How to control Android with Your Face Without Touching any key.

If you have a physical weakness that affects your hands or fingers, touching and running the smartphone can be a barrier. At this point, you would think it would be a lot of fun to manage a smartphone without touch. Then you search the proper way.

I spend a lot of time looking for apps just like you. I know you did too. I am talking right or not ( I sure I am saying right )

Control Android without Touch

It was not possible a few days ago but now it is possible. This is because the Vodafone Foundation in Spain has created an app that helps you control your Android smartphone with the speed of your face. The name of the app is “Eva Facial Mouse“.

Have you used Google Assistant? If you have used it, you know the features of these apps. This app recognizes your voice and performs actions according to your voice command. Similarly, the Eva Facial Mouse app will also save your face information and it will work according to the speed of the head. Which helps control Android with your face without touching any key.

However, the main flaw in Google support is that nothing works. But Eva Facial Mouse is doing everything right. So it will be easy for a user to enjoy it

Way to Control your Android smartphone with your face

Suppose there is a situation in your life where your hand is broken and you cannot use your hand at this time and will take the help of this app to run a smartphone.

These apps 100% help you control Android on your face. Also, this app helps to distort people and no skills are needed to manage it.

Short Details About Eva facial mouse Apps

  1. “Eva Facial Mouse” is a free app, you can download it from the Play Store.
  2. It works very simply, This app tracks your face with face camera and works your mobile functions according to your command.
  3. The apps run like mouse pointers that are based on the movement of the face without touching any fingers.
  4. It is a lightweight 20mb app

Before going control Android with Face working mode just follow the below procedure.

Step-1 First, go to Security option on setting and Tick on Unknown sources.

Enable Unknown Source

Step-2 Download the “Eva facial mouse” from this link and install it.

Eva Facial Mouse

Step-3 Now open the apps, Whenever you open, it shows an Accessibility grant permission just tap on the Ok button and make it usable.

eva fical mouse keyboard

Step-4 On the next step, it shows instructions to setup. You see the ” Eva Keyboard” make it default keyboard.

Step-5 To do, go to settings-Language, and Input+Current Keyboard >Choose Keyboards and enable “EVA Keyboard.”

eva fical face dected

Step-6 Then it is tracking your face to run the mouse pointer on the screen. For detected your head natural positions, around 30-50 cm and better light conditions.

hiranzental and verttical movement

Step-7 After that, it says to setup the pointer speed. By default, it has 8 for both us Horizontal and Vertical Movement.

dock menu

Step-8 On choosing the move to adjust the speed of the pointer and other settings There are many things to config order to work this application. Final says to dock menu option you can manage it for your choice.

Limitation Of This Apps 

You can’t use the camera,incoming calll and games

Step-10 Complete all steps You can Control Android With Face.

So, here is a post on how to control Android with your face . This is only possible for the “Eva Facial Mouse” app Without this app, you can’t control your Android by face. So, I write the article after using it. I hope you like this post If you are experiencing a problem, comment on your problem in the comment box. Visit TechWebsites for more tips

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