Best Telegram Bots list in the World

Telegram bots are all the rage these days. With so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best Telegram bots available in 2024 and what they can do for you!

First, let’s understand what a Telegram bot is and what Telegram bots can do before we get started with the most incredible Telegram bots list for you, and how it may enhance your overall experience in the app.

What is Telegram Bot?

A Telegram bot is a computer program that interacts with users on the Telegram messaging app.

Telegram bots are created using the Bot API, which is provided by Telegram. The Bot API allows developers to create bots that can perform various tasks on the Telegram platform.

Bots can be created using the Bot API or the Telegram Bot SDK. The Bot API is the more low-level option, while the Telegram Bot SDK is a higher-level framework that makes it easier to create bots.

What Can Telegram Bots Do?

There are two types of Telegram bots: inline bots and Standalonebots. Inline bots are integrated into the Telegram messaging app and can be invoked by typing a username followed by a query in the message text field.

Standalonebots are not integrated into the Telegram messaging app and must be accessed via a URL or QR code.

Telegram bots can do many things, such as:

  • Send messages
  • Receive messages
  • Process payments
  • Provide customer support
  • Play games
  • Perform tasks

How to Use Telegram Bots?

Telegram bots can be used in many different ways. Some bots help you book a hotel room, while others are designed to play games with you.

To use a Telegram bot, you will first need to install the Telegram app on your mobile device. Once you have installed the app, you can search for bots by username or topic.

When you find a bot that you want to use, send a message to the bot, and it will respond accordingly.

Telegram bots are a great way to interact with the Telegram platform and can be used for various purposes. Whether you’re looking for a bot to help you book a hotel room or one to play games with, there’s sure to be a bot that’s right for you!

What are the Best Telegram Bots In 2024?

Best Telegram Bots

Now that we know what Telegram bots are and what they can do, let’s take a look at some of the best Telegram bots available in 2024!


Gmailbot is a Telegram bot that helps you manage your Gmail inbox.

You can use the bot to read, reply, forward messages and search your inbox for specific emails. Gmailbot is available for free on the Telegram app.

Simply type “@gmailbot” into the search bar and press the Start button to begin.


  • /start: Authorize the bot
  • /new:Compose a new mail
  • /settings:Turn Notifications settings
  • /stop:Turn Off Email notifications


The Bot father is one of the top telegram bots to rule them all.

This bot helps you create and manage Telegram bots. It includes a wide range of commands, such as /newbot, /setname, /setdescription, and more!

To use the BotFather bot, simply type @BotFather in the Telegram search bar and select the bot from the results. Once you’ve found the bot, press Start and then choose your preferred language.

Botfather Bots


  • /newbot – create a new bot
  • /mybots – edit your bots [beta]
  • /setname – change a bot’s name
  • /setdescription – change bot description
  • /setabouttext – change bot about info
  • /setuserpic – change bot profile photo
  • /setcommands – change the list of commands
  • /deletebot – delete a bot
  • /token – generate authorization token
  • /revoke – revoke bot access token
  • /setinline – toggle inline mode
  • /setinlinegeo – toggle inline location requests
  • /setinlinefeedback – change inline feedback settings
  • /setjoingroups – can your bot be added to groups?
  • /setprivacy – toggle privacy mode in groups
  • /mygames – edit your games/newgame – create a new game
  • /listgames – get a list of your games
  • /editgame – edit a game
  • /deletegame – delete an existing game


The first time you open these bots, they inform you that you must test the Telegram Gaming Platform.

There are a few entertaining games available. You may play this Bot. Type @gamebot and choose the game from the drop-down menu. Also, check out my last post on the best telegram game bots, where we will assist you with additional information and then review

Here you get a lot of games, such as Math Battle, Corsairs, Lumberjack, etc. Some other game bots are available on the market, like @gamee. And @gamee bot.



  • /start enter The Bot
  • it says choose a conversion (means choose a group or a friends contact )
  • Now Hit A game and play on group .

4.@Stickers Bots

Telegram stickers packs can be made by this bot, which will assist you in generating telegram sticker collections from photographs. It may also provide usage statistics for your stickers.

I’ve included a sample of the shortcut key for producing Telegram stickers.

@Stickers Bots


  • /newpack-create a new sticker pack
  • /addsticker– add stickers to an existing pack.
  • /delsticker-remove a sticker from an existing pack.
  • /ordersticker-reorder stickers in a pack
  • /stats-get stats for stickers.
  • /top-get top stickers.
  • /packstats-get stats for a stickers pack.
  • /packtop-get packs top.
  • /cancel-cancel the current operation.

5.@Wikipedia Bot

Wikipedia is the finest source of information for any topic, so you’ll know how popular it is. You may use these bots to inform your friends about anything you’d like to share.

Simply type in ” @wiki” followed by your search term and click the link that appears. Your chat list will be filled with Wikipedia.

@wikipedia Bot


  • /start Start To Bot
  • /@wiki en dog: Wiki Language and Search Keyword

6.@Yandex Translate

The YandexTranslate bot is in the 5th spot on our top bots list. It allows you to translate your text and words into any language, as well as combining it with other languages.

So, this bots will be helpful for people from all over the world!


  • /tolang: change target language of translation
  • /mylang: check/setup own language
  • /help show the help


This Bing image search bot automatically works in all your chats and groups, no need to add it anywhere .

Simply type @bing in any chat, then type your query (without hitting “send”). It will open a panel with image search suggestions; tap on an item to send it to your chat partner right away.



  • /start : start The bot
  • /@bing happy dog

8.@Prouncation bot

This is the best Telegram bots list for English novices. This software may convert text to speech. It’s designed for many languages, and it groups them together using this bot’s profile and a single button called “add to the group.”

To modify the bot’s language, use /language, /pronounce to pronounce your message, and/or /IPA to see the phonetic nation of your message in IPA.


  • /pronounce pronounces your message.
  • /p shortcut pronounce your message
  • /ipa Converts your message to IPA
  • /i shortcut to convert your message IPA
  • /language change the language
  • /help guest information about the bot
  • /feedback send feedback to my creator

9.@gif search

This Gif search bot automatically works in all your chats and groups; no need to add it anywhere. Mainly this bot helps on chat in which you express your emotion By GIF.

You can type @gif in any chat and then type your text (without hitting “send”). It will open a new panel with Gif suggestions. Tap on a GIF to send it to your chat partner right away.


  • /start : enble bot mode
  • /@gif {text} write your thought in text


It aids in the speed of slow text tippers. Assist your friends by giving them a hand with this situation: their typing speed is bad, and they need help from this bot.

Because, This bot voice recognizes speech from any voice messages, audio files and video messages that get from private and group chats then it will convert to text.


/language: Set your default language

There are many other Telegram bots available, but these are some of the best. If you’re looking for a specific type of bot, be sure to search for it in the Telegram Bot Store. You’re sure to find the perfect bot for you. Telegram bots can make your life easier and more fun. Give them a try today!

So friends, we have found 10 of the best telegram bots. They are all very user-friendly and helpful. If you know of any other telegram bots that are important, please let us know in the comments.

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