How to Fix Tez can’t be used on this device

Google launched new mobile wallet apps in India. They offer for new user Rs 51/- cash back and much more. But, the problem is some issue on this apps when I use it my rooted device that shows error “ Tez can’t be used on this device”. After getting this issue I try the search on the web but I can get a correct guide. Lastly, I am success to use the Tez apps on my android this guide can write below how to use tez app on rooted android.

How to Fix Tez can’t be used on this device

The Google Android developer very smart to make these apps, you can’t cheat and earning multiple cash back money on the same device like phone pay. I am trying to make a lot of effort to fix this problem all effort are write on below. Don’t miss out my last useful tips Spotify premium account.

Why show Tez can’t be used on this device?

This error can show the only rooted device. The app avoids any third party system changer apps like Xposed installer or rooted. If your android device is rooted and installed x-posed framework then you cannot be used tez apps on your android device.  My android device rooted and I show the error “: we have detected software running on your device that may not be secure.”.

My Experiment:-

To fix the above issue on my rooted android device I am a lot of experiment theses experiment are written below.

  1. Use Root switch apps

First  I am trying the root switch apps method. These apps is helpful for run Snapchat on a rooted device. So, guys, I am trying the root switch apps in my first experiment but I failed to fix the problem.

  1. Use root hide and root my clock

The second experiment I am using the hide my root and root my clock apps to fix the problem. But I failed to solve this issue.

  1. Use iSu apps

iSu is the Xposed new developer apps. It can help for hiding your root on your android device but this also failed.

Success experiment to fix Tez can’t be used on this device ( Rooted device)

Use Magisk For  Mediatek device

On my rooted Micromax a114 android device use the tez app, the same error but when I use the Magisk app the tez apps work perfectly. what step I do these are written below


Download the latest file use on below icon and goto Twrp mode and flash it!


Then, open your device and install the below apk, and run the Magisk Installer apps.


After that, Clear the data of TEz app and open the Magisk app, click menu icon of the apps .now see the Magisk Hide click on that.

use magisk app run tez app


Search the tez app and tick the box.Now, you are able to run Tez app without any error

use magisk app run tez app 2

Video Guide:-

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Uninstall Super Su For Snapdragon  device

Finally, friends, I remove the Xposed framework and Unrooted my device then the application is work correctly. if you want to know how to uninstalled x-posed and unrooted your device then look the below step.


Open your x-posed installer apps and hit on Uninstaller on the next step it says to Uninstall and uninstall via recovery, delete download file just hit uninstall.

disabled X-posed run tez apps


It automatic downloads a file and disabled your device and says to reboot simply hit reboot.


Open your Super Su apps and go to the setting icon. Scroll down and see the option Full unroot, tap on this option.

Tez app run full unroot


On the next window it says to” if cleanup succeeds, the root will be lost…etc” choose the option to continue.


Now, next screen shows the start uninstalling Super Su, after successfully unrooted your device you can run the apps perfectly.unrooted you device run tez apps

Over to You

So, friends, this is the tutorial to Fix Tez can’t be used on this device on Rooted device. I update the posted after add new experiment to run tez app on the rooted device. I sure you must be like my experiment. If you have any problem then write the feedback on the comment box.

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