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Are you a UPSC aspirant? If yes then this post is going to be very interesting for you. Today we are discussing an important thing Telegram Channels for UPSC and some Telegram Channels for IAS.

UPSC exams are one of the toughest exams in India and to crack these exams students need a lot of hard work and preparation. But with a lot of hard work students also need good resources from where they can study.

So, keeping in mind UPSC aspirants we are writing this blog post. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the best Telegram channels for UPSC aspirants. All the channels listed in this blog post will provide you with free resources for your UPSC preparation and help you to crack your UPSC, IAS, Civil services exams. So, without taking any more of your time let’s get started and dive into interesting content.

Top UPSC Telegram Channels 2024

Do you know what is the full form of UPSC is ?, it is Union Public Service Commission. It was one of the most popular examinations for Indians. Many high-level government jobs are available in this examination. IAS, IPS, and many other post requirements are filled on the basis of the UPSC examination.


If you are a student and want to sit in the UPSC test in the future, you have to prepare it very long. It is important to know about the world and to build your abilities. On Telegram, there are many UPSC telegram channels, which you can subscribe to update with current courses, notes, and study materials. Below we are sharing some great UPSC telegram channels category-wise.

UPSC Telegram Channels For UPSC/IAS and Civil services Exam

UPSC prelims two paper one is GS And Other Is CSAT, in which the both paper was required to make the rank. To get this test exam releted study material and guide then connect the upsc mains test series channels tap on the link below.

SL. NoChannels Name Invite Link
1Upsc Prelims TestJoin Link
3Upsc Prelims PDFJoin Link
4I.A.S.(हिंदी माध्यम)Join Link
5APPSC Groups MaterialsJoin Link
6UPSC in FocusJoin Link
7UPSC Mains Test SeriesJoin Link
8eBooks for IASJoin Link

UPSC Telegram Channels of Top IAS Institutes

IAS was the largest post in government service selected by UPSC examination. There is a very strong competition for the IAS seat. Not only the examination but also the interview was important for the IAS exam. This channel shares all the essentials necessary to become an IAS officer. To join the IAS telegram channel tap on the link.

Sl No.Channels NameInvite Link
1Sriram’s IAS OfficialJoin Link
2Shankar IAS Academy – UPSCJoin Link
3Drishti IASJoin Link
4Vision IAS Join Link
5Vajiram & Ravi OfficialJoin Link
6Yuvraj IASJoin Link

Telegram Channels for UPSC Study Metrial

For UPSC exams, you have need a lots of study material is required and we have to pay a lot of money to buy these materials. But don’t worry about that beacuse we listed study releted upsc telegram channels on below . This list have help to get cheapest way to connect to PDF,ebooks. magazine etc.

You can also ask to admin for the ebooks you have need, if want to more ebook telegram channels then dont miss this Best Telegram Channels For eBooks

Sl No.Channels NameInvite Link
1eBooks for IASJoin Link
2Upsc Prelims PDFJoin Link
3Online Pdf AddaJoin Link
4I-SMART 24/7Join Link
5Pdfbasket `UPSCJoin Link

UPSC Current Affairs Telegram Channels

If you want current affairs for UPSC civil services exam then below Telegram channel is best for you. This channel will provide you with current affairs for the UPSC exam and all other competitive exams. This channel will keep you updated with all the latest and current affairs.

Sl No.Channels NameInvite Link
1Current Affairs daily MCQs GKJoin Link
2Daily current Affairs ( Clever Brain )Join Link
3Sociology Optional UPSCJoin Link
4Current Affairs ONLYJoin Link
5Current affairsJoin Link

Latest UPSC Videos Telegram Channels

Video is more powerfull than text . So for beginner IAS/UPSC Student below Telegram channel very usefull beacuse it provides important tips, strategies, motivational posts, and motivational videos for UPSC civil services exam. They also have provided details regarding their upsc iset in video foramt in their Telegram channel.

Sl No.Channels NameInvite Link
1Drishti IAS VideosJoin Link
2Videos4UPSCJoin Link
3Study IQ EducationJoin Link
4Unacademy UPSCJoin Link
5UPSC Express ❤Join Link

Best Telegram Channels For IAS February 2024

On the above we target to categories wise list now we listed the best UPSC and IAS Telegram for this year.Below list is listed by their member amount and popularity based.

#1.UPSC Mains Test Series

Do you need the UPSC test series? If yes then this channel is for you. This channel provides you with UPSC mains test series from many major coaching institutes. Test papers are a good way to check out your preparation and these are not only test papers these are premium quality test papers from major institutes that provide UPSC coaching.

This is the best resource for the UPSC mains test series pdf that is available on the internet I will highly recommend you to join the telegram channel using this link.

#2.UPSC Materials Prelims Mains PDF

This Telegram channel aims to provide you with free study material related to UPSC. They also have a website from which they directly post content to their Telegram channel.

This Telegram channel has a huge member base of about 200K members. They regularly upload resources such as test papers, PDF, and books that can help you in UPSC preparation. You can directly join this Telegram channel by clicking on this link.

#3.NCERT Books Official

NCERT books are also required for the preparation of UPSC. If you are thinking to buy NCERT books for UPSC then stop thinking about it right now. Why do you need to spend money on buying books while you can free download them from Telegram channels? This Telegram channel focuses on the same.

It is a great resource for every official NCERT book. You just need to join the telegram channel and all the NCERT books pdf will be given to you. Join this Telegram channel by clicking on this link.

#4.UPSC Standard Books

Do you need premium books for UPSC preparation? If yes then the channel can help you. This Telegram channel will provide you with all the premium books available for UPSC preparation free of cost.

You can directly download these books pdf from this Telegram channel. To join the telegram channel simply click on this links.

#5.SriRam’s IAS Official

Telegram channel provides important tips, strategies, motivational posts, and motivational videos for UPSC civil services exam. This Telegram channel has more than 10000 subscribers.

This Telegram channel is owned by Shri Ram IAS academy. They also have provided details regarding their contacts in their Telegram channel. If you want to contact them you can easily contact them.To join this Telegram channel please click on this link.

#6.eBook for IAS

This Telegram channel is specially made to provide notes related to IAS UPSC civil services study. Best Telegram channel has over 27000 subscribers. They focus on providing e-books related to IAS.

They have already provided many notes PDF and they are uploading new content each day. This is a very valuable group for IAS studies notes. You can directly join this Telegram channel by clicking here.

#7.UPSC Zone official

If you are getting study material for the upsc examination, then this channel is one of the best channels that share study material for the upsc test. You can join this channel for free and use the material shared by UPSC’s Official Telegram Channel. Tap on the this link .

#8.eBooks for IAS

eBooks for IAS is another best upsc channel. Here is a collection of some of the best books available for those students who are preparing for upsc exams. Not only eBooks, this channel also shares the magazine which has the necessary knowledge about the nation. To connect eBook and Magazine telegram channel tap on the link.

#9.Upsc Prelims Test Series

Are you looking for UPSC prelims gs test series and CASAT test series ?, this channel is famous for providing notes of various coaches.  Coaching notes are known as best because they are made according to the updated information. If you like the channel and want to connect with it, tap on the link .

#10.Pdfbasket `UPSC

This is another best telegram channels in our list, and the channel shares PDF documents for those students who are preparing for government exams. Upsc was the biggest test where thousands of students sit in the exam. The channel shared many important contents for upsc students. If you are one and want to connect to the channel, then tap on the link .


Are these upsc Telegram channels safe and legal?

Yes, these Telegram channels are completely safe and legal.

Do I need to pay money to join these Telegram channels?

No, you do not need to pay money or buy any subscription to join these Telegram channels.


In this post, we discussed some of the Best UPSC Telegram channels that provide free resources for UPSC preparation. We also gave you a direct join link to this Telegram channel. I hope that this post was helpful for you. If you found this content informative, please share it with your friends that are also preparing for UPSC. Thank you for visiting our blog. Stay healthy stay safe

If you are preparing for UPSC/IAS, then this is really the best job for you. All important information shared in this post. If you still have any questions in the comments section below, we give your best to respond to your comments.

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