What is t.me Telegram ?

Technology is looking for new ways to increase security; It was always recommended not to provide the required details which could jeopardize your security. A small ID or username was always suggested to the user so that other people could find you. We can see the username in many social applications, such as in telegram, we can make a small user name for others to appear. If we are connected to the Internet, then we have to be connected to the world.

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What is t.me ?

What is t.me ?

T.me is a short URL of the telegram official site ( telegram.org). T.me in Telegram is just a small representation of a telegram group, profile or channel. Like on Instagram we search a profile at instagram.com/username we can search a telegram username like t.me/username. T.me is a short representation easy to learn, easy to use. If you want to send someone a message from a web browser just type t.me/username and enter you are then able to send and receive a message on your browser.

Setup t.me Shorter Username on a Telegram Application

Telegram user does not have username by default, and you have to create your username from your settings. It is simple to make your username. To make your username for telegram follow the steps.

  • Open telegram app.
  • Click on three lines at the top left corner.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Now tap on username given on your profile
  • Select a username (use a to z, 0 to 9 and underscores)
  • Enter your username.
  • Click the tick mark on the top right corner

Now you have successfully selected and update your telegram username

Many users doubt this, but t.me is safe and secure. It maintains the privacy of their telegram users. Sometimes when it is urgent, and you want to connect with your friend, you can find him using the username and text him. It was one of the unique feature available for telegram users.

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