How to Use Google’s Gboard Keyboard on iOS and Android

Well, if you are bored or unhappy with the Onscreen keyboard that appears with your iOS or Android smartphones. However, it is quite easy to swap them out in favour of Google’s Gboard. So, want to know what’s the procedure of doing it and how it is useful in your day to day life. So, without sapping a few seconds, let’s get started.

To Our Post, How to use google keyboard (Gboard ) on our Android or iOS Device.

What is Gboard – the Google Keyboard ?

Google Gboard is a type of keyboard for smartphone devices. Its developer is the Google team. You will already know the quality of google products like google pay, google play store, etc. in daily life, so this is an outstanding innovation by the google team.

In this keyboard, Google provides the best features to its customers. You can get this keyboard free in the iTunes store for iPhone users and in the play store for Android users.

What Does Google Keyboard Provide?

Google’s Gboard gives you a complete list of benefits over the default screen keyboard. Using this, you can easily search for anything and include a link to a new report, weather forecast, and sports score.

Type down anything here, and send emoji GIF in your text message. with it, type your finger quickly by moving your finger from one character to another. And use the translation feature to interpret the text you wrote in a different language.

Google Gboard for Android is very easy to use and very simple to type, so all Android users should try to use the Google keyboard. Look at the features added to the search button, so read the instructions below and learn how to set a gboard on Android.

How to set up Gboard on Android

Putting the Gboard on an Android device depends on your Smartphone and version of Android. In some cases, the app does not need setting from your part; it will automatically set. 

But, In various cases, you will have to allow the keyboard. To do this, open the application and click the switch to “Enable in Settings.” So let’s learn how to set Gboard in your device manually.

Step 1:- First download the latest version Gboard app from google play store 

Step 2:- Open the app and click on the switch button to Enable Setting. 

Google Gboard Keyboard For Android

Step 3:- Then, at the Settings screen, turn on the Gboard keyboard. ( However, Google will send you a message notifying you that the app can receive all the text you enter). If you yet want to allow it, then click on OK.

Step 4:- Now, Click on the switch to Select Input Method.

Step 5:- At the screen to Select keyboard and click on the access for Gboard.

Step 6:- Finally, click on Done to finish off the process.

How to Set up Google Keyboard Gboard on iOS

You need to download the latest version of Gboard from the Apple store. Then follow the below step. 

Step 1:- First, open the app, and the Get Started intro screen appears.

Step 2:- Although then tap on the Get Started button to set up your new keyboard.

Step 3 :- Go to Settings > General > Keyboards

Step 4:- Click on the access to Add New Keyboard.

Step 5:- At the Add New Keyboard window, click on Gboard from the catalog of third-party keyboards.

Step 6:- click on the entry for Gboard and then switch on the button to Allow Full Access.

Step 7:- A message pops up, inquiring if you like to authorize a full permit for Gboard. Click to Allow.

How to Use Gboard on iOS & Android App

For testing out the use of Gboard on iOS or Android, open an application that requires typing, such as email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Activate Keyboard

However, you don’t have to worry about anything on an Android device because Gboard will automatically become active

But in the case of an iOS device, you want to change to the Gboard keyboard. First, Click and hold down the globe () icon and Click the access for Gboard. Your default keyboard changes to Gboard.

Set Up Message

Well, fill in the spaces for recipient and text and then click in the message’s bar. Now let’s dig into some of the cool tools in Gboard.

Search URL

Click on the Google icon ( yes, that’s the one with the big alphabet G). Let’s say you wish to involve a URL to a webpage on a specific topic. 

You can directly kick off a search right from the keyboard. Type a search word in the search field and click on the Search switch.

Paste Link

Then, the results appear on the bottom counterpart of the screen. Click on a specific result to paste the link in your email.

Search Images

You can browse for other elements, like videos via YouTube or paths via Maps. You can similarly search for local cafes, weather projections, articles, and other things of interest.

You can even change the search to pictures or GIFs. Click on the Image icon at the screen’s underside to open up the images concerned to your search word.

Search GIF

Click on the GIF icon, and animated GIFs associated with your search phrase occur. Click on a picture or GIF to set it into your content.

Search Emoji

Wish to clean up your message with the excellent emoji? 

Click on the Emoji switch on the keyboard. You can search through the entire lineup of free emoji, click on the numerous emoji types at the lowest, or search for a specific emoji type. When you discover it, click on it to put it in your text.

Glide Typing

Are you tired of the search and nibble method of typing on your keyboard?

You can instead use a characteristic in Gboard called glide typing. Rather than just pinching your finger off each key and then click on another one, just move your finger from one key to another. 

For instance, to type out the word “Morning,” hold on the word G key, then stride to the o key, then the I key and the l key and eventually to the o key. As you stride your finger, you’ll notice a blue line seem on the keyboard tracking your way from one key to another.

Keyboard Toolbar for iOS

The iOS version of Gboard shows a portable toolbar just above the keyboard with buttons to select, select all, cut, copy, and paste and format script with bold, italics, Strikethrough, or an underline.

Keyboard Toolbar for Android

The Android edition gives similar arrangement choices but with a different view. Just choose a chunk of text, and a menu bar opens at the top with choices to format, cut, copy, paste, select, or select all.

Set keyboard Theme

Gboard theme

You are able to change or manage many themes using this keyboard.For theme changing mode go to Gboard keyboard settings>theme.

Show G Button

Used google Gboard

For searching any keyword without going Google search engine you must be enabled to show G button. For showing up G, button goes to Gboard keyboard settings,>Search>Enabled productive search and show the G button.

Voice Typing With iOS

Tired of typing by hands so Gboard has additional Voice type features into its keypad like talking rather than typing?

You can do that similarly on both the iOS and Android versions of the app, though the job will be easier via the Android version. In the iOS version, hold down the space key to initiate the microphone.

Gboard calls up a different Google app that hears your speech. When done, you’re back to Gboard where your verbal text occurs.

Voice Typing With Android

In the Android version, you just have to click on the microphone icon and speak your text, and it appears after you finish with your speaking.


The Android version similarly proposes built-in translation. Click on the Google icon to illustrate the toolbar and then click on the center icon. Select your mark language. Any text you type on the translation area is interpreted into the language of your preference.

Customize the Toolbar

The Android edition will let you diversify the toolbar. Click on the Google icon to show the toolbar. Then click on the three-dot icon (). You can directly add icons to or eliminate icons from the toolbar.

Move Text

A handy icon is the one for choosing the text. Utilizing arrow keys, you can shift the option left, right, up, or down, an adequate bean procedure than using your finger. You can accordingly cut or copy your specified text.

Whether you utilize an iOS device or Android device, Gboard is a helpful and feature-loaded alternative to the built-in keyboard. However, it’s a handful and more beneficial and feature plugged on the Android side.

Features of Google Gboard

Some new features have been added to the Google keyboard. But all the features I write below some important features. Let’s start with these amazing features.

  1. Typing faster by just slide your fingers from letter to letter which means you are using the Glide Typing.
  2. Use the voice for typing that easily dictates text on going that’s means use the voice typing.
  3. Also, share your emotion using Emoji and search the Emoji help of this keyboard and use this by text.
  4. Just search for gifs and share them with your friend and show your feeling. If you are interested in using this feature, it is only available in apps that have implemented image keyboard support.
  5. How to used google search in G board? Just tap on the Google logo to start your search – that makes access to Google search a bit more obvious.
  6. G board will autocorrect and suggest from any of your enabled languages, without the need to edit key. That is the Multilingual enable feature.
  7. G board adds about 100 languages on you can type any language worldwide.
  8. Another new feature Google Keyboard for android always shows the number row on the screen. This type of feature is mainly used for chatting apps like hike, WhatsApp, telegram, etc.
  9. The main addition to this app is the ‘G button’, which can be enabled only to go to the app’s settings menu.
  10. Gboard is a smarter keyboard instead of another keyboard.
  11. Simple enables one-hand type mode, which is very necessary for our daily life.

First, need downloads the Gboard form above or play store, then open it. After open, you can see the option like Enable in settings tap here, and make a default keyboard.

Does Gboard record all your keystrokes?

Well, You know the things you type on your smartphones are private, so that’s why google designed Gboard to protect your personal information private.

Although, when you search, Gboard quickly sends your query to Google’s web servers so Google can process your question and deliver your search results.

Gboard also sends anonymous statistics to Google to help us gather issues when the app blows and admit us realize which characteristics are utilized most frequently.

Is Google’s Gboard better than the alternatives?

The Gboard is the best keyboard for your smartphone, there are many Keyboards to discuss the optional. Some of the keyboards available on the market include grammar keyboards, swift keyboards, default keyboards, etc are the alternative of google Gboard

Gboard is a tremendous development upon the Google Keyboard, and it should persuade many people to switch back to the default Android keyboard. I have personally shifted to Gboard from Swiftkey, just because it is softer, and the Google Search characteristic is a protector.

I hope I have provided you with each and every tiny detail about how to use Google Gboard Keyboard Android and ios Device. So do let us know in the comments if you will be shifting back to Gboard or not.

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