80 Instagram captions for the Zoo and Quotes

Have you made up your mind where your next trip will be? Be it for a family vacation, picnic, date or just a fun-filled “me” time? Did I hear you say a zoo? Such a beautiful pick, indeed an aquarium can be a cool place to relax and to get everybody relaxed for a lovely picnic with such magnificent scenery for pictures to testify of the right time shared for many more years to come.

Instagram captions for the Zoo

So how about a beautiful hot picture with the chimps? Yeah and that cute one with you feeding the giraffe. It will surely make an excellent Instagram post. But if you do want high followership for your post, a catchy caption is a must. So here is a big deal, with so many great potential Instagram post, you are most likely, out of idea on the right Instagram caption for all of your “Zoolicious” experience. …Oh what a spoiler, right! But not to worry we got your back with our collection of unique, creative and maybe a little puny “stupendous” Instagram caption.

General outlook:

So let us get at it with our list of general outlook, about your zoo trip. How do you feel entering into the zoological garden? Here are some catchy Instagram captions you can try out.

  1. Welcome to the animal kingdom
  2. The Zoo side of life
  3. Zoophobia
  4. Zoophilic
  5. The zoo, The Parallel human Community
  6. Need a pet, check at the zoo
  7. The zoo reunion
  8. Roar at the zoo
  9. A zoolistic view from the top
  10. Zoology 101, don’t blink!
  11. A visit to the Zoo Landers
  12. Zoo City
  13. The wildlife
  14. Welcome to Zootopia.
  15. Safari game hunt

Must Check-

Let’s get particular:

Now you are inside the Zoo, Playing with the monkey, watching it perform its stunt or you are racing the ostrich or are you teasing the lion! Let your followers know with these rather particular set of Instagram captions for zoo.

  1. Such a collection of exotic birds
  2. Racing an ostrich
  3. Zoo chicken
  4. Pretty Peacock
  5. Zoo Royals
  6. Zoo lords
  7. I am here Lion!, Catch me if you can.
  8. Hush, The lion is asleep
  9. Let sleeping Cat lie
  10. Zoo celebrities
  11. Feed the Monkey
  12. Feed the Girrafe
  13. Want to learn to stunt check the monkeys

Instagram captions for the Zoo quotes

Now it’s time to go puny:

Having any fun yet? I bet you are. And I guess by now you are feeling funny. Express your excitement with funny and feeble zoo Instagram caption, here are some adorable ones you can try.

  1. Here I am, with my koala-fiction
  2. What’s Emu-sing?
  3. I am not Amused
  4. This is my Koala-fiction
  5. Let’s take a selfish
  6. We met each other on the web
  7. Zookaroos
  8. I have goosebumps
  9. I am all Hares
  10. No Panda-monium
  11. Another busload of Kids! It’s so un-Bear-able.
  12. Don’t worry Owl wait.
  13. Ouch! Hawk-ward.
  14. Zoolicious owl-cation
  15. Stop Girrafing me.
  16. The Seal of approval
  17. How cute; they give me Butterflies
  18. The picnic was Zoolicious
  19. Completely irr-elephant

Let’s play some word game:

In the spirit of the fun let’s play some word game. Seriously, here is the point, you wish you were not just having a “me” time. You know, it takes two to tango and a game is really fun when there are a winner and a loser.


How about using simile as a caption for every of your Instagram post. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be universally right, it needs to express your observation and to feel at the moment. Here are some really cool examples.

  1. As happy as a Hippo
  2. As colorful as a Peacock
  3. As big as an Elephant
  4. As sleepy as a Croc
  5. As playful as a Dolphin
  6. As mischievous as a Monkey
  7. As stinky as a skunk
  8. As ugly as Gorilla
  9. As tall as a Giraffe
  10. As sleepy as a Koala
  11. As busy as bees
  12. As brave as a lion
  13. As sly as a fox
  14. As graceful as a Giselle
  15. As free as a bird
  16. As gentle as a lamb
  17. As blind as a bat


Take your word game a notch higher by playing the alliteration game with your zoo Instagram caption. Check these out.

  1. Beasty beauty
  2. Witty Weasel
  3. Mooing mule
  4. Golden Goose
  5. Zoological Garden
  6. Busy bee
  7. Eager Beaver
  8. Slippery Eel
  9. Drunk Skunk
  10. Hungary horse
  11. Hooting Owl
  12. The goose and the gander
  13. Dr. do-little

Fill in the spaces:

Last but not the least, you can fill in these blank spaces to complete your Instagram captions

  1. Up close and personal with…………..
  2. Hanging out with my beauty buddy………………..
  3. The ……………………..is my spirit animal


So I hope you got a caption for all your “zoocarious” Instagram post and a lot more fun while you were at it. Thanks to these tips I am certain that you will get a lot of likes for all your “delicious” post.

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