Telegram Stickers Pack Collection { February 2024 }

The telegram sticker is a shortcut to show your feelings to your friends, family, and colleagues. So sticker telegrams are an important part of a telegram user. I am sure you are looking at this post, which means you are looking for stickers for telegrams. You are our sweet visitor so our goal is to fulfill your wish, so we have added a collection of sticker links below.

Telegram Stickers Collection { February 2024 }

Before reading the sticker link, we are sharing some details about the telegram, if you know it, leave it and if not, read on. It is an instant messaging application that has become very popular in the last few years. It is best known for some of its features, such as groups, channels, boats, etc., which apply it to the next generation of messaging.

What is a sticker?

A sticker is a picture or an image of an emoji that represents an action or emotion. These are images that are calm, which means they use less data than emoji and pictures.

Stickers Vs Emoji

By reading the paragraph above, many of you are confused about what the difference between stickers and emoji is. Let me tell you the concept behind it, we all know about emoji who are the same face-ups that feel happiness, sadness, love, anger, kisses, girls, bikes and much more. You can find many types of emoji, but there is a difference between these two.

Stickers are in WebP format, which means the format which is more familiar to the web, does not have a sticker background, and it also uses fewer pixels. The developer used several customizations to reduce the data size of telegram stickers so that they are easier to share in a chat. There are many types of stickers.

What are Telegram Stickers?

I hope you now understand the concept of stickers and emoji. Now we come to the telegram sticker. Telegram stickers are those stickers available in WebP format. All the stickers and stickers pack available on telegram are free to use, you can add more stickers. You can still make your sticker and share it with your friends and family. Other telegram users can also do this, and they can use your sticker to share. This is a wonderful concept that is available in Telegram.

The size of the telegram sticker has reduced to their limit, and they load five times more than the original image, it is not surprising. If you like this feature, then use it on your telegram application and comment below which sticker you like and why you like them.

There are many Telegram sticker packs available in telegram applications for the smartphone as well as for the desktop application. Where emoji still follow the old format and use more data then stickers. Stickers look more attractive then emoji and some stickers are also available live which means a working image.

Telegram stickers are in webp format, which means they consume less data, which are useful in less networks.

What is WebP format?

A web format is the latest format for the image on the web. It was pronounced as VP. Google has developed this format for computer graphics. The main purpose of creating web formats is for image optimization. Web images use very little data. Any other image format can reduce to the webp format. Webp image is faster shared and downloaded than other formats.

Stickers Revolution

The sticker revolution began with the Telegram messager. After WebP format telegram work to provide this feature to their user. Stickers become the unique feature of telegrams. Now other messages like Facebook, WhatsApp also use this feature. A telegram was the only app that allows you to share a more interesting sticker. You can create your photo into a sticker using a simple method.

After the emoji, there is a strong demand to increase the size of emoji. But telegram wants to present creativity. In this telegram developed a light image which is known as stickers.

Why need this?

Telegram stickers are available in every operating system, where Telegram can use Android, iOS, Windows, and any other. Every sticker has a meaning, it takes more time if we need to write a statement, but by writing the name of the sticker, we can share a sticker. Sharing stickers are fun. We can share stickers in individual chats, groups, etc.

Stickers are very useful compared to other items like pictures, emojis, videos, gifs. There are many types of stickers available such as happy, sad, laughing, crying, and much more that we can use to share with our friends and family.

Stickers are images that are used in messages to show emotions. On telegram, many types of stickers and sticker packs are available. You can download and use these sticker packs.

To show a feeling of happiness, sadness, cry, anger, activity, etc. these stickers were used. In addition to emoji which are small and steady, telegram stickers are live and more real.

By using the sticker, we can briefly tell a long line. For example, if you want to say that I am busy now, then for that, you can share a busy sticker. There is no need to know any other understanding by other users.

Categories wise Telegram Stickers List

#1.Technology- In this list, you can find the more technology-based stickers like Computer, Android, Mac os, etc. so guys enjoy The List.

#2.Love– Love is something that cannot tell it can only express. On telegram, you can express love using sticker available on the telegram. 

#3.Romantic – Romance is the best way which makes a person full of happiness. On telegram, there is always someone to whom you love or care more than these persons use other romantic stickers.

#4.Funny – last time we write the telegram fun group to join and make fun with your friends. But, on the above, we share some fun stickers for you.

#5.Cute-When we see any cute thing, we start loving that. We feel some coolness or inner beauty for a cute thing. On telegram, there are many cute stickers which we can use in our text communication. 

#6. Cat-The cat is one of the animations used in many places. Just like that on telegram app telegram has many cat sticker. Sleeping cat, happy cat, and sad cat and many others. Using cat sticker we can tell our thoughts to anyone in the chat. 

#7. Trump – Trump was the American president who is famous all over the world. Social app use trump in their memes. Trump memes are quite famous. Telegram is also good on its way. Telegram users use trump sticker on their app. These trump stickers are quite famous on the telegram.

#8.Pepe – Pepe defined as someone honest, sweet or babe. Pepe meaning is baby. Pepe status is quite famous on the telegram. The user uses Pepe stickers to tell their inner feeling or give a nickname to someone.

#9. Sports –Are you love to play any type of sports? if yes then add the below stickers for telegram and play with your friends by sending sports stickers.

# 10.Emoji –Emoji are going too much famous these days. These days emoji are available on almost all apps. On telegram, emoji are quite famous and unique. I like the emoji available on the telegram. Emoji are quine from other website or apps. A telegram has one of the best emoji.

#11.Kiss – Everyone loves someone, and a kiss is a sensation that cannot define in words but defines in stickers. Kiss is a sense which makes you happy. Kiss stickers on telegram are quite popular, and their popularity is increasing day by day.

#12.Anime – We love to animal and vice versa. so, it needs to share our thought on telegram using the anime stickers. Anime is the animation character that has some expressions that you can use.

Adult 18+-These categories are age restricted so if you are not an adult person ( 18+ above age) then not use this collection 18+ list. This is only for telegram user no other. An adult is in demand. On telegram, there are few 18+ stickers..

Make New Stickers Packs

I know by reading the above paragraph your curiosity level gets increased and now you are excited to know how to make new stickers. Okay, I will tell you, follow the below-given steps to create your sticker on the telegram.

In the beginning, you need to tell the Stickers Bot and 512px PNG that you want to create a new sticker pack for and Follows the guide to make a new sticker. [no_toc]

Add Custom Telegram Sticker

Not every time you need to create a telegram sticker, there are many useful stickers available in the custom. If you need to add more stickers from custom, then follow the steps provided below.

Open the Telegram application.
Tap Three lines at the top left of the screen to open the menu bar.
Go to the settings available in the menu. Scroll down to chat settings.
Now scroll to stickers and masks. Here you can see the sticker available in custom you can search for trending stickers, Add custom stickers, remove stickers and more

Customize Your Stickers Pack

Customizing a telegram sticker is a method by which you can make your stickers, add them, and later you are available to customize them. We all need to go according to time. Whenever the time changes and many new things come and trends are made, it is important to keep them updated to keep their stickers on the trending.

Any artist can create his own sticker set and upload it to a telegram, and every sticker set will get a permanent link so that it can forward the link to other users to add their stickers.

How can I use It ?

Stickers on telegram can be used in many ways, if we need to tell our feelings in the text, then we write long sentences that take a lot of time and the reader also takes time to understand it. Using a sticker, we can easily tell our feelings, feelings or a short story. The sticker is very familiar to us. They are cool pictures with a transparent background. The stickers are 5 times faster than the image.

A telegram user can use a sticker on a personal chat, group chat, or telegram channel. There are many telegram stickers available that we can use for our entertainment.

The Procedure for Downloading

Downloading telegram stickers is a simple method, follow the given procedure.

Open the Telegram application.
Click on three lines at the top left corner.
Scroll down to settings. Now scroll down to stickers and masks.
Here you can download telegram stickers for your personal use.

Advantages of Adding stickers pack

  • High definition – Telegram stickers are high-quality images. It provides more details to another user.
  • Create your own – If any person dislikes the default sticker, then telegram allows you to create your own sticker. With a simple process, you can make your sticker using any image.
  • WebP format – Stickers have been developed in the web format. They are light weight and useless data.
  • Load fast and share fast – It was the best part of the sticker. Stickers are shared faster than image. This will save time in any communication.
  • More Creative – Telegram stickers are more creative than emoji. Emojis are small and they do not have any creativity.
  • Creates Fun – Stickers are dynamic, which will increase the fun of any group or personal chat.


Can I use stickers in telegram?

Yes, you can use this on your telegram applications.

What size are Telegram stickers?

512px X 512px PNG size

How to use telegram stickers on Whatsapp applications?

Telegram Developer has launched an app called Sticker for WhatsApp users. With the help of this application, you can enjoy a sticker on your WhatsApp.

Friends, in this post you find a lot of telegram stickers packs as well as link for your telegram apps. if you want to share your stickers link then just use the comment box and share your custom stickers. We quickly publish the post as soon as possible. Lastly, says thanks for visiting. Keep visiting more for getting new stickers.

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