Telegram Channels for UPSC Preparation in 2021

Hey, friends welcome in my another post straight in the series of telegram channels. We all know the telegram app; it was not just a simple message application; there are many things which we can do on that. Every kind of people such as parents, children, men, and women use a telegram. But if you are a student, then this post may be a life-changing post for you. Today we are discussing an important and unique feature of Telegram. Yes, we are telling you about Telegram channels for UPSC.

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These days many users want to know about telegram channels and of course, how can it be useful or at what place a user can use telegram channel. Now no need to search more; on this post, we try to clear all your thoughts and questions related ton UPSC/IAS.

Telegram channel for UPSC

Do you know what is full form of UPSC, it is Union Public Service Commission. It was one of the most popular examinations for Indians. Many high-level government jobs are available in this examination. IAS, IPS and many other post requirements are filled on the basis of the UPSC examination.


If you are a student and want to sit in the UPSC test in the future, you have to prepare it very long. It is important to know about the world and to build your abilities. On Telegram, there are many UPSC telegram channels, which you can subscribe to update with current courses, notes, and study materials. Below we are sharing some great UPSC telegram channels.

1.PDF’s for the exam

For UPSC exams, lots of material is required and we have to pay a lot of money to buy these materials. The exam is the cheapest way to connect to PDF for telegram channels, here you get a PDF for the required books. You can also ask for the books you need, if anyone has to share it on this channel, then tap on the link below.


2.Ebook and magazine

Ebook and Magazine is another best upsc channel. Here is a collection of some of the best books available for those students who are preparing for upsc exams. Not only eBooks, this channel also shares the magazine which has the necessary knowledge about the nation. To connect eBook and Magazine telegram channel tap on the link below.


3.UPSC mains 2018-19

This is a telegram channel that helps students prepare for the UPSC test. The latest collection of books, notes and sample papers is available on this telegram channel. All sample papers and necessary papers from the session 2018 to 2019 are available here. To connect with the UPSC main 2018-19 telegram channel tap on the link below.


4.UPSC Prelims 2021

Are you looking for UPSC prelims gs test series and CASAT test series, this channel is famous for providing notes of various coaches? Coaching notes are known as best because they are made according to the updated information. If you like the channel and want to connect with it, tap on the link below.


5.UPSC Mains test series

UPSC has two exams, in which the main exam was required to make the rank. It is important to prepare for the main, the upsc mains test series is a channel that shares all the necessary study material they have, or their users have. You can ask for a content that you want, connect the upsc mains test series tap on the link below.



IAS is a telegram channel, but by IAS we know that IAS was the largest post in government service selected by UPSC examination. There is a very strong competition for the IAS seat. Not only the examination but also the interview was important for the IAS exam. This channel shares all the essentials necessary to become an IAS officer. To join the IAS telegram channel tap on the link.


7.All government important PDFs

This is another best telegram channel in our list, and the channel shares PDF documents for those students who are preparing for government exams. Upsc was the biggest test where thousands of students sit in the exam. The channel shared many important contents for upsc students. If you are one and want to connect to the channel, then tap on the link below.


8.IAS Hindi

IAS Hindi is another student of Telegram Channel, which is connected to the preparation of upsc test. Many students are through Hindi medium, and they find difficulty in English, if you are one of them then this channel is for you. Tap on the link given below to join Hindi.


9.UPSC Zone official

If you are getting study material for the upsc examination, then this channel is one of the best channels that share study material for the upsc test. You can join this channel for free and use the material shared by UPSC’s Official Telegram Channel. Tap on the link below to connect with it.


UPSC is a government post requirement exam for which thousands of students prepare and take exams every year. On this post, we have shared the best telegram channels for UPSC. If you are preparing for upsc, then this is really the best job for you. All important information shared in this post. If you still have any questions in the comments section below, we give your best to respond to your comments.

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