premium account

 Upstore Premium account username and password list June 2024

[email protected]mrclean1
[email protected]mahojen
[email protected]081985
[email protected]interview0929
[email protected]k87PaxHn
[email protected]qwerty7
[email protected]88@melvik

How can we use premium link generator

To generate a premium link generator follow the given steps mentioned below

1) Visit the official premium link generate site 

2) Now paste your designated Upstore download link

4) Then generate

5) Now the next step for creating Premium download file  it will give to you  free

6) Done now you have successfully upgrade your account to premium features

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How to Create an account at UPSTORE

1) To create an account at upstore follow the steps mentioned below

2) Visit the official website of

3) On the upper right, you can see Sign in button click on that button

4) Now you can look to pages Here I am and Have no any account

5) In the below of Have no any account enter your email address to sign up

6)  Click the signup button below

7) Now on the next step Enter the Symbol from the image

8) After entering the symbols from the image click sign me! Button

9) You have signup successfully on the Upstore website

10) Now you are redirected to the login page

Note:- This is a free account to upgrade your account, click on the “Upgrade to premium” shown in the image below.

Price Of the Premium pack

The price of a upstore account is $19.95 for one month. To purchase Upstore account users have a choice to buy a premium account for two months, three months, six months or for a year which is 12 months and at a lower fee. For one year account, you have to pay $129.95.

Upstore offers a variety of payment methods. A user can pay for their Upwork premium account using a Credit card, debit card, bitcoin, Paysafecard, JCB, or reseller.

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The main criteria of Upstore are to fill the gap. Upwork is an only service that liked by the user to upload any file onto their server. A user having a upstore account can upload any file video, image, music, or any other type of data. Almost all kind of files is uploadable on Upstore. You can get a downloading speed of 100 Mbps on its full capacity. This speed is only for premium account users. You can share your file with your friends, family, co-workers, business partner and other people. Your data is safe and secure on the Upstore server.


Finally guys, Premium account increases the limit and also downloading speed for their premium users. Some of the working Upstore premium account usernames and password mentioned above. All the username and password are working well. If you have any query, you can ask in the comment box below.

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